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Preferences Topics

Here’s a list of topics you can request for a preference list! I want to do more of these after the amazing response I got last time. Please request a number and at least six characters I should do the preference for. (I may add more if they I have an idea for one)

  1. First Date
  2. Cuddling
  3. First Kiss
  4. Holiday Season 
  5. First ‘I love you’s
  6. Movie nights
  7. Training
  8. Fighting
  9. First time
  10. Wedding
  11. Jealousy
  12. Holding their first born
  13. When on your period
  14. When they find out your pregnant
  15. When you’re sick
  16. Your song
  17. Favorite things
  18. Domestic activities
  19. First meeting
  20. Proposal

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scully-loves-ruthie  asked:

21 for the date fic prompts. Please! :)

Prompt:  drive-in movie. 

Set in early season six, definitely after Dreamland. 

“So Mulder,” Scully fastens her seatbelt and thows him a side glance as he navigates out of his parking space, “where are we going?” Mulder calling her on a Friday night at 8 p.m. stopped being unusual years ago and when he called her tonight, she didn’t even pretend to be surprised. Neither did she pretend to have any plans. Her weekends are eerily quiet now that she and Mulder are off the x-files, and whenever Mulder comes up with something that sparks his interest (his interest is easily sparked, she can’t deny, but wacky road trips are still better than sitting at home, alone), she tries not to sound too enthusiastic. Scully keeps a packed bag in her closet just in case. Not that she’d ever admit that to Mulder. He’ll tell her about his latest find and she’ll roll her eyes, try her best to disprove whatever theory he has, but she wouldn’t trade these moments for anything.

“You’ll see when we get there.”

“Mulder, I’d like to be prepared. I didn’t even know what to wear. So what is this about?” His eyes wander over to her, take in her whole appearance, and she can’t help the slight shiver that causes goosebumps to break out on her skin. She sits up straight, clears her throat, and hopes Mulder doesn’t realize the effect he has on her.  

“What you’re wearing is just fine.”  

“Can you at least give me a hint?” Mulder laughs; it’s a sound she doesn’t get to hear very often and when she does, she revels in it. When his laughter is real, like it is now, he sounds just like a young boy, lighthearted and without a single care in the world. Scully bites her lips to keep herself from smiling.

“No hints, Scully. Just wait and see.”

Much sooner than expected, Mulder slows down the car. Scully turns to look at him, then at their surroundings. She was expecting a dark alley, a hidden road - anything but this well-lit place that looks like a gathering spot for something. What, though, she can’t tell from the car.

“Mulder, what is this place?” Again, he just grins and steers the car onto a graveled path and then she sees it.

“A drive-in movie theater? Mulder?” He doesn’t pay her any attention and instead flirts with the youngish woman, who hands him their tickets. Scully stares at him intently, willing him to turn to her, to explain what they’re doing here and why they need tickets in the first place.


“What? Do you want popcorn?”

“Do I want popcorn? Mulder, I want to know what we’re doing here!” In front of them, a movie bursts onto the screen, loud and crackling. Scully is temporarily distracted, recognizing the beginning, and when she finally turns back to Mulder, she finds he’s looking at her. There’s a hint of shyness playing in his expression that he tries to hide behind his bright smile.

“I thought that maybe… it’s Friday night, you know. I thought we could watch a movie.” Scully waits, expects him to be joking. He does that a lot, especially these days, and it’s taken her years to understand his humor. Appreciate it even; sometimes anyway. Today, though, he stays quiet. His eyes lock with hers and he blinks a few times, waiting for her to say something. It’s not a joke, it dawns on her, and she doesn’t quite know how to handle this. How to handle being with him like this when there’s no need. No case, no lead. Nothing but a movie.

“Watch a movie.” It’s not clever, but her mind is empty; when it comes to Mulder she expects everything from strange lights to extraterrestrials and haunted houses. She does not expect impromptu movie dates. Her eyes widen in realization.

“Is this… Mulder? Is this a… date?” Scully almost whispers the word. She hasn’t been on a date in years. Not with Mulder, not with anyone. For all she knows, she is misinterpreting the situation and making him uncomfortable. He shifts in his seat and Scully fears the worst.

“It’s, uhm, whatever you want it to be, Scully,” Mulder’s voice is calm, gentle, “I felt like watching a movie – with you. Have you ever seen “Bringing Up Baby”, Scully?“ She nods, unable to verbalize her answer. She turns her head towards the screen for a moment and against all odds, feels herself relax.

"It’s a good movie – a classic,” Mulder goes on when she remains quiet, “We’ve been on the road quite a lot these last few weeks despite our current assignment,” he almost spits the last word, “and I thought we could take a break. I know you wanted to get out of the car,” he chuckles, turning his face towards the huge screen, “but maybe being in the car like this, maybe…” Mulder clears his throat and regards her; his expression is hard to read in the semi-darkness now, “It’s as close to a normal life as I can muster right now, Scully. So this,” he gestures vaguely, “can be whatever you want it to be.”

They both watch the movie silently for a moment; the bickering and bantering reminds Scully of them and maybe that’s why he thought it’d be a great idea for a date. Their first date. He could have asked her, she thinks. Ask her out on a date, like normal people do. Then again, he is not normal. Neither of them is, so why should their first date be normal?

Scully smiles; first at the black and white scenes in front of them, then at Mulder. She can’t tell if he’s really this immersed in the movie or trying to be nonchalant considering that she has not yet uttered a word about any of this. They’re still not out of the car and maybe they’ll never be; whether they’re friends, partners or even more, their stuck in this car; together. No matter what she told him - she doesn’t remember but of course he doe - she knows that she doesn’t want to be anywhere else. Or with anyone else.

“Mulder?” She needs him to look at her when she tells him. Shadows play on his face and in a particular bright moment caused by the screen, she thinks she sees hope shimmering in his eyes.

“It’s a date. I want it to be a date.” He swallows, relieved, and nods at her. Both still bewildered how to navigate this, them, he turns his face back towards the movie. Scully, deciding he’s been brave enough tonight bringing her here, takes his hand into hers and doesn’t let go until the movie is over.

athenahyena7  asked:

It's finals week for me and I'm stressing big time. Can I get some fluff/cuddle imagines for poly roadrat, and poly mchanzo if it's not too much?

For you, to clear your stress (I wish you the best of luck on your finals!!), and for me, to cure my cold, and for everyone else, to feel amused at our problems but also to feel fluffy and warm inside because poly cuddles are great.

Tbh, I just want a big boyfriend, a small boyfriend, and a girlfriend. Is that too much for a polyamorous person to ask?

I’ll tell ya. Yes. Yes it is. Apparently.

Moving on. I love your username. (I also said so in the tags.)



  • You both cuddle up on Roadhog’s belly
  • But y’all share a bath or a shower first, as to not get your cuddle supplies all dirty
  • Jamison probably encourages onesie-wearing but there’s not a onesie big enough for Mako, so Jamie either tries to make one or the large piggy wears sweats
  • Movie/TV binging (usually provided by you) and loads of junk food (provided by them)
  • No food-shaming here
  • Eat to your heart’s content
  • Usually cartoons or animated movies unless you can convince Jamison to agree to watch something else
  • Roadhog will cut you both off if either of you start complaining about stomachaches though
  • If this happens, he’ll probably rub and kiss your belly/bellies (if the same happens to Jamie) to make you feel better
  • Roadhog always has one hand on you and the other on Jamison
  • Usually on your butts, if the reach is possible (ex. y’all are curled up on your sides against this big beautiful man)
  • Furniture forts
  • Pillow Pets
  • Plushy piles
  • Being wrapped up in sleeping bag burritos
  • Roadhog nose boops
  • Jamison smooches
  • Whenever he gets the chance to tbh
  • Lots of Jamison smooches and squeezes and touching for both you and Roadhog
  • Jamie’s a very touchy, squeezy person
  • And he’s just excited about the experience in general
  • Pecious man-boy bean
  • Roadhog’s smooches are less frequent and usually only happen during breaks but he always gives plenty of nuzzles to make up for it
  • He always wears his hair down when you guys are just chilling out at home
  • Also that hand is always holding you or squishing you or rubbing its way along your body, so he’s definitely not lacking affection at any point in time
  • At times he’ll nuzzle your head or ear and make little snorty piggy noises at you
  • Or he’ll nuzzle a pig plushie against your cheek and snort
  • Jamison might copy him just to make you giggle
  • Mako laughs and gets so happy if you do it back
  • Y’all will probably end up falling asleep after like twelve movies/seasons and then sleep for like six more hours
  • Or the boys will, at least
  • Roadhog sleep-snorts
  • Jamie mumbles and drools a bit


  • Lord, fucking help me please I want to be sandwiched between these two men; not even sexually just let me be snuggled between the two of them please and thanks
  • One’s on either side of you at all times
  • Bigger couches need to exist/be bought for times like these
  • Y’all will just lay somewhere like that for hours
  • Bed, floor, couch, patio, porch swing, backyard, wherever the fuck you feel like
  • Hanzo’s hands usually end up roaming your body and playing with your clothes while Jesse’s constantly playing with your hair
  • Competitive kissing
  • Hanzo kisses your neck, Jesse kisses your jaw, cheek, and nose
  • Jesse kisses your hairline, Hanzo kisses all the way down the side of your face
  • Hanzo kisses you, Jesse kisses harder
  • Simultaneous neck kisses on either side of your neck
  • It’s a dizzying experience, really
  • Could this lead to you three doin’ the fukk, who knows?
  • They’re both competitive boys
  • You three will usually just cuddle someplace in silence but every once in a while you and Jesse can convince Hanzo to join for a cuddle pile while watching musicals
  • Hanzo’s critical about just about everything you and Jesse pick out to watch though
  • He’ll end up picking the movies instead
  • He doesn’t pick too bad of movies
  • He’s actually one hell of an oldies/classics nerd
  • Jesse, stay away from the fU C K iNg Westerns goddammit
  • You get your choice of wearing Jesse’s hat or serape
  • Hanzo usually gets the other
  • Sometimes all three of you will share the serape
  • Sometimes Jesse’s in the middle because A) He’s the biggest B) He’s a natural heater and C) Just don’t give a fuck however you lay on top of, next to, or wrapped around him
  • Hanzo’s kind of picky and a bit claustrophobic, so he doesn’t do the middle often; he likes having a free side
  • Unless he’s in a bad mood; then smother the grumpy ninja boy
  • The noodle dragons usually join in on these cuddles
  • They each pick either you or McCree to cling to or they wrap around both of you
  • Dragon pillows
  • Dragon scarves
  • Hanzo usually ends up with dragon tails in his face
  • He gets a bit jealous of his dragons and depending on his mood he’ll shoo them away
  • Again, smother him if this happens
  • Jesse will probably be the one to suggest forts, pillow fights, and onesies
  • Hanzo will engage in only the fort building
  • And the pillow fights
  • But if those to really start, you usually end up watching from the sidelines and eating popcorn while they wrestle around for a while
  • They’ll stop eventually, after falling off or hitting their head on some piece of furniture
  • If this goes on too long, they’ll apologize and make it up to you by smothering you is scratchy facial hair kisses and getting you your favorite treats
  • Literally hotheaded teenagers in scruffy men’s bodies

If Agent Carter doesn’t get renewed, I will find comfort in the fact that the series is longer than six 2-hour movies. It is also my favourite MCU thing, so well done, and we are lucky we got a second season. 


Please get renewed!

  • I want to know what happens with Peggy and Daniel. I want to see their relationship and how Peggy gets over her fear of loosing those closest to her.
  • I want to see Peggy and Howard (and Daniel) make Shield (Which the end of this season could have a great lead up to that, if they pick up where they left off and find who shot Thompson and find the SSR is corrupt and they make shield.. yes please)
  • I want to know whats up with the Arena Club
  • WTF happened to Dottie that needs to be answered so yes come on now new season please…. please
  • Can Dottie join the gang?
  • More Daniel being 100% done with Samberly
  • Don’t take this amazing squad off TV
  • More Jarvis and Peggy AKA Best BROTP On TV Ever
  • Is Jack dead? I do enjoy him on occasion, he can be entertaining, especially when Peggy tells him what to do. But, I won’t be too sad if he’s dead.
  • More Joseph Manfredi because he is hilarious
  • This is a very import and amazing show don’t take it from me please
  • I’ve already converted 2 people and am working on another two…

Originally posted by weareinastormoffuck

you know what was so great about it?? it wasn’t cheap. it wasn’t for shock value. it felt organic and it felt like an ACTUAL, HEARTBREAKING DECISION, and you could tell that the cast gave it their all and the100writers worked hard to set it up so carefully such that afterwards it felt like the only way it could have ended. i’m just. my mind is blown. midseason finale to end all midseason finales. best show on earth.


After helping clutterbooty​ out with Norman Reedus Appreciation Week, we came to the conclusion that the next person who really deserved an appreciation week was our leading man himself, Andrew Lincoln! So clutterbooty​​ put the post together and I made the gifs and Andrew Lincoln Appreciation Week was born! It’s going to start on Sunday, October 4, 2015 and go through Saturday, October 10, 2015 - right before the premiere of Season 6! Here are our themes:

Day One (Sunday, October 4th): Favorite role (movie or tv, etc)
Day Two (Monday, October 5th): Favorite photoshoot
Day Three (Tuesday, October 6th): Favorite quote or interview
Day Four (Wednesday, October 7th): Favorite friendship
Day Five (Thursday, October 8th): Favorite acting moment
Day Six (Friday, October 9th): Favorite stage of the beard (bit of stubble, mountain man beard, etc (or if you prefer him clean shaven))
Day Seven (Saturday, October 10th): Anything goes!

Please tag all of your appreciation week posts with #andylincolnweek (in the first five tags or it won’t show up!) and remember only original posts! All posts types are welcomed (gifsets, photo edits, text posts, etc) but please do not repost anyone else’s hard work! If you have any questions, you can direct them to Kayleigh or SamiIt would also be greatly appreciated if you reblog this post and spread the word! We look forward to seeing all of your love for Andy!


As almost all of you already know, our show has been cancelled by nbc. This sucks, but with a cult following like it has, it would make sense for someone else to pick it up and continue to produce new content. The most common places I’ve seen cited as being likely are Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and Comedy Central, with Netflix being the most popular right now for the focus of efforts in getting a renewal. Well, STOP MESSAGING NETFLIX.

A rep from Netflix stated this morning that no, Netflix will not be picking the show up. And yes, it’s good to be persistent, but I think it’s fairly likely the reason behind them saying no is the fact that currently, HULUowns the rights to broadcast the show via streaming.

Let me say that againn:


If there is anywhere we should be concentrating our efforts right now, it’s there, as acquiring the rights from hulu for netflix is probably more work than they’re willing to go through. Hulu wouldn’t have to go through that hassle.

There is a way to send hulu emails from their website (which i can’t link to since I’m in Canada) that will allow us to give them the suggestion to pick the show up. Like others, I’ve already messaged them, and they replied with this

Hi Hailey,

Thanks for getting in touch with us, and thanks for the suggestion! Here at Hulu, we’re fans of Community as well, so we definitely appreciate the message. I’ll pass your request to our content team here. While that’s not a guarantee, we’re always looking to expand our library of original content, and Community would make a great addition!

If there’s anything else I can do – or if there are any other shows you’d like to see added to Hulu – please let me know.

KateAshley C.
Hulu Support

If that’s not encouraging I don’t know what is! And if enough of us (nicely) send in the suggestion to add Community to their content, it would make a HUGE difference in their consideration.

So let’s please PLEASE stop focusing our efforts on Netflix, because if we’re going to save our show, we have to be united, and our best bet right now seems to be hulu.

10 highlights from the Venture Bros DragonCon Panel
  • Season six? Still happening! And that’s about all the info so far!
  • The art book? Coming out next year, “a complete history of the Venture Brothers”, “tons of artwork you’ve never seen”. 
  • That Gargantua-II episode? Will air before season six, no definite date. “everything changes in that episode”
  • Will Shallow Gravy return? Nothing planned. “Just listen to my band WEEP and pretend it’s Shallow Gravy”.
  • A complete Rusty: The Musical? Sadly, no.
  • Doc Hammer is totally down to write the Dr. Strange movie, although Orpheus is clearly superior.
  • Dana Snyder wants Danny DeVito as The Alchemist in a live-action Venture Bros. PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN.
  • An audience member says their favorite characters are the Moppets, Doc Hammer replies “Please tell me you’re lying”. 
  • “We kill Race Bannon, and then suddenly Jonny Quest has to be called ‘Action Johnny’. There might be a legal reason why we can’t kill any more real characters.”
  • “Most people I talk to have Netflix, so they don’t know there’s a season three! Spoiler: 24 dies!”

(video here)

I’ve been wanting to do a Tinkerbell / Disney Fairies challenge for a while now but just haven’t found any on here. Plus there’s just not enough fairy love around here. So this is the version I created. You’re welcome to join me!

  • [10] Fairies
  • [09] Scenes
  • [08] Colours
  • [07] Scenery/Locations
  • [06] Movies
  • [05] Outfits
  • [04] Seasons
  • [03] Ships
  • [02] Objects
  • [01] Song

Here it is! Please only refer to the six Tinkerbell movies. Thank you! Oh, and you can do one at a time (ex: 10 different sets for 10 different fairies) or you can do more than one at a time (ex: all 4 seasons in one set)