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Please fire me. I worked as a lifeguard at a water park and a mom came up to me and asked me to tell her weeping, hysterical child that there are no jellyfish in the wave pool.

And a man had his infant child 4 feet deep in the wave pool, I whistled at him and told him all guests under 48 inches must have a life jacket on. He yells back, “I’m in the Coast Guard, I am her life jacket!”

Free Agency - an NHL!Bitty interlude

Jack is contemplating a move now that his contract with the Falconers is up. He and Eric weigh the options.

NHL!Bitty Masterpost

They’re spread out in the theater room, Eric on his second glass of wine, Jack on his third beer, staring down a whiteboard covered corner to corner in haphazard scrawl and laminated NHL team logos.

“The Kings are rebuilding next year.” Eric offers. “Good opportunity to start fresh. The endorsement market in Los Angeles is lucrative, and the team has more than enough cap space to match Carolina’s offer. Bonus: closer to yours truly.” Eric pauses. “Also Parson.”

“Kent won’t stay in Vegas.”

“You sure about that?”

“The Avalanche are gunning for him, and the legal weed is a draw. It seems to be helping Jeff’s back injury.”

“Kent’s not going opt for Denver just because Troy loves pot.” Eric sighs. “So, back to LA.”

“What’s the downside?” Jack counters.

“Downside: it’s Los Angeles. The Rams are hogging a lot of the sports coverage.”

“But the Kings are a great team. Consistent post-season appearances, good management, warm, sunny weather.” Jack takes a swig of his beer to emphasize his point, waggling his eyebrows at Eric while he pokes the Kings logo on the board with his toe, scooting it down.

“Next: Vancouver.”

“Hard pass.”

“No love for the Canucks?”


“Edmonton and Calgary are capped but want to be considered down the line…Winnipeg and Minnesota showed some interest, but you might be fighting for attention if they draft high this year.”

“You’re ignoring the six.”

“I’m not, just building up to it.”

“Blackhawks are out because they didn’t float an offer. Boo, Blackhawks. Bruins would be uncomfortable because of the rivalry, Penguins are waiting on you, which I’m not fond of…and the Canadiens just don’t have the cap space. Unless someone retires you’d be playing for less than your current salary.”

“But I’d be in Montreal.”

“But you’d be in Montreal. And it’s the Habs. So, up-voting French Canada.” Eric moves the ‘Canadiens’ bar higher. “Well, maybe it’s alright to go home for a season or two. As long as you don’t start buying vacation homes left and right, money isn’t going to be an issue for a long time.”

“Oh, so you don’t know about my harem full of handsome young men with a penchant for Italian race cars.”

Eric pulls the Stars logo off the board and tosses it into the pile of discarded teams. “I always thought it was suspicious we had six pool boys living in the guest house. So rude of you not to share.”

Jack laughs and tickles Eric’s side with his toes.

“You’re taking this surprisingly well.”

Eric wraps a hand around Jack’s ankle and pulls, the resulting tug of war causing the couch cushion to slide just enough for Jack to roll onto the floor.

“We’re forgetting something important,“ Jack grunts, sinking into the cushions as he tries to climb back up. "Customs.”

“Customs,” Eric sighs, flopping back into his chair. “Border security. That’ll definitely put a damper on things, won’t it? A whole extra fifteen minutes a trip. Wow. I don’t know if our marriage can handle that.”

"Bits,” Jack laughs and pulls Eric onto the floor with him.

“Nope. I’m sorry, we’ll have to get a divorce,” Eric laments, throwing an arm over his face and playing up his somewhat faded accent. “Seriously, though: is any of this helping? You only have a few days to decide.”

Jack pulls Eric tight against his side and nuzzles his neck – a move Eric has learned is right out of Guilty!Jack’s playbook.

“What aren’t you telling me?”

“I re-signed with the Falconers yesterday. Four years.“

"Wait, then what was all this for?”

“You put so much effort into it I didn’t want to ruin it.”

Eric snags a throw pillow and whaps Jack square in the face.

Eight reasons to visit Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most exhilarating and seductive cities in the world – we all know about the jaw-dropping hotel, celebrity-chef restaurants and extravagant world-class shows. But, if you’re after something a little more offbeat, Danny Baggott suggests how to add a twist to your trip

See the light

Spend a dazzling few hours at the Neon Museum which has been collecting, restoring and exhibiting treasured Las Vegas neon signs since 1996. Experience the magic of the museum by day or night on a guided tour, which will take you around the museum’s two-acre Boneyard which houses over 200 retro signs.

Raise the bar

Make like the locals and head downtown for your cocktails. The Commonwealth Bar - inspired by pre-Prohibition era design - is in the fashionable Fremont East district and serves up cool vibes alongside an impressive drinks menu. Head for the rooftop deck, order a punch bowl cocktail, and soak up the views of the shimmering skyline. Or, if you’re lucky, bag a seat at the bar’s own hidden speakeasy, The Laundry Room - you need a password to get in and it’s strictly no photos but, take it from us, you’ll love it.

Add a little fizz

Photo by MaxxGir on Pixabay

You’ve most probably heard of the Strip’s famous Caesars Palace Hotel and, likely, MR CHOW, the upscale Chinese restaurant located within it. But did you know that the eatery - part of the famed global empire - has a silver Champagne trolley, which is wheeled between tables serving fizz and specialty cocktails? It’s simply the place to visit if you’re in Vegas for a special celebration. Bubbles aside, the food here is exquisite: signature dishes include Beijing duck, green prawns and chicken satay, as well as the famous hand-pulled MR CHOW noodles.

Head to the skies

There’s no better way to witness the mind-boggling beauty of the Grand Canyon than by taking a helicopter ride from Las Vegas. Fly over this vast natural formation - all red rock and the rushing Colorado River - and soak up the truly awesome views of Hoover Dam, Grand Wash Cliffs, Grapevine Mesa, and Grand Canyon West. You can even opt to land at the bottom of the canyon on a private plateau for a Champagne picnic.  

Need for speed

Photo by PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, buckle up for a scream-inducing ride on The Big Apple Coaster, which is located outside the New York-New York Hotel and Casino on the Strip. The roller-coaster is not for the faint-hearted: it stands 203 feet tall, with a 144-foot drop, and reaches heart-stopping speeds of up to 67 mph, not to mention the fact that it’ll also turn you 180-degrees in the process. Brave brides-and grooms-to-be can even book their wedding ceremony at this exhilarating venue.

Make a knight of it

Photo by traveLink on Pixabay

The castle-themed Excalibur Hotel and Casino hosts the ultimate Medieval dinner and show experience: the Tournament of Kings. Sit in your throne, drink from a goblet and immerse yourself in the tale of King Arthur, as valiant knights ride their mighty steeds amongst show-stopping special effects - the jousting is a highlight. A three-course feast is served, and, as befits the period, you’ll have to eat it with your hands.

Jump to it

Photo by nockewell1 on Pixabay

Get your pulse racing at the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel and Tower. It may have 2,400+ rooms, six restaurants, two rooftop pools and a ginormous casino but the highlight has to be its SkyJump, the highest commercial decelerator descent in the world. Leap from 829 feet above the bright lights of the Strip and reach speeds of up to 40mph towards the landing pad where audiences applaud each participant. The sunset jump is most magical; if you’re brave enough to keep your eyes open, that is.

Work up a sweat

Hiking might not be your first thought when you think of Las Vegas, but Red Rock Canyon is under half an hour’s drive from the Strip and is home to a plethora of stunning trails taking you through the heart of the rugged Mojave Desert. Feeling tired from night on the tiles? Pink Jeep Tours will whizz you round some of its most scenic spots from the comfort of one of their fun brightly-coloured jeeps.

Plan your holiday to Las Vegas with British Airways

Words by Danny Baggott

Header Photo by Skeeze on PIxabay

Sunday Six

“Roxy told me you weren’t ever here,” Eggsy said.  Hopefully it came across as an explanation and not an accusation- as if he was trying to make Harry feel bad for being in his own home.

“Yes, well.“  Harry sighed.  “I’m on vacation.”

“Right.“  Eggsy tread water awkwardly.  He knew the next step was to leave, but that would mean surrendering the relative cover of the pool. 

And then Harry said, “Would you like a drink?  I was about to make myself a martini.”

Eggsy glanced up at the position of the sun, still relatively high in the sky, but he kept his mouth shut.  Harry had an it’s five o’clock somewhere look about him, and Eggsy got the sense that he wasn’t on vacation by choice.  “Or you could slip into something more comfortable and join me,” Eggsy heard himself say.  Fuck.  Was he seriously trying to flirt right now?  He knew nothing about this guy.  But- well.  Harry asking if he wanted a drink had made him stupid, clearly.

Harry cocked his head to one side, his opinion about what Eggsy had said- and Eggsy in general- indecipherable.  “I’m perfectly comfortable.”  


When last she had seen Maidenpool, the town had been a desolation, its lord shut up inside his castle, its smallfolk dead or fled or hiding. She remembered burned houses and empty streets, smashed and broken gates. Feral dogs had skulked along behind their horses, whilst swollen corpses floated like huge pale water lilies atop the spring-fed pool that gave the town its name. Jaime sang “Six Maids in a Pool,” and laughed when I begged him to be quiet. And Randyll Tarly was at Maidenpool as well, another reason for her to avoid the town. She might do better to take ship for Gulltown or White Harbor. - Brienne II, AFfC 

(tldr ‘oh look, a pool. jaime sang a song about a pool once.’)

Sunday Six

Harry’s eyes stuck to Eggsy’s back much of the time, and it made Eggsy feel desirable and self-conscious at once.  Eventually he swam over to the edge of the pool closest to Harry and just hung there.  The concrete was sun-warmed, a nice contrast to the cool water.  He figured that if Harry was enjoying the view he might as well do the same. 

Of course, if Harry was bothered by Eggsy watching him- if he was even aware of being watched at all- he gave no sign.  Suddenly he seemed engrossed in his book. 

Except… his legs parted a little as he shifted positions on the lounge, and he wrapped his hand around his drink with a slowness that drew Eggsy’s eyes to how long his fingers were, how they glistened from the condensation forming on the glass.  How his lips glistened too after he took a sip. 

Eggsy swallowed heavily.

Harry’s gaze finally flicked up to meet his.  He had finished his drink, and he put aside his book without taking his eyes off Eggsy again.  “How’s the water?” he asked.

“Why don’t you come over and see for yourself?” Eggsy asked, remembering the way Harry had put his hand in the water the day before, the way it had made him think for the first time that the instant attraction he felt might go both ways. 

Sunday Six

“This doesn’t have to go any further, you know,” Harry said once they were away from prying eyes.  “I can tell everyone in a week or two that you ran off with the pool boy, or the maid.”

Roxy half laughed, half choked on a sip of wine.  

But Harry looked dead serious.  “I can say that I’m simply too heartbroken to contemplate marriage right now, and my family will have had their scare.  I told you- I don’t need this.  I’d like to stick it to them, of course I would, but it’s not worth it if you’re the least bit uncomfortable.”

“I’m not uncomfortable,” she protested.  He looked doubtful, and… all right, she was- but not because of him.  Or, at least, not because of anything he was doing on purpose. 

She was actually rather enjoying herself, except that every once in a while the metallic coolness of the diamond ring on her finger- which could neatly cut through glass if she wanted it to, and produce a laser- would force itself to the forefront of her mind, and she would think engaged we’re meant to be engaged.  And her heart would stutter in her chest.  “I’ve pretended to be your wife before,” she tried, for her own benefit as much as his. She honestly didn’t understand why this felt different.  

“But you weren’t actually going to be my wife.  Merlin wasn’t actually getting the paperwork for it together.”

Bonnie & Clyde - pt. 11

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“No Yoongi I’m not leaving you.” You whimpered. “Come on.”

Trying to pull him up, you struggled as he flinched and kept himself in place. He was too heavy and there was nothing you could do.

“I said go. The cops will be here any minute. Don’t go home it’s not safe. Go somewhere far. Where no one can find you.” He breathed.

“No, no. I’ll stay. My dad will get us out. He’ll get us out of this.” You promised, knowing that you wanted to stay with him, until the cops were prying you off of him.

“He’s not coming Y/N.”

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a bonding oneshot of you being stuck at base with Rachet while everyone's out because you had surgery and activitys are a no no but you try to do something and you fall and freak out and like I just need a cute bonding oneshot with TFP Rachet! Thank you I absolutely love your blog!

Ratchet seems like a good guy to bond with. I love writing him! I’m not really sure what I did with this, though…

Your leg throbbed. You’d run out of pain medication just that morning, and you suddenly regretted taking them for granted. The florescent lights far above you flickered, adding a certain eeriness to the quiet base. The only sound to be heard were the clicking of Ratchet’s digits against his keyboard, and the occasional beep from the computer.

Jack, Raf, and Miko were out with their bots, while Optimus had gone for a drive to clear his thoughts in preparation for the next Decepticon encounter. Though the pain in your leg was near blinding, the though of sitting on your ass all day was even more concerning. You braced your arms to lift your weight off the couch, when a large metal finger pushed you back down.

“Absolutely not! You’re not supposed to be on your feet, and I’ll be damned if I let you go walking around. I’ve got things to do in the back. Stay put. I mean it.”

You pursed your lips, and your eyes darted about the room, looking for something to entertain yourself with. You’d exhausted the game system, and you swore there wasn’t an episode of anything on the television that you hadn’t seen. You peeked as far as you could down the hall, and took a deep breath. If you were caught, your ass was grass and Ratchet was going to mow it like no tomorrow. 

You braced your arms like you did before you were stopped, and pushed yourself up, this time without interruption. The feeling of victory was overwhelming, and filled you more and more with every step you took towards the steps. You leaned against the railing, fighting the pain, and began your descent. On one step, you relaxed a little too early, and toppled down the remaining six stairs. The tears pooled at the corners of your eyes, as pins and needles shot through your whole body. 

You barely registered Ratchet calling your name in a dead panic, before you were scooped up, and laying on your back. The wailing sirens did nothing to calm your nerves. You weren’t sure if you’d said it out loud, but the one thought that predominated over every other was “turn that shit off!”

Ratchet was about half way to the hospital by the time you could see straight. He noticed you sitting up, and told you to lay down. You did as instructed. You’d learned your lesson. He asked you how you were feeling, and you told him you felt like hell. You expected him to lecture you. You expected him to shoot some snarky remark about humans. You expected him to make some quip about doing as your told. 

All he said was, “We’re almost there. Just hang on.” The oddly soothing tone in his voice, and the precision with which he wove through traffic suddenly opened your eyes to all the reasons he became a surgeon. He didn’t do it for the glory, or for himself. He did it because that’s what his skill set was, and he was proud of it.

The rest of the way to the hospital was you, not asking questions about Cybertron, for once, but about him. This wasn’t the way you’d though you’d find out aliens had a lot in common with humans, but it was certainly much better.

Special Time

Special Time

Prompt: I was wondering if you could please do a one-shot where Dick’s girlfriend cheats on him so he goes to his best friend(the reader) for comfort and realizes he likes her?

Words: 1086

When Dick collapses somewhat on top of you, sweaty and as naked as the day he was born, the first feelings of regret start to creep in. You do your best to avoid his gaze, and focus on that one spot on the ceiling. You wait for him to roll off of you, and when he doesn’t you’re forced to look at him.

          He supporting most of his weight on his forearms, and he’s staring at you. When you meet his gaze he gives you a soft smile before pushing a strand of hair behind your ear. He smiles at you, “What’s with the face?”

          “What face?”

          He smiles “The sad face.”

          “I’m not sad Dick.”

          He finally rolls off of you, and to your surprise he brings you with him, so that you’re lying on his chest. He strokes your cheek, “We’ve known each other for almost twenty years Y/N, I know your sad face. Now tell me what’s wrong.”

          When you don’t say anything one of his hands starts rubbing soothing patterns in your back. You melt into the feel of his callouses on your skin. The man had always been able to turn you into Jello, and you can’t help but think that it’s an unfair advantage. Then his eyes take on this puppy look and he says, “Please.” You can’t help but give in.

          “I’m a rebound.”

          His brow knits together, “Excuse me?”  

          You sigh, and when you try to pull away, his arm locks around you. You raise an eyebrow in question and he just says, “Please, I need an explanation.”

          You blow a piece of hair out of your face before saying, “You just got out of a relationship Dick, one where you were cheated on. In the time since you’ve managed to sleep with Barbara, Zee, and Kori.”

          “And you know this how?”

          You laugh, “I’ve been your best friend for nearly twenty years Dick, I made friends with all your girlfriends. I know each and every dirty little secret mainly because they came to me when trying to figure you out. And I really need to roll off of you know because my boobs are hurting from pressing against you.”

          Dick just smiles before letting you go. You roll off of him, and turn on your side to face him. Dick turns to face you, that smile still on his face, “I didn’t realize you inquired about me.”

          You scoff, “More along the lines of being dragged out to every girl’s night, because apparently breaking up with you didn’t mean breaking up with me.”

          Dick smiles, “Well you are amazing. Except with, you know, this ridiculous thought that you’re a rebound.”

          You glare at him, and his smile widens, “You’ve been having sex with every woman you feel safe with! How is that not a rebound?”

          “The fact that I haven’t had sex with them since I broke up with them.”

          “Excuse me?”

          Dick just carries on talking, “Don’t get me wrong, I nearly did, until they sat me down and we had a nice long talk about what I wanted and what I was really looking for in my life partner.”

          “You did what?”

          “And imagine my surprise that after six hours of talking, they point out that everything I described was in fact you. Of course that led to the three-week long wooing process.”

          “So that’s what they meant by special time, and what do you mean wooing process?”

          Dick’s smile widens, “You really didn’t know?”


          “The dinners, the flowers, the dates, I thought you realized!” There’s a moment of silence before he bursts out laugh, “Apparently we’re both oblivious.”

          You blink, “I can’t believe we had a date and I didn’t realize.”

          “Dates, as in plural darling.”

          You raise an eyebrow at the pet name, “Darling?”

          He leans over and kisses you, “Well my father called my mother kitten, but I couldn’t help but think that you would claw my eyes out for that one, and you’re not really a baby girl, so I settled on darling.”

          “Why do we need pet names, and WAIT A SECOND! I have not consented to this whole dating thing, and I feel very left out of the loop, and don’t even get me started on the whole life partner thing …” And your sentence trails off at the look on Dick’s face. It’s that goofy, in love, look he’d get whenever a girlfriend did something silly. Only this look was different, a bit more serious perhaps. And as the argument leaves your body you just smile, “You’re in love with me.”

          He nods, “Is that a bad thing?”

          You shake your head, “I’ve been dreaming about it since we were sixteen.”

          Dick’s face grows serious, “Why didn’t you ever say anything?”

          You shrug, pulling the sheet up a bit, “I was too scared to lose you. You’re my best friend, and I didn’t want to lose you.”

          Dick’s arm curls around you, and brings you in close, “You will never lose me.”

          “Promise me.”

          He kisses you, “I promise Y/N.”

          Relaxing against him you ask, “So which outing was our first date?”

          Dick just laughs and kisses you again, “How I didn’t realize you were the one sooner, I’ll never know.”

          “Well you are unusually thick.”

          At the sound of the new voice you pull the sheet and the comforter up to your neck and turn to face Dick’s brother. Dick just sighs, “Do you need something, Jason?”

          Glancing at the wayward Wayne brother, you see his trademark smirk firmly in place. “Just a place to hide out. I may have gotten into a tiny bit of trouble.”

          Dick raises an eyebrow, “With the police, or with Bruce.”

          Jason winces, “It might be both.”

          Dick just sighs, “Take the guest bedroom.”

          Jason nods, and then right before he leaves he says, “By the way Dickiebird, it’s about damn time you asked her out. I had you down in the pool for six years ago. You cost me a good chunk of change.”

          Dick just scowls and tosses a pillow at his brother’s head. Jason dodge’s it without a problem, and just laughs as he walks down the hallway.

          Dick just smiles as he turns to you, “So, are you in?”

          You let out a snort, “I’ve known you for twenty years Dick. I know you, I know your family, and I know exactly what I’m signing up for.” And without another word you kiss him.


A/N: Sorry this is so late but I was watching Paterson and I’m currently recovering from how good it was, I recommend you guys watch it if you can! Anwyas, yay for CB Friday’s! Here’s to a new chapter! Enjoy and thank you for reading, feedback is welcomed :)

Warning: Slightly pervy Ben?

Word Count: 4.6K+

“Alright, seeing as this is like the fourth day you’ve been here and first weekend, I think it’s only fair you hang out with your best friend.” Sitting across from Rey as she stood in front of the counter, she arched an eyebrow. “A.K.A. me.” Swallowing the lightest as you thought about the previous night and how you snuck out of Rey’s room and slept with Ben, Rey only smiled. “Now that my concert is cancelled and wasted all that time rehearsing yesterday…I’m all yours.”

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