Gruvia Fluff Fest Day Four & Six - Shared Clothes & Laughter

Summary: Gray and Juvia get a little drunk while playing poker…

Juvia’s body quivered as she tried her best to restrain her giggles as she covered herself. Her and Gray had started off the night with an innocent game of poker, but once the alcohol got involved it turned into strip poker… They had played until they were both too drunk to understand their cards, which left Juvia in nothing but her panties and Gray in his boxers.

Usually, she was quite the emotional drunk, but tonight, everything was hysterical, leaving her in bubbly giggles. The fact that she was practically naked in front of Gray hardly bothered her.

Gray pushed their cards to the side before reaching over and grabbing her hat that laid beside her. “Gray is now Juvia,” he told her, slipping her hat in his head.

Juvia blinked at him, her cheeks dusting a pink color. It only took her a few seconds before she was laughing so hard she was snorting. He must really be drunk, she thought, but she didn’t mind.

She covered herself with one arm as she reached the other one over to grab his white trench coat. She turned her back to him as she slipped on the jacket. It had no buttons or zippers, but thankfully it went over enough to cover her breasts.

She turned back to Gray with a grin, and slicked her head back. “Then I will be Juvia-Sama!”

Gray let out a bark of laughter, “oh Juvia-sama,” he crawled over to her and threw an arm around her shoulders. “Gray is cold, warm him up!”

Juvia’s lips twitched as she fought the urge to giggle. Instead she groaned and did her best to deepen her voice, “I am an ice-mage, not a body heater!”

“I don’t sound like that,” Gray pooched out his lips towards her.

“You do too!” She fought her laugh as she poked his cheek. “You’ve told Juvia that several times!”

He gasped dramatically, “Juvia-sama, Gray is offended,” he crossed his arms before turning his back towards her.

Juvia giggled, wrapping her arms around him as she hugged him from behind. “Oh Gray, Juvia is so, so sorry!” She snorted as she hugged him tightly.

Gray laughed as her hands came up and started tickling him. He’d never admit it to anyone, but he was quite ticklish, and with him being drunk it was like the slightest of flutter sent him into a snorting mess.

After several minutes of Juvia tickling him, his stomach began to hurt. Gaining some of his senses back, he turned around and grabbed Juvia’s wrist before pinning her underneath him with a smirk. “That’s it,” he told her. “Time for Juvia-sama’s punishment!”

Juvia squealed with delight as he leaned down to kiss her. Perhaps, they could start making poker night a routine thing…

Seriously, my thoughts while writing this was to make it as silly as possible. I hope you all enjoyed the silliness.