six new adventures


A month after the first sketch I got to adapting the rest of the Mane Six to this new adventure milieu, but unlike most other fan-thingies I decided not to make them the stars of the show: that was already Pinkie and her sisters. Instead, they became the supporting cast, specifically NPCs for upgrades and shop functions. One of the great things about using Pinkie and her two sisters is that I get to employ the Rule Of Three to many things, and that included assigning three of the Mane Six to be their character-specific upgrade teachers, leaving Dash to be a generic upgrade teacher, and Twilight would handle more… economic functions. I channeled a lot of Nabiki from Ranma ½ into her, easily one of my favorite characters in anime, and I loved the idea of playing up Twilight’s life as a privileged scholar.

The exact nature of the treasure and money systems would remain elusive for some time yet.