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150702 - Check out Official Posters for ‘Scholar Who Walks the Night’!

MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday television series ‘Scholar Who Walks the Night’ dropped four official posters following the first teaser and individual character stills!

The posters released features actor Lee Junki, who transformed into a sexy vampire. Along with the vampire there is a statement that says, “I am a vampire that craves human blood…” With eyes full of sadness, however, it seems as if he is longing to be human rather than a vampire.

The subsequent poster of Lee Junki also has the same statement as the first; however, this time you can see him giving off an aura that’s complete the opposite with his eyes revealing a thirst for blood.

Meanwhile, there is one more poster that features Seongyeol (played by Lee Junki) and Yang-seon (played by Lee Yoobi). Unlike the previous posters that radiate an intense and mysterious feeling, the couple are showing a romantic chemistry by looking at each other in the poster. However, the statement that says, “Don’t ever come near me… Never” implies that there will a lot of hurdles in their relationship.

Are you ready to watch the drama? Just wait for a few more days! ‘Scholar Who Walks the Night’ will start airing on Wednesday, July 8 at 22:00 (KST).

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