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Isaac Asimov’s six steps to more abundant creativity…

1. Never Stop Learning

“All this incredibly miscellaneous reading, the result of lack of guidance, left its indelible mark. My interest was aroused in twenty different directions and all those interests remained. I have written books on mythology, on the Bible, on Shakespeare, on history, on science, and so on.”

2. Don’t Fight the Stuck

“I don’t stare at blank sheets of paper. I don’t spend days and nights cudgeling a head that is empty of ideas. Instead, I simply leave the novel and go on to any of the dozen other projects that are on tap. I write an editorial, or an essay, or a short story, or work on one of my nonfiction books. By the time I’ve grown tired of these things, my mind has been able to do its proper work and fill up again. I return to my novel and find myself able to write easily once more.”

3. Beware the Resistance

4. Lower Your Standards

5. Make MORE Stuff

6. “By thinking and thinking and thinking till I’m ready to kill myself.“

How to make felt wings

You can make angel wings in a lot of ways and this is how I made a pair out of felt for my latest cosplay. This technique is fairly simple but takes a lot of time.

I started by drawing the shape of one wing on a piece of paper (One wing was for me around 33x26 cm). It is a good idea to also draw out how you want the feathers to be on the paper wing so you can get a hint on how big they should be.

For the feathers I used white hobby felt that I cut out in to six different sizes. This step is by far the most time consuming (it take a lot of time!) and I highly recommend making a pattern of the feathers in cardboard to make the process easier. I made around 600 feathers in total to cover back and front on both wings.

To make the feathers more stiff it is a good idea to coat them with mod podge. Just one coat makes a lot of difference and help the wings keep its shape. (I did not do this step with the smallest feathers since they did not need to be stiff).

To see how I wanted the formation of the feathers I placed them out on the paper wing and took a photo so I could check it later on.

For the base of the wings I cut out the shape of the wing in craft foam. Since I wanted the small feathers on the upper part of the wings to be a bit higher up I glued on some extra craft foam there.  

To hold the base up I used some black worbla that I twisted the lower part of to give them some angle so they didn’t lay flat. To make sure no color show between the feathers everything was painted white and a stripe of felt was glued over the worbla.

Next I started to glue the first row of feathers to each other. Since I did not want to glue them direcly on the foam wing yet I used needles to help mark the placement of the feathers on the next couple of layers.

When I was done gluing the bigger feathers together I took the foam base away and used some transparent paper to draw out the shape of all the feathers except the first row.

I then placed the paper over the foam base and made dots where the inner corners where the feathers on the lower row met. I then draw a line above it and cut along it. This was made because I realised that the felt feathers where a bit see through and the shape of the foam base could be seen. Higher up it were more feathers and harder to see it.

The base was glued to the feathers and was then flipped over and feathers where glued to that side as well.

For my cosplay I needed red stones on the wings. I used two glass prism, black worbla and some red and gold paint to make them. However this made the wings heavier then they needed to be so if you are making something like this, try to use a lighter material for this part.

And they are done! Time consuming but really light (even with the stones) and easy to make.


How to be a complete shitbag in intracommunity discourse in six easy steps:

1. Assert that minority group X does not suffer material oppression.

2. Treat this assertion as so self-evidently true that any argument or evidence to the contrary can be dismissed without examination as a falsehood or misdirection.

3. Forcibly reframe any attempt by a member of group X to bring their own lived experiences into the conversation as just talking about their feelings.

4. Accuse them of being a terrible person for attempting to put their hurt feelings on par with other people’s material oppression.

5. Compile as many examples as you can of members of group X behaving badly, and constantly bring them up at random, thereby framing an implicit fallback argument that even if group X does suffer material oppression after all, they deserve it because they’re all awful.

6. If anyone tries to point out what you’re doing in step 5, reframe that as whining about hurt feelings, too, and return to step 4.

progress and recovery isn’t linear. it isn’t getting better and better every day. it’s erratic ; its sharp lines up and down, shaky and backtracking, two steps forward and six steps back, but all ultimately, in the grand scheme of things, slowly slowly slowly get better. even will heal over time, but some days he’ll do great and other days it will feel like he REGRESSED. that’s mental illness - a life long fight to ultimately to just get a little bit better. it’s tough, it doesn’t always makes sense, but in the end, you’ll have learned how to cope with getting worse and get better more quickly, and THATS recovery. that’s healing. and that’s what even is going to have to go through.

don’t worry. he’s not going do well today. tomorrow he might be worse. but a year from now, he’ll have learned, and he will feel better. because that’s just how it is.


A lot of people have recently asked me how to make a masterlist so I made a ‘tutorial’ to help you guys! I hope it helps!

Step One: Open the text option in the Tumblr menu bar.

Step Two: Type in the title and type in the words you want to connect the link to.

Step Three: Copy the URL you want to use.

Step Four: Double click the words you want to connect the link to.

Step Five: Click the infinity sign thing this what you use to connect the link to the text.

Step Six: Then paste your copied URL into the box that pops up and click done!

Part Seven: You should see the three options below pop up if you did it right, and we all know sometimes things get lost along their way on Tumblr, so to be sure click the open option and see if it takes you to your link!

Hoped this helped, this is the simpliest and easiest way to explain it, because I used to look it up but those videos are with the older version, so yeah, much love and lots of hugs and kisses!

Guide to Shoplifting!

Hey, here for another guide to making sure you have a good haul next time you want to do some lifting!

STEP ONE: pick a store

STEP TWO: pick out whatever you want

STEP THREE: check to see if there’s any employees around

STEP FOUR: make sure you have everything you want

STEP FIVE: bring it to the check-out line

STEP SIX: strike up casual conversation with employee

STEP SEVEN: actually fucking pay for your shit instead of shoplifting

STEP EIGHT: tell the employee to have a wonderful day

STEP NINE: leave the store with your wonderful new item(s)

STEP TEN: don’t shoplift in the future either since you could get employees in serious trouble or even fired

Always remember, if you think that there is absolutely nothing wrong with shoplifting and that it won’t cause any problems for employees, especially when it comes to stealing $1,000+ in goods from a store, you’re full of shit!

Beginner's guide to necromancy: Creating an Inner sanctum

This is a vital skill for necromancers to have, a place to retreat, a protective shell, a place to collect yourself and a place to invite spirits.

Step one: Turn off anything that makes noise, phones, heaters, televisions, etcetera.

Step two: Lay down, close your eyes and establish a steady breathing pattern such as:
5 count inhale, 5 count hold, 5 count exhale, 5 count hold, repeat.

Step three: Visualize a room with grey walls, no doors, no Windows, two chairs in the center facing each other a single, tall white candle on the floor which illuminates the whole room. Here you are alone, nothing can reach you here.

Step four: Explore the room and interact with your surroundings, lift the candle and create another.

Step five: Open your eyes.

Step six: Visit this room constantly, until you are capable of reaching it quickly. Try moving things and remembering the changes you’ve made for the next time you enter it. If a spirit has been invoked and you enter this room, you will find them there, seated in one of the chairs.
Use this room to collect yourself, to protect yourself from the world outside and to calm yourself, the grey walls consuming any negative forces.

Six Steps Chapter One

A Byun Baekhyun Playboy & childhood friend AU

Requested by baekmuffin

Genre: Angst, romance

Member: Byun Baekhyun

Summary: (of this series) As childhood best friends, you and Baekhyun were and are close in every way possible. Except for the fact you unfortunately have feelings for him and he happens to never look at you that way. What happens when he does?

{Chapter one} {Chapter two} {Chapter three, coming soon}

As the sun rays make their way through the curtains in his room, Baekhyun blinks a few times to focus on what he needs to do with the random brunette sleeping naked next to him under the covers.

Clothes on first, was the first thing you told him to always do.

Getting up to look for his clothes, he sees them scattered near the entrance of his room. Clothes on, done.

Don’t smell or look like you just had sex, was the second think you told him to always do.

Spraying on some cologne, Baekhyun goes to look in his mirror. Fixing his hair, he is quick to find out his hair isn’t cooperating with him today. Throwing on a beanie, he heads to the bathroom.

Make sure the bathroom looks like shit so she can’t use it, was the third thing you told him to always do.

Grabbing the cheap makeup under the sink you bought him awhile ago, he opens up whatever contains powder or liquid, spreading in and around the sink, throwing some brushes on the counter as well. 

Take the toilet paper roll and shower necessities out, so she can’t stay and shower, was the fourth think you told him to always do. 

Taking the items away, he throws them into a one of his bathroom cabinets.

Hide all the food so she can’t stay and eat, was the fifth thing you told him to always do.

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Have you watched the finale? Found yourself feeling empty without the promise of another Poe Party Monday? Don’t fret! With this handy guide you, too, will be able to cope with this bleak future!

STEP ONE: Watch A Tale-Tell Vlog. Think of the happier days, when you had hope and visions of time machines in your head.

STEP TWO: Cry. Just let it out. Just sob. 

STEP THREE: Think of The Pet Rock of Love. Cry a little more.

STEP FOUR: Fanfiction.

STEP FIVE: Rewatch. Pick up the subtle clues and nuances. Screenshot all of the awkward faces the characters make.

STEP SIX: Force everyone you know to watch it and suffer with you.

STEP SEVEN: Rinse and repeat.

Good luck in your coping, and may the ghost headcanons be with you.

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How to Improve Written Dialogue in 6 Steps

Dialogue is often one of the clunkiest elements I read in a requested manuscript. It’s difficult to balance the nuances of real-life speech and the guidelines for written conversation, but it doesn’t take much to improve the dialogue you have already created. Here are six steps to improving written dialogue: 

Step 1: Sit at a coffee shop and listen to conversations.
Write down fragments of what you overhear. This is the best way to get real-world inspiration for your dialogue. For example, if you’re writing a book about teenagers, then listen in on a conversation between teenagers. No matter your protagonist, you can find real-world inspiration for how they talk, what they care about, and how they connect with other people through conversation. If a coffee shop doesn’t work for your research, then pick another public location. Parks, libraries, bookstores, restaurants… almost anywhere will work. 

Step 2: Avoid dialogue tags.
Dialogue tags are almost always unnecessary. If two characters in your book are having a conversation, readers don’t need to know who said what after each line. Your readers can assume that the speech is moving back and forth. Dialogue tags can make your writing look clunky and also waste your allowed word count on absolutely nothing. 

Step 3: Look up other ways to say “said”.
Even when you try to avoid them, sometimes you will need to use dialogue tags in order to let the reader know who is speaking. And when you do, occasionally find different tags than “said” to keep things interesting. 

Step 4: Remove (almost) all name mentions.
Most writers have a bad habit of including characters’ names in speech in the early drafts of a novel. People rarely call each other by name in real-world conversation. Don’t let every line of dialogue start with someone’s name because it’s unrealistic. 

Step 5: Get rid of the small talk.
Many people will tell you, when advising how to write dialogue, to make it sound as close to real-life speech as possible. This is one exception. Small talk happens a lot in real-life (how many conversations about the weather have you had in your lifetime?), but it shouldn’t be in your novel. No one wants to read small talk; readers are looking for interesting dialogue that is engaging and moves the plot forward. 

Step 6: Read all dialogue out loud.
Go ahead. Do it. Read every single line out loud. Pretend your dialogue is the script of a play and act it out. The way you’ve written it (and the words around the speech) should include hints at the emotion behind the words. Reading your dialogue out loud is the best way to catch errors, judge its compelling nature, and check that it sounds authentic.

Now go forth and write great conversations! 

Auston Matthews- Family Skate

Can I request an Auston Matthews imagine where it’s the family skate for the Outdoor Game and reader doesn’t really know how to skate so Auston teaches the reader and just a bunch of fluff. Thank you 💗

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A/N - Written by Mackenzie

“Come on!” Auston exclaimed. “It’s just a little six inch step down and then I won’t let you go. Promise,” Auston was trying to coax you into stepping onto the ice. You weren’t really the best skater to begin with, and to be honest, it was a little nerve wracking to be skating on the Centennial Classic rink. Plus, since it was the family skate, there were a couple of little kids flying around the ice, as well as all of Auston’s teammates and their families.

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blood grenade

six hundred and thirteen
                   steps descending
                   towards a hell in love

shrapnel       bursting
      from    a       chambered    cavity

a mother’s winter mourning
        to match the missing’s



o, sweet kore, a maiden still
do you dance in the graveyards
to spite your poorest mother?
do you miss the coldness of your
lover, six feet below your step
six thousand miles beneath you
o, persephone, do you slumber
hands stained with red fruits?
hug your mother, once, twice
sixty times before you leave here
with only the thought of your
dearest pulling on your iron heart
with only the light of hekate’s torches
to guide those surefooted steps
breathe harshly the damp of death
and love so deeply that it kills you
lie beneath the soil and the snow
and smile to be at home at last
in the spring, this body will sprout
a million wildflowers, a bouquet
o, sweet kore, o, persephone

-10.12.16 [to persephone]

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