Discarded Plastic Fishing Nets Retrieved from the Ocean Used in New Shoe Prototype:

Adidas is now designing shoes from our oceans’ detritus, recently producing the world’s first prototype with parts constructed from ocean plastic and illegal deep-sea gillnets. The athletic apparel manufacture partnered with Parley for the Oceans as collaborators, a group of creators, thinkers, and leaders who design projects that aim to end the destruction of our oceans.

The community explains, “Our oceans are about to collapse and there is not much time to turn it around. Nobody can solve this alone. Everyone has to be a part of the solution. And collaboration is the magic formula.”

An ally of Parley, the Sea Shepard Conservation Society, collected the materials for the shoe while tracking an outlawed poaching vessel off the coast of West Africa. The concept for the shoe was then created in just six days, the prototype showcased at the UnxParley launch event in New York on June 29.

Parley explains that this concept is only the beginning, but is an example of how impactful creative collaboration is. “The problems we face are many, but so are the solutions. Stay tuned to learn more about how Parley will end ocean plastic pollution.” Although the partners have explained that this specific concept might never be commercially available, Adidas plans to introduce recycled plastic into their manufacturing process by early next year. (via My Modern Met)

remember when Fiona remembered to water her estranged husband’s plants but forgot to feed her kids?

remember when Lip had horrible credit and didn’t pay his tuition but was able to get a bunch of credit cards with no problem, cry about stuff he wasn’t actually concerned with and get an extension on the deadline and a mystery donor?

remember when Debbie forgot what consensual sex was?

remember when Carl thought juvie would be a better option than being at home?

remember when Mickey was punished again for loving Ian?

season five, man. good times.

Month of Devotion Day 6 - Hermes


What counts as
Light for a god
Of bright Olympus

Is it the favor
Of your brother
Or your father

Perhaps it is
The run needed
By a message

Is it the wind
In your golden
Winged hair

The quick thrill
Of a pocketed
Coin or trinket

A swift and fierce
Haggle performed
In a busy market

What, merchant
Lier, thief, traveller
Is Light to you?