six spot burnet

So what does the Minstrel shield bug, ( yesterday’s post ), have to do with this Six -spot burnet? They don’t even belong to the same order! Well, they are both insects and use the same language. They both wear red which means in insect Language, “Don’t eat me because I’m bad! ” This guy isn’t joking either, because he’s full of cyanide. If you don’t intend to eat him there’s nothing to worry about. He’s a peaceful sort of guy that flies from flower to flower, and if disturbed falls to the ground and plays dead for hours,which means between 10 to 15 seconds of our time. After that he comes back to life again and continues as if nothing had happened. The Six - spot burnet is widespread in Europe and flies from mid - June to September. There is one brood. I took this photo on a sunny mountain lane about the village of Apremont, in Savoy, France.

30 Days Wild

Couldn’t post some of these until now, because Tumblr’s limping, half-dead excuse for a mobile app doesn’t allow photo upload WHAT THE FUCK so here are some I missed out.

Day 12

We went to the Lliw Reservoir! It was delightful. I got a nice shot of the bottom reservoir, but then Steff decided he wanted to be in the photo so

We also met a farmer who, it turns out, knew Steff’s dad, because Welsh speakers all know each other somehow.

Day 13

I actually went on a delightful walk to Penllergaer Valley Woods with my mother which has a waterfall in it and everything, but forgot to take any photos. So instead, here is a picture of a flower in my neighbour’s garden.

Day 14.

Today! I found this very beautiful six-spot burnet moth, but just as the camera zoomed in and focused properly, the fucker flew away. I thought I was going to have a bland picture of some white clover, therefore, but actually

Just about got it, the nanosecond before it left.

Tragic Characters

Birthdays weren’t supposed to feel like this.

Courfeyrac woke up that morning knowing that it was his birthday and knowing that he was going to have a party that evening and knowing that his friends were going to do everything they could make him happy.

… he also knew it wasn’t going to work.

Not completely.

Courfeyrac pushed the sheets off of himself and sat up on his bed.  Aramis sat obediently next to his bed with his head cocked to his side, sensing his master’s poor mood. Courfeyrac smiled at him and then reached out to scratch under his ears. Aramis wagged his tail for a few moments but then stood up suddenly and looked at the door, drawing Courfeyrac’s attention to it as well.

Enjolras pushed the door open, holding a plate in one hand and touching whatever he could lay his hands on with the other.  He grasped the foot of the bed and put the plate down to free up both of his hands.

Happy birthday! He signed with a smile.  He picked up the plate and walked carefully around the bed and held it out. I hope to god you are in here.

Courfeyrac smiled and reached out to Enjolras with both of his hands. With one hand he took the plate and with the other he grabbed his friend’s hand and pulled him gently down to sit on the bed.

I made you breakfast. Enjolras signed. He pointed down to where he thought the plate was, They are special frosted poptarts.  

Courfeyrac looked down at the plate and chuckled so Enjolras knew that he was smiling.  He opened his mouth and felt himself attempt to say, “hold on”.  He got out of his bed and went over to his desk, pulling out the case were his hearing aids were kept.  He quickly put them both in and turned them on.

“Thank you for the gourmet, breakfast!” Courfeyrac said, returning to his bed. “Are you aware that they are red poptarts?”

Enjolras smiled. “They are called ‘Red, White and Berry’ apparently. Grantaire spotted them in the store and bought them for me because they were ‘stupidly patriotic’.”

Courfeyrac laughed and took a bite of one.  “I can taste the freedom.”

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