six ways to lie

sxptic x

Mark was honestly pissed off at Jack, this was
the biggest dick move he had ever made towards
him. Why would he even joke about cheating on
him? It wasn’t funny it was humorous by any
means, he felt betrayed like he couldn’t trust
his boyfriend anymore. He hated not knowing
if Jack really did it, Jade seemed so positive
that he did but then all this happened.

Jack told him to call and part of Mark was
scared to call him but he also though it
was just a call for them to talk this all out
fix things. Little did he know that this was 
going to be a call that fucked everything
up for him, for Jack. Everything that he
knew about love was going to soon be up
in the air. He hit the call button that was in
the corner of the text and placed the device
up against his ear listening to the ringing
waiting for Jack to answer him. 

ES: I just thought I would pay tribute to my favorite episode of all time, Arcadia.

Okay…I will shamelessly admit that I did just want to see them play house. But so what? Who didn’t? The monster was silly and the plot was cliche, but I don’t even care. I will watch for this: 

 and especially this

over and over and over again.