So apparently, I’ll forever be single because I’m 6’
A guy has confirmed this.
Because according to him, guys like shorter girls. He didn’t say it, but it was insinuated.
Not forgetting his reaction to my height being ‘oh shit…’ So nice.
He also said ‘Good luck in finding your Green Giant’.

Where IS my Green Giant? He doesn’t have to be green, but I can understand if he has to come from another planet.

But really.
Where is my Green Giant? My manraffe. Yes. A man who is also a giraffe.

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how tall are all your muses? a discussion took place and they are believed to be big ass trees

PFFT yeah my children are all really tall! (to some people anyway) Most of that info can be found on my characters page but I’ll give you a list

Lukas: 6′2″
Berwald: 6′7″
Tiina: 5′4″
Sadiq: 5′11″3/4 
Heracles: 6′
Peter: 5′1″
Linzia: 5′8″
Feliciano: 5′10″
Gisilia: 5′6″
Vlad: 5′11″
Emil:Yet a smol one

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Birthday: 13th May

Star sign: Taurus

Gender: Female

Height: 5’ 5"

Favorite colour: Blue

Time right now: 16.26 gmt

Lucky number(s): 5 and 13

Last thing I googled: Amazon (how boring)

Favorite fictional character: I hate this question… Loki or maybe Light Yagami.

Favorite famous person: Jennifer Lawrence

Favorite book(s): Forbidden, Insurgent, Catching Fire, Fangirl, Throne of Glass, City of Heavenly Fire and probably a tonne of others but I’m half asleep currently.

Favorite band(s): FOB, Panic!At the Disco, The All-American Rejects, All Time Low, The Script, 5SOS.

Song stuck in your head right now: Mona Lisa The All-American Rejects

Last movie I saw: Iron Man

Last show I watched: How I Met your Mother

Dream trip: Mountain Climbing in Asia

Dream job: Chemical Engineer

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“I’ll catch you all later!” Phoenix called, waving off the the fans as he was literally carried away by the band’s bodyguard. It was funny to see the six foot one male being lifted and tossed over someone’s shoulder almost kicking and screaming like a child. He smiled gratefully once he was put back on the ground. The bigger male carrying him turned to catch up with the rest of the boys, leaving Phoenix to wave one last time to the people waiting outside for them. He spun 180 on his heel before crashing straight into another body. “Holy shit!” He grunted as he stumbled back, blushing furiously as he finally looked at the person he’d bounced off. “I’m really sorry, damn. I… I’ve never saw you before, do you work here?”

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Okay so that soulmate au where the first words your soulmate says to you are tattooed on you, and winona has the words "But you're so tiny" tattooed on her wrist and george has the words "Remember that when I put you in the hospital" on his hip

The first thing Winona hears when she steps forward onto the mat in Combat Class as the training assistant, Tall, Blue-Eyed Blonde steps forward when motioned.

“But you’re so tiny,” The lummox protests fretfully, looking down his stupid six foot one build to Winona.

She scowls, hands on her hips. 

“Remember that when I put you in the hospital!” She spits up at him and the lummox pauses, staring down at Winona incredulously.

He takes a step back, throwing his hands up in the air. 

Really?” He exclaims.


      it feels like christmas. only his ugly reindeer sweater is substituted by an ashton hunt band tee. camera in one hand and feet firmly positioned on his skateboard, blair whizzes down the narrow corridors, filming everything he can ; the crew packing up the stage, people running in and out with instruments and the like. it’s only then that he’s peering through the lens at none other than ashton hunt himself. ashton hunt getting changed. putting his shirt on, to be exact. and sure, the polite thing to do would be to look away, but how was he to steer his emerald gaze away from a perfectly toned six foot one man with the chest of adonis? “damn it, rewind.” someone, please tell him to stop. “– – sorry guys,” he mumbles into the camera, “you missed the ab flash. although, if he’s the gentleman i think he is, he might be nice enough to take his shirt off for us again.” he’s only kidding. maybe. 

“What are you doing? I have to start practicing” “Just helping you stretch, love” “God, I hate you” “Love you too”


Ive been wanting to draw this since forever

Im Trash

Just a quick sketch and basic coloring 

Skendy is fucking pale oh my god I had their skin colors planned out since god knows when and there you go. Also, JJ ((dark skinned one)) is about five foot one, and Skendy, ((the other one)) is around six foot, six foot one.

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What are your guys' worst experience with a bully? And can I just say that I /adore/ this blog

J: The worst experiences with a bully? We haven’t really been bullied much, we’re kind of intimidating towards the right people. Although, Brian Conrad shot me with a paintball gun once. Not fun.

F: I tend to keep my head down, so bullying doesn’t really happen to me. I do witness it a lot, sadly, and I manage to make the bullies back off just by standing in front of them. One of the perks of being six foot one.

(Mun: Nonnie, I wish to cover you in your favorite sweets and a fluffy blanket and hug you. I’m glad we can make you smile!)


so i get to the healthpark for swim, right? aaand as soon as i do, the assistant coach sees me and is like “what’re you doing here there is no practice today.” and i’m like “????? the email?” and she says “oh yeah, right. he just wants to do ONE practice a day until everyone is back into the swing of things.” im pissi ng i had to walk home and let me be real with you i’m FAIRLY certain my coach did this on purpose. he just. /he knows./

And if I can last twenty rounds, there’s no reason you should ever have your head down five foot six, one hundred and twenty pounds. Hailing from rock bottom, loserville, nothing town.