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“Mr. Hanson!” Tom’s head shot up, seeing you stride into the detention classroom. He couldn’t fight the small smile that came with seeing you. Your hair was messy and in a ponytail from practice and you looked a little worn out.

“Hey, (L/N). What can I do for you?” You looked toward your left slightly, seeing Tom sitting at the desk.

“I, uh – I had some ideas on what we could do… to improve the soccer team!”

“Great! Tell me about it – later.” Mr. Hanson, who was also your soccer coach, turned away from you and busied himself with the bag of chips on his desk, the ones he had confiscated from a high student earlier. You looked toward Tom, seeing his eyes still trained on you. You nodded your head toward the window, signaling for him to head out of it. He gave you a confused look, lifting his shoulders and his hands to emphasize his confusion. You sighed, nodding toward it again and mouthing ‘the window!’, but he was still oblivious.

What?’ he mouthed back, causing you to roll your eyes. “The window!” You whisper-shouted, turning toward Mr. Hanson as he turned toward you, having heard you. You decided you’d need to distract him so Tom could get out so you quickly brought up the soccer team again. “See, we have a game against Crestmont High and they whoop our butts every year! So, I was thinking, I’ve devised a plan that’ll finally allow us to defeat them!” Tom tripped over a step on his way toward the window, hiding behind a pillar as Mr. Hanson turned around.

“What was that?”

“Uh – anyway!” You placed your hands on his shoulders, turning him to face you again and turning his attention away from Tom. Once Tom knew he was in the clear again, he tried toward the window again. “I was thinking we could use that thing you taught us–!”

“What thing?” You thought back to earlier soccer discussions, not recalling a recent one.

“Uh – misdirection!” You blurted out. He gave you a confused look, trying to recall this discussion, too.

“I taught you that?” You nodded vigorously.

“Yeah! You – or, Siegfried or Roy? Anyway, that’s not important! Think about it!” You shouted, noticing Mr. Hanson’s eyes traveling around the room trying to mentally account for everyone, at your burst he looked at you with wide eyes. “They’re looking left,” you grabbed his chin, turning his head left, “and we’re running right!” You turned his head right, “Boom, we score! We… win!” He nodded at you, still confused.

“Well, how do we get them to look left?” Again, Tom made too much noise, pulling the window up too fast and causing it to creek. “What the–?”

“Like this!” You grabbed his face, turning him toward you. You wracked your brain quickly for a diversion. Your hands spoke for you as they reached the hem of your shirt and pulled it up, flashing everyone your bra. You forced out a laugh, glancing toward the window to see that Tom had escaped successfully. You sighed in relief, rushing to pull your top down again before looking at Mr. Hanson. “Well! Now that I’ve shown you… ‘the plan’, I’m gonna go! And, uh, show the plan… to someone else!” You nodded, walking backwards as you flashed an awkward smile toward the coach, who refused to look you in the eye – or, at you at all. You were in such a daze at what you’d just done, you almost missed the soft applause for you as you exited the room.

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there are few places to be that are more dangerous than between me and fresh pizza
The Sun in the Houses

The Sun in the first house: It is essential that you affirm your personality. You are active, egocentric, worthy and proud of your accomplishments. Success comes through your personal efforts.

The Sun in the second house: You have the practical sense, you are tenacious, interested in money, and skillful in judging the value of things. Your material goods reflect your deeper values. Financial stability is important to you, and its achievement brings you satisfaction.

The Sun in the third house: Curious and loquacious, you gather information and express yourself with ease, in writing and otherwise. Travel and brothers and sisters play an important role in your life.

The Sun in the fourth house: You are intuitive and introverted, with a strong sense of self and a strong attachment to your ancestors. The home and family play a central role.

The Sun in the fifth house: In search of pleasure, romantic, you find happiness through love, children and activities that give you the opportunity to express your creativity.

The Sun in the sixth house: It is essential for you to find a fulfilling job, because you are fully dedicated to your job and you define yourself by it. Although you are worried about your health, it is usually good. Whatever your solar sign, you tend to be perfectionist.

The Sun in the seventh house: Marriage and other relationships are essential to you, although you may waver between the fear of isolation and the fear of commitment. The balance of forces is a problem in relational life.

The Sun in the eighth house: You are a deeply emotional person whose need for exploration of your own psyche supports liberation and transformation. Sex, money and besquets of all kinds play an important role in your life.

The Sun in the ninth house: You are all your life a researcher who wants to find a meaning and broaden his consciousness through studies, religion, philosophy, and travel.

The Sun in the tenth house: Your determination to succeed and your desire for public recognition make you a natural leader, and these are excellent indicators for a professional success.

The Sun in the eleventh house: You have high ideals and high aspirations, many friends, and the ability to work well in groups.

The Sun in the twelfth house: Intuitive, solitary and secret, you prefer to stay behind the scenes, and you may be in danger of isolation. Spiritual activities attract you. You may be engaging in big institutions such as hospitals or prisons.


Dark Matter (SyFy) — There are moments in history when things become more fluid, patterns change, and in those moments the actions of even a single person can make a huge difference.


I drew a bunch of squishy obi and clones but no Master Anakin yet !! how dare !! Good Dad guy Anakin Skywalker is awesome. 

I like to think Anakin would let Obi-Wan train with the clones (with practice swords, nothing to burn) under the guise of preparing his Padawan for the unexpected. In reality Fives is the only one who ALWAYS jumps at the opportunity to fight like a Jedi and it powers both of them out during downtime.

The other pic is from @swpromptsandasks SkywalkersPadawan verse snippets which are super adorable and I make puppy noises everytime i see an update (any update really) and y’all should go read it!

Lorien Legacies Series Suggested Reading Order
  • Here is (what I would consider) the ideal order to read the Lorien Legacies series, for both new readers and those looking to reread it.
  • 1. I Am Number Four: book 1
  • 2. Six's Legacy: novella 1
  • 3. The Power of Six: book 2
  • 4. Nine's Legacy: novella 2
  • 5. The Fallen Legacies: novella 3
  • 6. The Rise of Nine: book 3
  • 7. The Last Days of Lorien: novella 5
  • 8. The Search for Sam: novella 4
  • 9. The Forgotten Ones: novella 6
  • 10. The Fall of Five: book 4
  • 11. Five's Legacy: novella 7
  • 12. Five's Betrayal: novella 9
  • 13. Return to Paradise: novella 8
  • 14. The Revenge of Seven: book 5
  • 15. The Fugitive: novella 10
  • 16. The Navigator: novella 11
  • 17. The Guard: novella 12
  • 18. The Fate of Ten: book 6
  • 19. Legacies Reborn: novella 13
  • 20. Last Defense: novella 14
  • 21. Hunt for the Garde: novella 15
  • 22. United as One: book 7

How two worshippers at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin turned tragedy into personal triumphs

  • Five years ago, white supremacist Wade Michael Page stormed into the golden Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek, just 12 miles south of Milwaukee. He opened fire and fatally shot six people — one woman and five turban-wearing men.
  • It was Aug. 5, 2012, and at the time, the Oak Creek shooting became the largest act of violence against a religious community in the United States since the 1963 church bombings in Birmingham, Alabama. 
  • Now, the Oak Creek Sikh community is reflecting on the tragedy that changed what it meant to be Sikh in America forever. 
  • Two worshippers at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin shared their stories with Mic as the community marks five years since the tragic event. Read more (8/7/17)

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Happy National Book Lovers Day, feat. my cyberpunk collection & second bookshelf