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Jesper Fahey, sharpshooter… and peak bi fashion disaster.

I am so. SO sorry. My roommate seemed to think he looks snazzy, but that was before I made his pants argyle. I’m so proud of the pearl handles on his pistols and those ridiculous little birds on his lapels, though. also his ascot is tied in a barrel knot did you see what I did there

30hrs in Photoshop, no paper sketch.

Inej Kaz Nina Wylan

magictavern  asked:

thank you so much for writing john as a machiavellian lil shit in your catacombs i never knew that i needed that but i did?? it's such a good concept and you make it so believable and i wish i was better at articulating how much i enjoy it but it's just!! so good wow

thanks!!! have a fancy splash image

((this is in reference to Vanitas vanitatum, btw.))


Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo | Chapter 27, pgs 374-376

So here is Kaz fighting like a whole gang by himself like an idiot. Or at least part of it- I did not have the stamina to draw him fighting the first six dudes and I really needed to draw the iconic bloody smile at the end (and bloodthirsty Inej). It probably shouldn’t have taken like three months but picked a bad time to start it, with family and holidays and getting laid off and job hunting so it was hard to find the time and motivation. Also I picked like the most painful scene in the book to try and draw honestly. I’m never going to try and draw a fight scene ever again. Or stairs. Or anything. Also for the millionth time i goddamn hate how tumblr shrinks images.

I finally finished my painting and I’m SO HAPPY!!! I literally love this books series with all my heart and I had to draw something worthy of it. I’ve been trying to start this project for so long and now I finally get to see the finished result!!? I feel like a mother 😭  
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