Here is my Beulah. Someone driving down the alley tossed her over my six foot block fence one summer night during a storm. They treated her like garbage. She has since brought riches into my life. She has turned out to be a good little girl. loyal, obedient, attentive and sweet. I have “Beulah Land” at my Knee at all times when home or walking. She knows the routine; is always happy to see me and be by my side. She puts up with the crazy little dogs, and has become a matronly Auntie peace-keeper.

Beulah Land is a well-known gospel hymn written by Edgar Page Stites (1836–1921) in either 1875 or 1876

The idea the hymn presents that Heaven can be seen from Beulah land comes from John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress in which he states “Therefore it is, I say, that the Enchanted ground is placed so nigh to the land Beulah and so near the end of their race [i.e. Heaven].”

Isaiah 62:4; “Thou shalt no more be termed Forsaken; neither shall thy land any more be termed Desolate; but thou shalt be called Hephzibah and thy land Beulah; for the LORD delighteth in thee, and thy land shall be married.”

So apparently, I’ll forever be single because I’m 6’
A guy has confirmed this.
Because according to him, guys like shorter girls. He didn’t say it, but it was insinuated.
Not forgetting his reaction to my height being ‘oh shit…’ So nice.
He also said ‘Good luck in finding your Green Giant’.

Where IS my Green Giant? He doesn’t have to be green, but I can understand if he has to come from another planet.

But really.
Where is my Green Giant? My manraffe. Yes. A man who is also a giraffe.

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What was your…

Last drink: water

Last phone call: my Mom

Last text message: It was to a group chat between snasasecretnasa, ya-thats-me and bunnypunkxd

Last song you listened to: Bad Blood by Taylor Swift on the ride home

Last time you cried: I actually forget tbh

Have you ever…

Dated someone twice: nope

Been cheated on: nah

Kissed someone and regretted it: yes..

Lost someone special: yes

Been depressed: idk

Been drunk and thrown up: no

List three favorite colors: Black, purple, blue

In the last year have you…

Made new friends: yes

Fallen out of love: yes..

Laughed until you cried: yes

Met someone who changed you: idk probably

Found out who your real friends are: yes for sure

Found out someone was talking about you: no

Kissed anyone on your FB list: nooooooooooooooo


How many people on your FB list do you know: all of them

Do you have any pets: I have a dog named Dexter and then 4 hamsters: Luna, Marbles, Wolfie/Suki, and Gizmo

Do you want to change your name: nah I’m good

What did you do for your last bday party: a few friends and I went and painted a giant rock in my town and then ate v good cookies

What time did you wake up today: 11am

What were you doing at midnight last night: watching youtube

Name something you cannot wait for: vidcon bc of all the vlogs I can watch…hahaha..ha.. *cries* I want to go :/

Last time you saw your mother: about an hour ago

What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: I wish that I wasn’t so freaking shy sometimes ugh

What are you listening to right now: not listening to anything atm

Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: nope

Blood type: I think its O+?

Nickname(s): Zo, Zo-zo, bear, the list goes on

Relationship status: Single and happy

Zodiac sign: Cancer although I never relate to those zodiac posts

Pronouns: She/her

Favorite tv show(s): idk there’s a lot. ointb, ahs, idkkkk

Height: 5'4" - 5′5″ ish

Do you have a crush on someone: do youtubers/celebrities count

What do you like about yourself: I like the color of my eyes

Tattoos: no

First surgery: never had surgery

First piercing: my ears

First best friend: my friend Erika ( destellanovx ) and we met when we were 6 months old

First sport you joined: swimming

First vacation: I think it was to Boston? or Disneyworld

First pair of sneakers: don’t remember

Right now…

Eating: nothing

Drinking: nothing

I’m about to: go into the shower

Waiting for: nothing really

Want kids: yes

Get married: sure?

Career: uhhhhhh,,, into the culinary arts or film idk?

Which is better…

Lips or eyes: eyes

Hugs or kisses: hugs

Shorter or taller: taller but idc either way

Older or younger: older

Romantic or spontaneous: both

Sensitive or loud: it doesn’t really matter

Hook up or relationship: relationship

Troublemaker or hesitant: depends

Have you ever…

Kissed a stranger: nope

Drank hard liquor: no

Lost glasses/contacts: thank god I haven’t lost my glasses

Sex on the first date: no

Been arrested: no

Turned someone down: yes

Cried when someone died: yes

Fallen for a friend: hahaaaa we don’t talk about it

Do you believe…

In yourself: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Miracles: little bit

Love at first sight: nah

Heaven: maybe

Santa Claus: lol I grew up/I am jewish

Angels: maybe

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♛- emerald-isle-RP Alexander and Rian- Like dang

((Send a symbol for a Soulmate AU Starter or send ‘Soulmate’ for a randomly generated one.

♛: Reincarnated Soulmates who remember their past lives the first time they touch))

The soft yips and yaps of canines, the meows and purrs of felines, little squeaks from their guinea pigs, Gods Alexander loved his volunteer job. He easily lifted up two fifty pound bags so the other volunteers could focus on more important matters as he went about making sure all the animals were fed, had clean litter or hay or wet for a walk, next he made sure to socialize the more skittish since he was a gentle giant.

Once done on the inside, he shifted his focus outside to check on some rescue pigs they had there temporarily until they found fosters and greeted people entering the adoption agency. At six foot one, he was a sight to behold with his shoulder length dark brown hair held back with a hair tie, tan skin kissed by the sun, and fiery red eyes. Ally would be the first to admit that he wasn’t very bulky or strong as his elder twin, but he still held his own.

He entered back inside the facility with his check list when he saw a shorter man looking at one of his skittish babies: a two year old hound mix that had come from an abusive case. “Hey, I see your looking to Faithful.“


ok so as of this moment in this shitty little self insert we have established:
- kamina is six foot one and sits on me but not with his full weight also he eats chapstick….. Bc he likes the smell (MY ANGEL….)
- nux is the most doting boyfriend he is a half a foot taller than me and he carries me around and likes 2 sing 2 me…. and tell me stories ,,, he has a beautiful lovely voice

this is some good shit if i do say so myself

allpoison tagged me

1. how tall are you? Six foot one 
2. what color and style is your hair? Brown or blond idk
3. what color are your eyes? Brown or hazel idk
4. do you wear glasses/contacts? No
5. do you wear braces? I did
6. what is your fashion style? Zach Morris

— you in general —
7. what is your full name? All you get is Powell
8. when were you born? November
9. do you have siblings and what are their names? Yeah but I’m not namin them
10. what kind of student are you? im a good student but I went to a small school with vindictive teachers and they gave us lots of semi-interpretive grades so like my grades were avg
11. do you like school? I like college
12. what are you favorite school subjects? English, Spanish, art
13. what are your favorite movies? Drive, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension, Jeremiah Johnson, Highlander, and rly any john carpenter/Kurt Russell team up 
14. what are you favorite books? Time Cat, something wicked this way comes, black star rising
15. what is you favorite way to pass time? Beat of, draw, watch tv, hang out with people
16. do you have any regrets? Loads
17. what is your dream job? Actor 
18. would you like to get married one day and where? Yeah. In a church, probably. 
19. would you like to have kids one day and how many? Yeah maybe like 2 
20. are you a girly girl, a regular girl, or more of a tomboy? I’m a dude 
21. do you like shopping? yeah
22. do you have enemies? Yeah
23. who are your best friends? Omari, DesTin, Rhys, Ramsey
24. do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and what is their name? Nah not rn

Idk who to tag

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hair, build


Naturally a very dark brunet, incredibly soft, regrows quickly and is terribly difficult to style. He shaves every morning to prevent the intense beard that would grow otherwise. 


Better muscled than average in the cardiovascular range. Six foot even, six-one with the boots. Visible muscle definition. Better suited for quick strikes than melee.

Prompt #29  - Heal

A Pre-Conclave Maxwell Trevelyan

The templar enters the makeshift clinic that had been set up near the alienage in Ostwick. He stands out a little too much, a broad-shouldered human male, six foot one and from one of Ostwick’s noble families. He is clad in templar armour, bears the templar shield and longsword. In his hand, a satchel full of elfroot, deep mushroom and a few vials of lyrium he had managed to procure from the Chantry, as one of the few templars who had not left the Order.

His companion had also set the elves on edge at first. It would not have been the first time that Tevinter mages had come to an alienage, offering help; it was common knowledge, thanks to the Hero of Ferelden, that during his regency that Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir allowed Tevinter slavers into Denerim’s alienage under the guise of healers for a plague.

But Valyra Fauveris, Enchanter and Healer of the Ostwick Circle of Magi, is nothing more than a spirit healer born one year too late. Had her parents conceived earlier, she and her family would have been laetan rather than soporati who had moved to the Free Marches for a better life.

She currently kneels over an injured elven man, blood pouring from a wound where a templar had slashed the leg open. Any closer to the left, and it would have been a fatal wound.

“Listen,” she is speaking calmly, her Tevene accent a soothing lilt to his ears, “I’m not going to use blood magic on you. Let me heal you.” Her hair, while in its typical braided bun, has strands of jet black hair. Valyra is normally so fussy about her appearance, but she has cared little for her hair, her pride and joy, since the Ostwick Circle revolted three weeks ago. A few templars and mages, like them, stayed behind to calm the chaos the fighting caused.

“If you would prefer,” she continues, “my Templar companion can stay with me if you are worried.” She looks up at Max for confirmation. He nods, placing the satchel down on the ground beside them.   He tries to ignore the singing of the lyrium in the vials, relinquishing his longsword and shield. Max kneels down beside the elf, holding the pale hand in his gauntleted one.

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21, male. Six foot one, messy brown hair, trying to grow a goatee. Glasses. Incredibly socially awkward and slightly lanky. Bad teeth. Never dated anybody before.

I’d give you a solid may8e and that’s only 8ecause I don’t normally swing towards the male sex.

Toronto FC looks to Moroccan centre-back to help communicate on defence

Canada News

Toronto FC looks to Moroccan centre-back to help communicate on defence

TORONTO - A former defender himself, Toronto FC coach Greg Vanney is a big believer in communication on the backline.And in newly signed centre back Ahmed Kantari, Vanney has a man of many tongues. The 30-year-old Kantari speaks French, English, Spanish and Moroccan.Kantari is the latest member of Toronto FC’s French Connection. Born in France, he plays internationally for Morocco thanks to his parents’ bloodlines.The six-foot-one 172-pounder will eventually be paired with Damien Perquis, a French-born Polish international, in the heart of the Toronto defence.

Toronto (8-7-4) has been seeing plenty of goals at both ends recently. It ranks first in MLS in goals scored per game (1.63) but 19th in goals conceded (1.63).

defender himself, Toronto FC coach Greg Vanney

“I think a lot of them can be dealt with if we just are communicating with each other a little better so that we’re more alert and we’re reading plays the same way … There’s so many of these plays that could be dealt with prior to the moment that we’re trying to deal with them, just with a little bit of proactive communication, and moving guys in the right place and dealing with situations ahead of time.

When it comes down to in the game, you have to make quick decisions. And you need to switch players or you need to organize things ahead of time.

defender himself, Toronto FC coach Greg Vanney