six lines of flight

Testosterone (Part 2/2-Final) (Bucky Barnes x reader)

WARNING: Domestic violence references, stalking/terrorizing

Part 1

After a long, hot shower, you felt much better but completely exhausted.  The rollercoaster of emotions that hit you throughout the day drained you, and you looked forward to finally crawling into bed to sleep the whole thing away.  

Wiping the steam from the shower off of the mirror, you looked at your reflection and saw a difference already.  You looked calmer and happier now that your boyfriend was an ex, and that you and Bucky had finally told each other how you felt.  Your mood shifted when you pulled the towel away, seeing bruises on your arms and a few just below your neck, still bright from earlier that evening. There was no way that you could let Bucky see them, now that you had convinced him that murder wasn’t the best plan in this situation.

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