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Find Out What Your Pokémon Type Would Be!

I matched up each Pokémon type with six personality traits so you can determine which type(s) you would be, or ask your followers to tell you what they think!

Grass: Patient, Giving, Day-dreamer, Enjoys the little things, Emotional, Naive

Fire: Passionate, Companionable, Courageous, Sensitive, Direct, Assertive

Water: Easygoing, Flexible, Focused, Calm, Noncommittal, Apathetic

Electric: Energetic, Team player, Straightforward, Adapts quickly, Headstrong, Abrupt

Normal: Faithful, Charming, Good leader, Helpful, Well-rounded, Copy-cat

Bug: Extroverted, Familial, Hard-working, Quick thinking, Dramatic, Irritable

Poison: Suave, Untroubled, Eager, Analytical, Opportunistic, Vindictive

Ground: Stable, Patient, Introspective, Balanced, Unhurried, Bull-headed

Fighting: Tenacious, Loyal, Self-improving, Strong sense of justice, Competitive, Combative

Psychic: Inquisitive, Friendly, Caring, Empathetic, Flamboyant, Judgemental

Rock: Enduring, Practical, Selfless, Earnest, Stubborn, Rash

Flying: Brave, Confident, Free-spirited, Honorable, Flighty, Self-centered

Ice: Cheerful, Polite, Modest, Decisive, Perfectionist, Insecure

Ghost: Introverted, Trickster, Spontaneous, Lateral thinker, Secretive, Aloof

Dragon: Adventurous, Protective, Independent, Dignified, Big ego, Short fuse

Dark: Ambitious, Bold, Cunning, Skeptical, Prideful, Deceptive

Steel: Forthright, Dedicated, Secure, Innovative, Intense, Indelicate

Fairy: Whimsical, Prankster, Charismatic, Likes giving and/or receiving affection, Forward, Indulgent

anonymous asked:

(1/2) Hello :) I’m writing to you because I seriously need some help with my story (English is not my native language but I will try my best to be understandable). You see, I created my main character (who is on my mind for a really long time) and I wanted to build a fantasy plot based on her, even if I know the contrary is a more logical way. She is an empath so she can interpret, replicate and manipulate the emotions or moods of others. Or rather the opposite: she can block them.

Ah yes, the beloved OC who needs a plot. I know this dilemma well. No worries, there are a few simple questions that will help you get started.

If you want to write about her past:

  • Where did she come from?
  • Where is she now?
  • How did she get here?

If you want to write about her future:

  • Where does she need to go?
  • What needs to happen to get her there?
  • Will she need help getting there?

And if that future is hard to get to:

  • What will get in her way?
  • How will she overcome what gets in her way?
  • Will she make it to her destination, or will she change paths?
  • Where must she end up?

You might also check out some writing prompts or start following some prompt blogs. Roleplay writers often use these to write quick scenarios including their OC. I enjoy them for that reason too. If I find one that interests me, I put my character in the scene and write how he/she would react in that situation. If I fill in the blanks around that scene, I have a story.

As usual, here are some articles that go into more detail than I do (all from Mythcreants because they were first in my bookmarks).  I wish you and your MC the best!

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Outline a Short Story in Seven Steps  (even if you plan something longer)

Six Best Traits In A Woman

Ahmad ibn Harb Rahimahullah would say:

“If 6 mannerisms are gathered in a woman, her goodness is perfected:

1. Guarding the five prayers

2. yielding to her husband

3. pleasing her Lord

4. guarding her tongue from backbiting and gossip

5. forsaking worldly possessions

6. and being patient following a tragedy.”

[Siyar ‘A'lam al Nubala’ of Imaam ad-Dhahabi (rahimahullaah)]