a moment to stop and wonder by elin
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Artes Mundi 8

You see her. 10 years from now. She has a ring on her finger and a small child attached to her hip. All of the air is suddenly sucked out of you and your insides begin to feel queasy and the lunch you just had is no longer settling well. You blink, praying it’s a simple mind game. It’s not. She offers you a grin and her only free hand to shake. You take it and begin to wonder what went wrong all those years ago and what happened to all those empty promises that the two of you made. You had sworn you would be the one to give her all those things, but you weren’t. Her husband comes up behind her, placing a protective hand on her shoulder as she introduces you as an old friend. That label eats away at your insides as you realize that’s all you are to her now. Just another diminishing memory.


“Keeping myself busy to feel okay.”

from Something I Want To Tell You #196 (via @sixshadesofwordstories )