six ways to lie

Sam, Why… I mean clearly the BMOL don’t have their shit together nearly as much as they say they do (*cough* Toni *cough*). Yeah, they want to “change the world” but like… You killed the Alpha Vampire. 

Without you, they’d be fucked six ways to Sunday. And let’s not even talk about you revisiting the “Lie to my brother because I am doing the right thing” well

I see this turning out really bad. 

From Wreckage to Salvation

I think this was a title of a promo for one of the episodes, I don’t know? But it inspired me to write this.

Basically: the Delinquents deciding to return to the dropship and make their own family. A lot of healing. Bitterness making way for sweetness.

Post season 3. Written after 3x04.

Bellarke featuring Minty and the other delinquents. 

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Camp Jaha seems whole now. It’s got a new name - Arkadia, indoor plumbing, enough resources for everyone. People are warm at night, there is no danger of anyone attacking them and it’s supposed to be their salvation.

Clarke thinks she prefers the wreckage. She prefers the wreckage of Mecha station, that huge metal skeleton that loomed over them, jagged ends of fence thrumming with live electricity. It wasn’t whole, but neither are their people.

She even prefers the dropship to this façade of being alright when no one is. Monty smiles whenever someone looks at him but when he thinks no one can see him, that’s when his face falls, from a smile to not quite a frown – just a look of wreck – in seconds.

From wreckage to salvation.

What sort of a shitty salvation is this?

At least in the dropship and in Camp Jaha they didn’t have to pretend like they were whole. They were wrecks and they could live in peace. No one to drag them to the side when they’ve had a rough night and tell them to pull it together for the sake of their people.

Bellamy’s cough interrupts her thoughts and Clarke’s head automatically comes up, searching for him in the crowd.

He’s closer than he ever was in the last two months and it startles her, gives her hope, does things to her she can’t figure out because she’s quit trying a long time ago.

“Do you mind?” he asks, looking like he’d rather run away all across Arkadia to get away from her. The guard jacket he’s wearing looks like a parody after what he’s done. Who the fuck did he guard?

He guarded you, many times, a voice inside Clarke’s head tells her and she pushes it down, quietens it with a shot of moonshine. Forgiveness is not what she’s feeling in the mood for. Not tonight.

Bellamy shifts his weight uneasily and finally, Clarke shrugs, waving her hand like she doesn’t care, like the moment he sits down won’t scorch her like flames.

“Thanks.” She knows the exact moment when he’s going to say that he’s sorry by the way he averts his gaze, swallows hard, eyes going a little glassy and reflecting the fire. “Clarke, I’m – “

“Sometimes I think we should’ve just stayed in the dropship,” she interjects, tracing the rim of her cup with a finger covered in bruises. There was an accident in the medical yesterday, something with electricity that made a door slam on her hand. It was painful but it felt grounding, like she’s alive. Like she needs a constant reminder that she is still here.

Bellamy blinks at her, lost for a second.

“When they came to get us, I thought – we’re safe now. We’ll be fine. The grownups are here.” Her mouth twists into a grimace. “And look at how that turned out.”

That turned into Jasper being the one who ended up in medical last night, just as she was about to call it a day and go to her room. Clarke likes to pretend like she’s sleeping, comforts herself with thinking that she’s still getting rest even though she’s just closed her eyes, and it’s a shitty thing to do but it’s something.

The first thing Jasper did when Monty and Miller placed him on the cot was hiss at Clarke. “You’re not touching me, killer.”

But she can’t really blame him.

Bellamy is not looking at her. His eyes are trained on the ground in front of him and Clarke wonders what happened to the rebel king who stood against the world. How did he turn into someone who stands with whoever offers retaliation?

“That’s why I think dropship would’ve been better. We should’ve just said – fuck Arkadia, fuck politics, fuck Wanheda, and you know what?” she asks and Bellamy’s eyes flick towards her. “Fuck Pike, too.”

There never was as much heat in her words as there was in Bellamy’s, always the one to rile up the masses. Now he was one of the masses he kept preaching to, an enforcer, not a ruler, and maybe Clarke can understand it but she doesn’t want to.

It’s not who he is. Not the same man who placed his hand on top of hers and nodded in Mt. Weather, not the one who dropped his head against a tree trunk after Dax tried to kill him and finally allowed how weary he was to show.

“We’ve got, what, four – five mass murders between the two of us and now we have to look like we’re alright? I don’t know about you, Bellamy, but I’m not alright. And I’m sick of pretending like I am.”

Fury boils in her veins now, always there, that anger she’s trying to keep contained, filed away for when she can deal with it. But it is always there, always itching at her skin and begging to be let out.

Well now there is fire, there is Bellamy and the world turns red.

“I am a mass murderer and so are you. Jasper told me I’m a killer yesterday and he was right. I’m sick of pretending like he wasn’t, like we can just erase the things we have done. Monty helped us, Bellamy. No one asks him how he feels. Miller can’t talk to his dad, his boyfriend left him because he couldn’t understand. We’ve got all this fucking weight that no one but us understands.”

That’s why she hates this standstill with Bellamy the most.

He’s the one she wants to talk to, the one she feels could understand what it’s like not to be able to sleep at night because your mind keeps replaying the endless dead bodies you can’t even count anymore.

And she can’t. Because she was gone and he’d gotten worse. Because she was gone and people kept leaving him.

“We could do it,” he says suddenly, cuts across the silence with determination she hasn’t heard in his voice for a very long time. “I mean it, Clarke. We could return to the dropship.”

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Tell Me Something Sweet To Get Me By

All that’s on Phil’s agenda right now is surviving college, passing his A-Levels and perhaps making a couple of friends along the way. ‘Dan Howell’ is nothing more than some guy at the weekly IT club who observes too much and says too little – that’s what Phil thinks, anyway, until his gnawing curiosity makes it his mission to get under Dan’s skin. But perhaps that’s a mistake, because Dan is a virus, a million complications disguised in megapixels and sweetly spoken lies, and knows more about Phil than he thinks.



The room is dark, except for the rectangular laptop screen glowing white into the blackness.

Dan likes socialising online. Online, he can be anyone he wants to be. He can live in London, with a job in a small coffee shop and an apartment he furnishes with canvas paintings of his own. He can be a college student on a six month study trip to England; a part-time sales assistant working for money to buy food and textbooks. He can elaborate to impress, make up anecdotes to interest, and fabricate his family history until his father’s the CEO of a huge law firm and his mum’s working part-time for the queen.

Online, he doesn’t have to be himself. Online, he can lie.


Six months earlier


Phil finds a new way to shut his phone up after pressing ‘snooze’ for the ninth time. It’s hardly creative and it doesn’t do wonders for neither his bedroom skirting board nor his phone screen, but at least it gets the repetitive ‘Marimba’ chime to shut up.

Seconds after he snuggles back into his pillow, the heavy footsteps thudding up the stairs and getting closer to his room begin. Fuck, he thinks, shutting his eyes tighter and pulling his duvet over his head. He doesn’t want to deal with any interaction with his mother this morning, and maybe if he squeezes his eyes shut tight enough, he just might not actually have to endure today.

Today. It’s fucking today, his stomach drops a little further as he remembers.

The first day of college, the day that’d been lurking ever since the day he’d finished his last exam, the day that’d felt seemingly forever away no less than a week ago, and the day that’d come around far, far too fucking quickly.

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sxptic x

Mark was honestly pissed off at Jack, this was
the biggest dick move he had ever made towards
him. Why would he even joke about cheating on
him? It wasn’t funny it was humorous by any
means, he felt betrayed like he couldn’t trust
his boyfriend anymore. He hated not knowing
if Jack really did it, Jade seemed so positive
that he did but then all this happened.

Jack told him to call and part of Mark was
scared to call him but he also though it
was just a call for them to talk this all out
fix things. Little did he know that this was 
going to be a call that fucked everything
up for him, for Jack. Everything that he
knew about love was going to soon be up
in the air. He hit the call button that was in
the corner of the text and placed the device
up against his ear listening to the ringing
waiting for Jack to answer him. 


Major League - Six Ways To Lie