six selfie challenge


Tagged by the lovely @rosariummm to do the six fav selfies of this year! <3

2k15 was really such a good year for me in all ways possible.

I’ll tag @gloomling, @meduusalammikko, @quandongpie, and @chessieness !


so my bro evanhowe​ tagged me in this six selfie challenge business and you know me i can never miss an opportunity to show off a selfie so i obliged with six of my faves

idk who to tag so i’m just gonna take my main girl -mykindofperfect, smatter​, isaacjamess​, and my good friend nuggetking​. y'all don’t have to do this but i mean you’re all hella good looking so why not


((I was tagged by ask-the-2p-belarus for the six selfies challenge…I know I’ve been tagged in plenty of others, so here it is! Goodness, they’re almost all in cosplay-

Half of the people I know have already been tagged, so I’ll just tag askaphspain, captainthurgalush, aphspamanobutts, aaaand stardust-in-techicolour~ I apologize if you’ve already been tagged!))


6 selfie challenge tagged by seethestarsablaze and harkvibe.

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