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fierrochase week day six - alternative fandoms au 

dc comics au because reasons

- magnus chase as superboy, all goofy smiles and loves being a teen titan. alex fierro as robin, confined to her secret identity by batman, but a brilliant leader and devoted friend.

- i just love the idea of a genderfluid robin, constantly confusing the villains, while magnus, who can easily tell, is cackling in the background

- superboy and robin being the Best team up, and alex eventually screwing batman’s rules and confiding in magnus her identity. after that, magnus is always found hanging out in the batcave, sitting on the giant penny and cracking jokes with alex. 

- ‘this is exactly why i didn’t want you to tell anyone your identity’ batman growls, while superboy darts around the room. alex doesn’t care, she’s just happy that she can be honest with magnus.

Why is it always creepy yaoi fans who think children cannot safely google my little pony? (Oh, the hypocrisy!)

Use safe search, you fucking morons. Children should ALWAYS be limited to safe search. If you are letting your six-year-old baby girl browse google unsupervised and without safe search enabled, you’re the problem here, because someone somewhere is always going to draw porn of that thing you or your kids like, you fucking know they are, and you are stubbornly refusing to take steps to protect your child, ‘cause, idk, JUSTICE or something.

Watch your kids and enable safe search and shut the fuck up about this, it’s old, it’s stale, we were done with this convo in 2014.

Chris Evans Fic: Is His Six Year Old Planning His Demise?

A bit of dad!Chris to brighten up your Sunday. RDJ makes a cameo appearance in this too.


‘Hey daddy?’ Chris heard the sweet, musical voice of his six year old baby girl from the doorway.

He glanced up from his book to see Cassie already making her way across the room, followed by a loyal and dutiful Dodger, to climb on to the sofa next to him, hauling his arm up, bidding him hold it in mid air while she settled against him, tucking herself into his side. When he was certain she was done getting comfortable, he dropped his arm around her, Dodger curling up at her side and resting his head on her feet.

There were very occasional days now when she thought she was getting too old for cuddles and each time, few though they were, was like a stab to his heart. He’d thought he’d be okay, watching her grow up, because he’d seen it all with his niece and nephews. With them, he thought it was really cool, watching them morph into real human beings. But Carly had been right, it was totally different when it was your own, and he just wanted her to stay small and needing him forever.

So he’d stopped making a big deal of cuddles, afraid to draw her attention to it and remind her of this crazy idea that she was too grown up to spend an afternoon wrapped in her dad’s arm. He’d taken to almost ignoring it completely and that’s what he was doing now: going about reading his book as if nothing had happened. That was, until she asked the most out-of-the-blue question possible.

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     April 29th, 2011 - the marriage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton

How in the world has it been six years already?! I feel like it was just yesterday that William and Kate were engaged and planning for this moment! I was reading reports of secret fittings as all the great fashion houses vied for a shot to design the wedding dress for the royal wedding of the century! Now here we are, six years, two babies, countless engagements and tours, and still one pup between them, and they’re stronger than everrrrr! I can’t even explain how much their fairytale ending makes my heart skip a beat every time I think of every moment of their love story, but it does, and I can’t be more proud of the couple they’ve become from having each other in their lives! Truly destined to be. Happy Anniversary, to my OTP ❤❤

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@ baby jeon: what do you want to be when you grow up?

baby jeon @ four years old: “iron man!!!”

baby jeon @ six years old: “football, football!”

baby jeon @ ten years old: “a policeman sounds cool.”

baby jeon, not so much of baby jeon, an intellectual at eighteen: “lmao i don’t know i want a job that interests me and that wouldn’t leave me homeless.”

send my muse “👀 + a question” and they’ll have to answer with 100% honesty

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Poe for the otp parent meme!!!!

who’s the one to wake up the kids: Poe. There are two extremes with him, he’ll either go into the kids’ rooms and wake them gently with a kiss on the forehead, or he’ll be that one parent who comes stomping into your room and rips your curtains open because “look what a lovely bright day it is!!”

who makes the breakfast: Even when you two were only dating, you would make breakfast together. It usually involves Poe serenading you and trying to get you to dance with him, resulting in a ridiculous amount of burnt food.

who’s the one to cry for everything: I don’t think either of you cry much? You both cried when the kids were born, but other than that…

who’s the more discipline parent and who’s the more lenient one: Poe is definitely the more lenient parent. Whenever he tries to tell the kids off, it ends up like that scene from Cheaper By The Dozen: “That was wrong…funny, but wrong…”

who helps with the science fair: Poe gets ridiculously into the kids’ science projects to the point where you have to remind him that they’re children. “Poe you can’t build an X-wing with them, they’re six years old.”

who does baby talk: You, and it is absolutely hilarious to Poe because you forget to stop sometimes. The two of you will be lying in bed when the kids are finally asleep, and without thinking you’ll answer him in a high-pitched baby voice and he’ll just fucking lose it laughing at you.

who wakes up for midnight feedings: Poe fucking sprints out of bed to beat you to it. With your firstborn, he would go through and get the baby, then bring them into the bed so the three of you could cuddle together.

who’s the one who always worries: You. Poe’s the one who wanted to teach your toddler to fly, so you have every right to worry

who picks up the kids early from school for some fun: Poe bloody Dameron

who’s the competitive parent: Neither of you really?

who kisses the ouches: The kids tend to go to Poe. He manages to make them laugh to stop them crying, and he’ll pull them in for a big hug and a kiss on the forehead.

who’s the sucker for the puppy eyes: Neither of you can resist the puppy eyes. You can resist an evil government, but not the puppy eyes.

who makes the “dad jokes”: Poe is absolutely terrible when it comes to jokes. You can see the smirk growing on his face when he sees an opportunity to make a joke, and you usually cover your ears at that point.

who embarrasses their kid for fun: Poe doesn’t mean to, he thinks he’s the Cool Dad but he really isn’t.

who’s the over protective one: Neither of you because you both know your children are human beings who can make their own choices!

who’s the “take a sweater!” parent: Definitely Poe. He might be the Cool Dad but he’s also the Mother Hen and once those instincts kick in there’s no stopping him

fan fic: Baby Driver

This is for @holyporsche, who shared her UTTERLY ADORABLE HUMAN AU MCQUEEN BABY HEADCANON with me. I wanted to see if I could write the version of it where the cars are cars, and this is what I came up with! It ended up a tad more melancholy than I’d initially imagined, but I hope the cute balances it out. <3

Summary: Cruz–and the rest of the racing world–haven’t seen Lightning McQueen in five years, 183 races, and a lot of questions gone unanswered. Then one day, he shows up with a tiny plus one.

Cruz, these days, is a legend. It takes about three seconds for someone to find her and tell her she’s got visitors: McQueen and a plus one.

A tiny plus one.

The tiny plus one doesn’t have a name yet, hasn’t chosen one; for now, she’s just Baby. She’s still nursing an automatic transmission and is just now learning how to school it out of neutral. But when Cruz charges toward her, Baby mirrors the motion.

They collide with a soft plastic clink, kissing nose to nose.

“200!” chirps Baby because no McQueen has ever learned to count 1, 2, 3, have they?

Baby sings 200, 400, 500, and Cruz shoots an impish, conspiratorial glance at Lightning.

And Cruz would never, ever tell him this, but she kinda misses the Fabulous blue. She’s not used to seeing him in his new get-up, clean of sponsors and candied red, like it’s the 60s all over again. He’s not the 95 anymore.

Vitoline’s racing the 95 this season: It’s someone new and probably pleasant whom she hasn’t yet met. She’ll admit she hasn’t tried that hard; it’s been years now, but to Cruz, the 95 will always be Lightning. 

The association might be even harder for Cruz to let go of than Lightning’s acting like it is for him–but then, she’ll probably never know how he actually feels about all this. Lightning McQueen hasn’t touched tires to a Piston Cup track in half a decade. Not even to spectate.

Cruz hasn’t seen him face-to-face since the end of her rookie year.

“How was Rio?” Cruz asks, because she did, at least, get that postcard last month.

Lightning makes a face, as though he’s the baby and not, well, Baby. “She liked the water. A lot. She liked going very deep in the water.”

“California girl, huh?”

“We live in Arizona!” Lightning objects. “But every time Sally picks our vacation, we always end up–”

“She has her mother’s mouth,” says Cruz, and his expression softens.

Cruz seizes the opportunity. “Which means she’s gonna roast you once she learns more words.”

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maya and lucas' honeymoon head canon?

  • ok maya just wants to go on a quiet holiday, quite close to here, and spending as little money as possible
  • ‘i mean, philadelphia would be suitable, right lucas?’
  • maya, we need to go somewhere with fun things to do!’
  • ‘okay, maybe not phili but how about texas?’
  • ‘with my family? really, maya?’
  • so lucas doesn’t tell maya but he books them a week in the caribbean
  • the caribbean
  • but he tells her he booked a weekend in washington dc
  • and he doesn’t tell her where they’re really going until about a week before the wedding
  • she protests, but he says his parents insisted they pay for most of it
  • and he convinces her by telling her about all the beautiful paintings she’ll be able to do when they’re there
  • ‘fine, huckleberry, but expect your parents’ house to be decorated in them because i don’t like being in debt’
  • and she’s kind of excited now
  • she gets riley’s help to pack - ‘riles, what do i bring?!’ - and manages to do it without buying too much new stuff, just the essentials
  • (bikinis and dresses and shoes)
  • (lucas isn’t going to want to go outside the entire trip)
  • so the time comes for them to get the flight
  • it’s the day after their wedding, so of course they’re exhausted
  • they left in the taxi but realised they’d left their bags in the kitchen so had to run back, and were almost late for their flight
  • the flight is quite a long one, and maya was still sleepy fom the wedding night (a fact lucas was quite proud of)
  • so maya spends most of the flight asleep on lucas’s shoulder
  • the other passengers figure they’re going on their honeymoon and find it adorable
  • but in reality lucas has shoulder cramps and maya’s hair keeps moving into his face and man does she snore
  • he ends up replacing his shoulder with a pillow so he can eat peanuts and watch james bond in peace
  • (maya wakes up about an hour before they land and decides to watch it too)
  • finally, they’ve landed and gotten a taxi, and the hotel gives them leis to wear and cocktails to sip and carries their bags
  • lucas’s mom booked the honeymoon suite (with a smirk she’d told him she expected grandchildren before the year was over)
  • and lucas was  s o  t i r e d  but maya was feeling refreshed from her nap, so while he slept on the bed (covered in red rose petals), maya sat on the balcony and painted the view (it was pretty damn good)
  • it was mid afternoon when lucas woke up, and they decided to go explore the hotel
  • they almost got lost twice
  • once they had to run away from a security guard (they weren’t supposed to go into the kitchen but they wanted to know what smelled so good)
  • they found the pool - it was half outside, half inside, and the inside part was like a jungle
  • anyway by that time it was almost time for dinner
  • they went back to the hotel to get changed and grab their things
  • maya wore one of her new flowery sundresses, with the gladiator sandals riley had picked out
  • her hair was flowy and natural, just the way lucas liked it
  • (he considered skipping dinner and heading straight to dessert but ‘c’mon huckleberry, i’m starving!’)
  • they wandered along the streets, hand in hand, taking in all the great smells and beautiful sights and enjoying the wonderful new culture
  • they ended up trying some traditional cuisine and loving it
  • even lucas
  • and then they watched the sunset on the beach, in each others arms and happier than they’d ever been before
  • the next day was time to explore the town
  • it was a day of sun tan (maya almost got burned, but lucas remembered the sun cream just in time), stolen kisses (and selfies to make everyone jealous of course) and gorgeous views (the photos practically took themselves)
  • that evening they skyped lucas’s family to thank them and show off the views
  • the next day they stayed at the pool
  • there was a swim theough bar - not a drive through, a swim through
  • maya’s new red bikini was enough to make every guy there drool (or not enough, if you get me) but lucas glared at anyone looking the wrong way
  • ah, newlyweds
  • the rest of the trip continued pretty much the same way
  • days on the beach, burying each other in sand and drawing beautiful pictures of oceans and lucas helping a bunch of little kids with their sandcastle
  • exploring the cultures and buying lots of new souvenirs
  • making loads of new friends
  • surprisngly, they didn’t spend the entire time in their hotel room
  • when it was time to go, they stood hand in hand and watched over the beautiful island they’d called home for that past week
  • nothing had changed it, but they definitely felt different
  • they were determined to come back as soon as possible
  • although they did have to wait at least nine months, if you know what i’m saying (lucas’s mom’s wish came true)
  • and the next time they came back, six years, two babies and many bikinis later, it was exactly the same
  • it would always be the same
  • it was magical
  • (maya’s paintings got better though)

July 22nd: I fucking hate one direction all they do is lie


July 24th: I fucking hate one direction all they do is lie

‘Blossom In My Hands’: the newest addition (part 1)

Hello, hello my little petals! This has been a long time coming and we’re finally here! To the first part at least. This little (okay, not so little) novella has been a labor of love for me and I sincerely apologize for the time this project has taken. I really hope you love it as much as I do and please, please let me know what you think so far! I can’t wait to here your favorite parts, lines, predictions, etc.. Anyway, let’s get on with it! 

How Long Will I Love You

(rated ma)

Any links/songs, etc. will be italicized and linked within the text.


August 2030: Conception

It’s in the heart of summer when you decide on baby making. Except, you don’t really decide to make a baby. That hadn’t been something you’d decided to do in quite awhile. It just happened. Like most babies do.  

You woke with your face pressed against the hollow of Harry’s warm -and slightly damp- neck. He was snoring into your temple and you couldn’t find it anywhere in you to be annoyed in the slightest. The sheets smelled of your summer heat-warmed bodies and there was morning air coming in through the open windows, tickling the skin that wasn’t cloaked by the thin blankets. You could only imagine what you looked liked, tangled in bed together, if how the night had gone had anything to do with it.

Jude had woken up in the middle of the night with flushed cheeks and a stomach ache and didn’t want you to leave him while you gave him sips of Lucozade and you secretly loved the fact that he was being extra snuggly. When you were tiptoeing back to bed once he’d finally fallen asleep, you were met with George toddling down the hall, knuckling his red eyes and whimpering that he’d had a bad dream. You scooped him up and listened with the keen intent of a mother, as he whimpered and hiccuped the tale of what had haunted his dreams. With the safety of your arms and a few honey-sweet kisses on his teary skin, he was fast asleep again.  Being a mother was both the hardest thing you’d ever done and the best decision you’d ever made. Even when you fell back into bed at a little past three in the morning, with heavy eyes, only to tell Harry that Alfie was whimpering at the back door downstairs and probably needed to be let out. You heard him groan as he lifted himself from the mattress, and shuffle towards the hallway, cursing quietly when he nearly tripped on the stairs.

Being parents was the hardest thing you’d both ever done, and the best decision you’d both ever made.

“Morning, baby,” came a husky voice, lips brushing over your skin.

“Hi, you.” You press a kiss to his forehead. “What’re you thinking about?” His eyes were still closed, but he had that crinkle between his eyebrows.

“How I can’t wait to get you naked once we’re kid free.”

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When I was one, I had just begun.

When I was two, I was nearly new.

When I was three, I was hardly me.

When I was four, I was not much more.

When I was five, I was just alive.

But now I am six, I’m as clever as clever.

So I think I’ll be six now and forever.