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please, my darling inej, treasure of my heart,

won’t you do me the honor of acquiring me a new hat?

Lines for today’s update

Is it considered “right” to appreciate the purple smoke coming from the pipe?

Look at it

Also…Looks like someone’s breaking free onto the suuuuurfaaaaaace…


As a bonus I decided to check the archive to see how the pages were arranged and here’s the visual for the chapter the series is currently on:


astronautkeith  asked:

Hey I just read ur voltron crack theory and I Need to tell u smth that got in my head, which was when shiro Matt and Sam were taking the ice out of Kerberos, Matt mentions to his dad that they'd be the first people to have contact with aliens. Sam responds that it's his life's dream. What if Sam knew about the Galra from the Garrison and then VOLUNTEERED to go into space to be a contact between them? Would it really matter what the dangers were if he was already neck deep in the Garrison???

[Sam Holt is evil theory]


When your character has only said six lines that’s a pretty big one to throw away for the sake of dramatic irony

Yes, if my theory is correct it’s contingent upon Sam being fully aware of what he’s doing. I’m not saying he just ended up negotiating with the Galra, the point of my theory is that the Garrison with the deliberate intent that he would meet and negotiate with the Galra (although the former is a possibility too, I suppose). Part of the evidence for the theory is that we all pretty much agree that the Garrison is super sketchy and almost certainly definitely beyond a doubt is in contact with aliens/the Galra SOMEHOW, and since Sam is COMMANDER Samuel Holt, it stands to reason that he knows about whatever alien shenanigans the Garrison is getting up to on the down low. I doubt Sam was worried too much about his own safety.

My confusion is more about the fact that, if I’m right, he apparently brought his son along to a negotiation with the brutally violent intergalactic superpower that makes aliens fight in a gladiator rings for entertainment. Now, he and the Garrison may not have understood that the Galra are a brutally violent intergalactic superpower, but it still begs the question of what exactly Sam thought he was getting Matt (and Shiro) into, and how much of what actually happened was everything going according to plan and how much was everything going horribly wrong

anonymous asked:

Shizuo reacting to his s/o suddenly feeling clingy and touchy feely




Aside from the typical difficulties one would face being woken up at an unusually early time and then settling down on the sofa, Shizuo was doing rather fine in terms of maintaining a straight face and being alert.

Until you came along and leaned against his shoulder.

You were warm then, sighing contently and making yourself comfortable.

Today, there was no noise coming from the television screen, much less from the usual hum of the kettle. You were probably awake this early to drag Shizuo out for a nice breakfast somewhere, grabbing his hand and smiling in that perfect little way of yours as an apology for interrupting his sleep.

At least, he’d come to think of that smile as an apology, but that a further insight into the matter was for another day.

He shifted in his position, feeling the heat rising to his face when you merely slid down onto the furniture and grinned.

Shizuo liked to think that you were just teasing him.

“Shizuo,” You mumbled once more, making sure that you had his attention. You turned, so that despite the discomfort in your craned neck, you could easily trace circles on his clothed chest.

It made him shiver.

“…You know that I love you, right?”

Being the boyfriend of someone was an experience that Shizuo enjoyed very much—he could find comfort in someone else and be able to express his feelings without so much of an odd stare being directed at him—and listening to the occasional breath of ‘I love you’ was something that he’d gotten used to. But being ‘used to’ things like that, used to the sharp release of breath and hasty mumbling—or soft whispers that reminded him of the gentle water ripples or even loud proclaims and flurry of arms then warmth—it didn’t stop him from blushing and fighting the urge to look away.

So the only thing that Heiwajima Shizuo could do was to mumble:


His answer ended up indirectly surprising himself when you crawled onto his lap with a hand holding the arm you were lying on, watching his puzzled expression.

(Shizuo really didn’t need to ask what you were up to when you were already on his lips, kissing him with fervor.)

Breath hitching when you turned and proceeded to lean back, head against his shoulder, Shizuo let out incoherent mumbles before looking down straight at you, locking his gaze with yours.

He couldn’t move from where he sat unless you got up, and he doubted that you were going to do so anytime soon, but it’s not like he minded, really, with the fact that the one who he loved was the person who restricted his ability to move and all. Deciding not to move his hand and disrupt your relaxed state, he simply smiled back at the grin you currently held, ignoring his flaring cheeks.


(His thoughts derail for a moment to wonder if he’s brushed his teeth, and if his morning breath was hopefully not that bad.)


Then as you run a finger through his hair, with the intention of pushing him down with a quick press, he instead lowered himself on his own accord, watching your grin trace into an instinctive smirk at your sudden realization.

The second the both of you pulled back was also the one in which you’d murmured a ‘you’re too comfortable for your own good’—neither of you willing to move back.

“…You’re cute…”

And before you could even reply, much less stutter out an ‘oh’ to his statement and tackily compliment his kiss—

Heiwajima Shizuo had already leaned back down for another.