six strange tales

Thanks to the Six Strange Tales DVD’s alternate language tracks, I’ve been watching Gravity Falls in a couple of foreign languages. While watching The Hand That Rocks The Mabel in French, I noticed the script was mostly pretty much the same as the English… except for the part at the end of this scene.

In the original English, Mabel says “Ooh la la! Oui oui!” so Gideon asks her “Parlez-vous français?” and she responds by telling him she has no idea what he’s saying. I can’t tell what this was changed to in the actual French dub, since my French isn’t that good. The most I can make out Mabel saying is “jolie,” which means “pretty.” If anyone who knows more French can translate this scene for me I’d really love to know what the joke was changed to!


I neeeeeeeeedddddd THIS!!!!


No major mysteries (I think).  Just some goofy easter eggs on the dvd (which you should all buy cuz they fought tooth and nail to get a dvd release).

siddlaw  asked:

I didn't realize the second DVD was released. Can you tell me the name of it? I NEED TO BUY

No problemo. May as well say what both DVDs are for people who are relatively new to the fandom.

Gravity Falls: Six Strange Tales has episodes 1-6 (”Tourist Trapped” to “Dipper vs. Manliness”) of season 1.

And Gravity Falls: Even Strangers has episodes 7-14 (”Double Dipper” to “Bottomless Pit!”) of season 1.

'Gravity Falls' Second DVD Out August 26, 2014! 'Gravity Falls: Even Stranger'

Great job, fans! Looks like we’re getting a second continuing DVD! That’s good news. If we keep this up maybe we’ll eventually get a full season set with all the works!

Gravity Falls: Even Stranger (out August 26, 2014)

The mystery mounts, the plot thickens and the quirkiness quadruples in EVEN STRANGER – the second volume of hilarious tales from the #1 hot spot for supernatural hijinks: GRAVITY FALLS. Tag along on the adventures of 12-year-old twins Dipper and Mabel Pines as they inch ever closer to bringing the town’s deep, if not-so-dark, secrets to light. Free the eighth-and-a-half president of the U.S. from a “prison” of solid peanut brittle, unravel the fabric of the universe with a time machine disguised as a tape measure, and much more in nearly three horus of freaky, fantastical fun! Of course, Dipper and Mabel’s enigmatic “Grunkle” Stan just might be the key to solving the riddles of Gravity Falls. He obviously knows more than he’s willing to tell – or does he…?

Three hours implies an 8 (!) or so episode set. And hopefully they’ll chronologically continue where “Six Strange Tales” left off. Although the comment about Stan in the summary suspiciously sounds like a reference to “Gideon Rises.”

Pre-order your copy today!