six layer

Dean is tired. 

Long day. Long week. Long life. His muscles hurt and his head hurts and his eyes hurt and so on - he can’t be bothered to list it all out, even to himself. Too many sprains and breaks and shatterings in too many places. He’s got the words ‘I don’t care anymore’ on the tip of his tongue and he’s very, very afraid to use them. They’re not retractable.

Cas is watching him from across the room. He’s doing the thing, Dean knows. The thing that they do. The staring; the gameplay, high-stakes, no take-backs, no moves that anyone but themselves can really see. They’ve been playing for so long. Dean’s starting to believe that they both already lost, and it was a long time ago.

“Cas,” Dean says, by means of an opening. He’s more tired of silence than talking.

“Dean,” Cas says, his tone flat, an acknowledgement. “How are you?”

“Fine.” Dean thinks he manages to sound convincing.

Cas pulls a face that is not convinced. Dean doesn’t meet his eye.

“Dean -”

“Cas, can we - can we not do this tonight? Can we just not -” He snaps off, his hands raising as if grasping helplessly for the loose ends of his lost sentence. Cas tilts his head.

“What do you want to not do?” he says.

Dean looks down at his hands. He’s got a thousand answers and he’s too tired to say any of them. Play this game anymore. Pretend to be OK when we know that’s a lie. Hide what we really mean behind six layers of shit. Keep each other a thousand miles away and wish we were - we were -

Dean looks up, and meets Cas’ eyes.

“Be alone,” he says hoarsely, stupidly, big man hands twisting like little boy hands in his lap. “I don’t want to be alone. I don’t want to be alone.”

They lie together that night, in Dean’s bed. They’re not playing the game anymore, Dean knows - but when he looks into Cas’ eyes, he can’t help feeling like he already won.


israel hands + costume details

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hehehe hey! could you post some information on auras please? :))))

Yay! Aura question, thank you for the ask!

Seeing an Aura is a really interesting experience and just like any other form of the craft, it’s a natural gift/tool we ALL have that we can develop over time to benefit the daily lives of ourselves and others. I personally like to try to incorporate an item of clothing or something into my wardrobe with my daily colour(s) to help boost my energy. Honestly, you’ve probably even experienced aura reading before without even realizing it. You know the ‘vibes’ you get off a person? That’s technically aura reading, you just haven’t developed the true belief to see it yet! No worries though, with a little practice you’ll get there. :)

FIRST COMMON MISCONCEPTION I WANT TO CLEAR UP: Our auras are never the same, they are always changing. Yup, always… and not just in colour but, in shape, size and even transparency. 

NOW, THE SECOND MISCONCEPTION I’LL CLEAR UP: Seeing an aura isn’t as easy as staring at your hand over a blank wall or whatever. I’ll give the benefit of the doubt here and say, sure… maaaaayyyybeeee that miiigghhtt be possible for some people… but I never taught myself that way. I think this is more of a placebo effect technique, personally. 

FINALLY THE THIRD MISCONCEPTION I WILL CLEAR UP: There is NO SINGLE correct listing for colour association and meanings. Sure, you’ll find some similarities between some people’s meanings but, it’s important to find your own. While red may make one person think of love, it may make another think of anger. While some people may see multiple layers, others may see tiny shapes. Find your own meanings, you’ll have more successful readings that way. 

BEST WAY TO TEACH YOURSELF HOW TO SEE AN AURA: Become aware of how you’re affected when you’re with a person. Relax and focus on your senses spiritually and don’t overthink it. Just let your ego go and let your eyes and mind lose focus, the best way to see an aura is not to look too hard for it. Just sort of stare off into space when you are first trying to see them and you should start to see a sort of haze wash over the person (at least, I do). This haze will change form, size… etc the more your eyes develop and the more meanings/feelings/associations you make for yourself. Practice makes perfect, aura reading is something that takes time to do properly!

THE SHAPE, POSITIONING, TRANSPARENCY AND SIZE OF THE AURA all have meanings too, it’s not all just about the colour!

  • Some people will see auras as geometric shapes (think of having a diamond from The Sims above everyone’s heads… that’s what some people see!) Obviously the shapes aren’t limited to just diamonds, there’s a bunch and I’m not familiar with their meanings because I don’t see them that way but, I know there are some books out there you can get that explain them more in-depth. Or you can watch this basic youtube video here  :)

  • Another way an aura presents itself could be in seven layers with each layer representing something different. The first represents the physical, the second layer represents feelings, the third layer represents the mental process, the fourth layer represents the astral plane, the fifth layer represents your physical blueprints, the six layer represents your spiritual blueprints and the seventh represents the divine/source/universe. I do not see auras as layers either but, you can read more in-depth about them here!

  • Now, how I see auras is pretty common I believe for those who have redeveloped their natural sight. The colour meanings I use are the ones I have made personal connections with and have written blurbs on in the past (Click HERE for my colour meanings) To me, the aura presents itself as a hazy, almost foggy bubble around a person usually. Aura showing on the RIGHT side represents the things no longer serving us. CENTERED ABOVE THE HEAD represents fantasizing / dreams and current feelings, LEFT SIDE OF BODY represents what’s soon entering your life, IN FRONT OF THE BODY represents the inability to be humble and acting without thinking of the future consequences, BEHIND THE BODY represents procrastination. BRIGHT AND WIDELY EXTENDED represents optimism of current situation,  DARK AND NARROW represents sickness, dissatisfaction and negative feelings, EVEN ALL AROUND represents currently well-balanced in all areas while HOLES OR MISSING SPOTS represent a loss of personal power/willpower or a hard grudge that can’t be easily forgotten. ABSENT / NO AURA AT ALL  represents a defensive nature, a high spiritual block and lack of an open mind for any understanding.

So, as you can see there is A LOT to know about auras, it’s not all just easy peasy, learn ‘er overnight and be the master of readings by the morning. It takes some serious practice, self-exploration for meanings/associations, intense focus and real belief to see them! It is possible though and I wish you the very best of luck!

 1) Using other senses to read auras
 2) Geometric shapes in auras cont.

Holy macaroni and cheese batman, I hope that novel can help you out in some way haha!  Take care and blessed be. 

i’m ready to break, you’re ready to bend

for @eggo-my-leggo, thanks for motivating me ely :)

read on ao3

tw: implied/referenced child abuse

Steve walked down the road quickly.  His eyes were burning, but he wasn’t sure how much of that was from the cold.  It was freezing, and he tucked his hands under his armpits before the fell off.  Winter in Indiana was always shitty, but in the evening it was even worse.

“Why the hell couldn’t you have grabbed your jacket, Harrington?” he muttered angrily at himself under his breath.

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Spot Conlon and the Gay British Bakeoff

*cracks knuckles* Okay, im ready for this.

This is where he meets Crutchie.  Everyone is like how is this kid supposed to run around the kitchen with a crutch quick enough? No one believes in him but Spot instantly sees his potential. Spot and Crutchie become fast friends because Spot is only a few years younger and the two quickly make an alliance. Somehow if Crutchie needs to put something in the fridge or freezer that’s halfway across the tent Spot will carry both of them over there and get them both out. Crutchie could do it on his own but it’s a slower more risky process. In return Crutchie helps spot with his decorating at the end of the rounds because Crutchie is a speedster and somehow finishes his bakes with like with 20 minutes to go every round. No one knows how he does it??? But once Spot was having a harder time on his so Crutchie went to put his own in the freezer but he only could carry half at a time and some jerk decided to trip Crutchie Causing his bake to splatter all over the ground Spot knew that fighting in the tent was illegal (I don’t know if it’s really illegal I just assumed) so no matter how badly he wanted to punch that guy’s lights out he went and helped Crutchie clean it up and reassure him that it was okay and he still had time to make the other six the best they’ve ever tasted. He could still present the other six and he did. It was the technical though so Paul and Mary didn’t see what happened, and even though Crutchie;s tasted amazing, he got last because there weren’t enough. (If the guy who tripped crutchie had on some stage makeup to cover up the massive bruises he was sporting from our favorite angry boy, well, that’s something no one but Spot will really know)

Crutchie gets eliminated in the semi finals because it was a bad leg day for him. Spot helped as much as he could but he also had to concentrate on his own. When Crutchie was eliminated, that was the first time Spot ever actually passed out in the whole show. Somehow he kept it together all the other stressful times before??? But when Mel says “Crutchie.” Suddenly Spot passed out. Crutchie caught him and hardly has time to register what happened because what’s wrong with Spot???? Jerk guy laughs like ohh. Little spottie couldn’t take his boyfriend getting eliminated. Now this guy. This jerk guy is such a homophobe, and since Spot and Crutchie announced they have boyfriends, he’s been out to get them ever since. Crutchie nicely states like “Actually he’s not my boyfriend, I have a boyfriend though!! His name is jack and hes the best thing to ever happen to me. I love him.” The jerk guy doesn’t know how to say anything else because crutchie was just so nice?? When Spot wakes up and hears about this, jerk guy gets another black eye.

Now it’s time for the final. His signature bake is some type of whatever they’re making but its in the shape of a Crutch with rainbow colored frosting stripes around it. He’s totally honoring Crutchie and doesn’t care it doesn’t look normal and “You should have saved this for the show stopper. The design is amazing but not what we were looking for.” And Spot’s like yeah well I have something planned for the signature. But i wanted to show this one right now in honor of Crutchie.”

So like you said his signature is the inside joke. But the cake itself or whatever hes making is literally all striped through with a rainbow. And each layer of color? A different flavor. He has so much going on when Paul and Mary come over he doesnt even stop to talk. He’s just throwing things together and just kinda humming to answer their questions, not having time to chat. They all think he’s lost it and gone crazy. They interview race who’s like “I’ve eaten nothing but his six flavored six layer cake for the past two months and it’s still the best thing I’ll ever eat. Ever.” Once it’s made Spot still has like two hours left to decorate it and he starts freaking out like I’m behind in running out of time!!!! And everyone in the tent is like???? you have two whole hours and your bake is already out of the oven??? But yeah his design is so intricate and well thought out. Race has obviously never seen it before because it’s a surprise. He finally gets it done with like one minute to spare and then you just hear a scream coming from him and you think it’s fallen over Instead he’s like I FORGOT THE CHOCOLATE FLAKES. Which makes everyone and their dog confused including Race because Spot hates the stuff??? Anytime he had to work with it in the technical Spot almost threw up. If it was used in the decoration of the technical Crutchie did it for him so now he’s willingly putting on chocolate??? you basically see this blur as spot puts on the chocolate shreds. See before the episodes started Race was like are you sure you won’t use chocolate??? And Spots reply was please. The only reason I would use chocolate in my bakes willingly is if I was gonna ask you to marry me. Race doesnt remember this for a while. Of course his show stopper is the best thing the judges ever tasted. He wins. And when Race sees his cake hes like???? Why chocolate?? And Spot is like dont you remember what I said before? And Race remembers just tears up and is like spot you’re not really doing this on tv… And Spot shrugs like I already have. And everyone is holding their breath because break up??? And Race sighs and rolls his eyes like you’re dumb. Of course ill marry you. And then they kiss. Jerk guy is not happy in the slightest. Spot is so happy with winning and his new fiance he passes out in Race’s arms.

Bonus: Crutchie was the best man for their wedding and he and spot spent hours and hours on the deserts.

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Maybe B4 for Mystery Girl and Pearl?

Here you go! Sorry for the wait 💕

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I saw you said you were gonna do a tutorial series type thing about your taako cosplay, and i really wanted to know how you made the handle of your umbrella look like wood, if that isnt too much to ask! your taako is one of my favorite cosplays ive seen of him tbh

FIrst of all I’m so sorry it has taken me forever to respond to this!! Life was a little crazy there for a hot second. But now i’m home and back in the saddle so lets do this. Also, thank you so much !!! I’m so honored you like my cosplay ahh

Okay so my base umbrella i’m about 90% sure was this one , which i just found in my closet but I loved the size of it. I am also very small so an umbrella that was a little bit taller works really well proportion wise. LIke it almost could actually be a staff. Here is what the umbrella handle started out looking like: 

I started by removing the rubber grip thing and I was basically just left with the metal pole that makes up the center of the umbrella. I built a base shape with tinfoil so I could build onto it: 

Then for the fun part!! I used this new stuff called “Sculptamold” that I found in my local craft store. It was just the last bag sitting at the back of a shelf, i had never heard of this stuff before. Basically it’s like a plaster/paper powder that you mix with water, and the consistency depends on how much water you add. If you add a lot, you can use it like plaster to cast things in a mold. But if you don’t add a lot of water, it ends up with a very sculptable consistency like clay! 

Now unfortunately i’m incompetant and totally did not take any WIP pics of this stuff being put to use but basically: it takes a wHILe to dry, like at least overnight if not a couple days, and it dries really really rough. I basically just took clumps of it and covered my tinfoil base, waited an hour or two until the consistency was a little more set, and then went through with my fingers and a little water to smooth out big bumps. It WILL dry very rough regardless tho, but the beauty is–this stuff sands like a DREAm. Just with some regular sandpaper and like twenty minutes I was able to get it very very smooth, and for any particularly rough patches I just hit it with my dremel. 

So I had a smooth hook on the end of my umbrella, but i wanted to add a wood texture. Origianlly I tried dremeling it in, but that didn’t work so well because it did crumble a bit. So of course i turned to an obvious solution–hot glue! Seriously. I just started dripping hot glue all over this thing in a wood-grain texture. I took pencil and sort of patterend out the general idea of where my wood grain would go and followed that. A tip: don’t use hot glue that is super incredibly bubbly hot; if its a little cooler then it will hold its shape better as it lays down and it wont run into itself. 

Heres a quickl little example i did on some scrap paper::

Then you paint! I did a base coat in brown, then went in and added shadows and highlights in other colors

This was super fast and I only did one layer of shadow/highlights. For my actual handle i did probably five or six layers, just adding brush strokes and lines to give it more dimension! 

Also: Make sure you use MATTE paint!! Gloss or even satin will make it look shiny and not like wood! 

Yeah basically that is it!! It isn’t the *most* realistic wood texture, but I kind of like the stylized cartoony vibe that it gave! 

anyway, i hope this helps! Thank you so much !


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Which suitor has the hardest time undressing and redressing (because of their outfit)? This isn't foreplay related. Just if they were taking their clothes off. I get a feeling Byron will be up top because of all his accessories, and maybe Rayvis?

Hmmmm good question - here’s my thoughts from most difficult to least difficult 😁 I kinda of did it as if they were being undressed, but it’s not really dirty.

Alyn - if he has the armor on, it’s probably a total pain in the butt. All that heavy metal and chainmail, and a chastity belt …

Byron - the military jacket, cape, three belts, the eyepatch probably takes 30 minutes to remove because he’s gonna have an existential crisis every time about it..

Rayvis - cape, jacket, shirt, three pairs of socks, boots, his six layers of personality complex..

Sid - like 600 buckles on that thing, plus some furry animal around his neck you gotta fight off..

Giles - his trench-coat goth thing he’s got going on.

Robert - only clothes and depression on his back….

Albert - only because he has to fold and hang everything when he takes it off..

Louis - not much clothing per say, but a hatred for mankind you have to peel away.

Nico - can be naked in .00002 seconds

Leo - is already naked…


the end result of seunggwan messing with coups during the game


THIS WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO MAKE A PSD FOR YOUR RP ICONS OR GRAPHICS.  I will personally just be showing you how to do it for an image that isn’t cropped or bordered.  you will need photoshop for this, but you don’t have to be a pro!  ( you can prob. find a download link online but be careful! )  the tutorial is below the cut!  Its super flexible and easy and is a great way to spice up your aesthetic and visual mood for your writing threads or blog posts!


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The Inquisition Walks into a Pastry Shop

Dorian orders a Tosca. Shortbread crust, a paper thin layer of raspberry jam, frangipane and topped with caramel almond florentine. He eats it way too fast and wishes he had another, but will never go back in for seconds.

The Iron Bull gets himself a slice of chocolate cake. It’s a Jewish bakery in New York type of chocolate cake, towering 8 inches high, six layers, impossibly rich. He eats it in three bites.

Cole wants a mazerine. It’s a simple pastry, shortbread crust with frangipane, topped with a thin layer of apricot glaze. It sits off to the side of the case, and the shop doesn’t sell many, so he gets one so they don’t feel bad.

Leliana gets a slice of linzer torte. The crust has so many almonds in it, it falls apart the moment her fork touches it, the seedy raspberry jam barely holding together. She eats it with her eyes closed, remembering.

Cullen gets a big fat wedge of apple pie. Then he orders a second, claiming it’s for later. It’s not for later, it’s for right now.

Josephine loves crème brulee and eats it so slowly, you wonder how it doesn’t spoil before she finishes it.

Blackwall likes a slab of Tres Leches, soft and milky and far too sweet. The creamy drops stick to his mustache and beard. He saves the single underripe strawberry for last, dragging it through the wet crumbs.

Vivienne gets a single scoop of gelato, perched in a glass bowl. Peach is her favorite. If it’s a special day, she’ll crumble an ameretti on top, smiling after every spoonful.

Solas gets a petit four. He picks a single one, perhaps an Opera cake, or maybe a petit four sec, a crispy, buttery pastry with sugar baked into the top. He eats it, waiting for about ten minutes before ordering two more. The chestnut puzzle pastries are his favorite, especially in Orlais, where they spin sugar into elaborate loops, decorating the top.

Dagna goes for a bowl of Korean Pat Bing Su. Shaved milk ice, red beans, cubed mochi, condensed milk, and a scoop of green tea ice cream in the middle. She never stops smiling as she digs in.

Harding always orders a palmier. Puff pastry, rolled and rolled in sugar, folded and sliced, baked until the sugar caramelizes and browns, the butter puffing out the layers. She always wants to get the rainbow cake, but she puts it off, always waiting for a special occasion that never arrives.

Cassandra picks up a passionfruit tart. She selects it, blushing. The tart is simple, a chocolate crust filled with passionfruit curd. She eats it while reading her favorite story, the one where the villan finally gets what’s coming to him. She doesn’t notice that she licks the spoon as she reads.

Varric loves donuts, especially Orlesian crullers. He gets about six at a time, telling himself it’s because the shop is so far away, he has to be sure to stock up. Never mind that the crullers don’t keep. He eats them all in one sitting, always swearing he’s not going to do this next time.

Sera walks in the shop, past the case of cookies, moving beyond the muffins and scones, pushing past the cases of petit fours and gets herself a hand pie. It’s filled with blackberries, gooey and sweet. She holds it in both hands, remembering when she was younger and bought pies just like this from a friendly seller in Denerim.

Terrorist: First, you’ll be sealed in a reinforced titanium box. Next, you will be dropped into this bottomless chasm. Then, the chasm will be filled with water. Then, man-eating sharks and a giant squid will then be released into the water!

Natasha: Wait, if the chasm is bottomless, how can you fill it with water?

Terrorist …IT’S VERY, VERY DEEP, ALL RIGHT?! Lastly, I shall freeze over the water with a six-foot layer of solid GLACIAL ICE! ANY QUESTIONS?

Natasha: Not if you’re gonna get all snippy.

Clint: Eh, beats training new recruits, I guess.



STEP FOUR: Adjust your color layer so it creates the kind of effect you want. I typically choose Multiply, Soft Light, or Hard Light. I can’t explain what they do, I just know they look cool.

And obviously you can also adjust opacity.

STEP SIX: Merge Visible layers – which means if you do not WANT TO MERGE SOMETHING, MAKE IT INVISIBLE

STEP SEVEN: Use your Lighting Effects Filter

STEP EIGHT: Put your light source wherever you want it, adjust the Intensity, Ambience (what makes it dark in places), Gloss (what makes it shiny), and Exposure and such. Just toy with it until you get it to look how you want.


And that’s literally how I create the atmosphere in my digital works. 


…. this is the third design i’ve had for lune… this year

i like this one tho

i also tried to look up references to do cats better because my cats look like my dogs… and my rabbits, and dragons, and basically i have no sense of anatomy or species at all 



This is a cake I made for a Fan Meet up. I was really inspired to do something like this, since I love the show so much and I am so looking forward to the last episode.

When my Mom saw the cake she asked me if somebody had gotten married, and I was like ‘No, they just got engaged, but soon :D’

The cake is a six layered rainbow cake with pudding-butter cream and a white fondant layer. I used edible glue to put tiny sugar snowflakes all around the base and silver sugar orbs around the top. The silver stuff are little silver sugar crystals I just poured around on the plate.

I formed the fondant shoes and medal out of fondant using glittery sugar writing stuff to colour the medal and the blades on the skates.

The ultra cute cake topper is art done by @kamapon . I wanted to make it look like Victor and Yuri were skating/standing atop the cake

I covered the whole top of the cake, the folds on the side and the cake topper in edible silver glitter ♥ If you looked at the actual cake it would really glittler and sparkle a lot.