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Bunny Boy

Word Count: 3k

Author’s Note: I honestly don’t know where y’all are coming from with all that Daddy Jungkook nonsense. The boy is obviously a sub so I wrote this to prove a point (I’m kidding but still) Listen to this while reading the smut, trust me. 

The modern world is a tough but opportunity filled world for a woman. To be able to seize those opportunities, a woman has to be capable, relentless, with almost savage ambition and attitude. Otherwise the most she can hope for is sit on the side-lines and pray to not be trampled over. You were not that kind of woman. You knew what you wanted and how to get it. This was your world.

You didn’t have a lot of patience with men. You were successful as well as a beautiful and a lot of men chased after you, for your beauty or for your money it didn’t matter, either way they were greedy to get their hands on you, and you shunned them all. You were well aware of your merits and you flaunted them. You weren’t the kind of woman to affect meekness to please men.

But the sweet innocent young intern who fell into your hands a few months ago was special. You had a weak spot for Jungkook. You adored the way he spoke to you so bashfully, the way he followed you around like a lost puppy, and the painfully obvious crush he had on you. The lust he had for you was so pure and illogically innocent that you couldn’t help teasing him. You would frequently invite him into the privacy of your office under the pretence of wanting to teach him something or go over some business thing or another, and he would be greeted with plunging necklines or a glimpse of your garter belt. You loved watching his face as he valiantly tried to keep eye contact, all flushed cheeks and fluttering eyelashes.

This time wasn’t any different but you were planning to take things a bit further.

“Sit down, baby bun.” You gesture for Jungkook when he enters the room, cheeks tinted red despite his familiarity with the nickname.

Jungkook stutters through the first few words of the message he was relaying to you before picking up enough courage along the way to string together meaningful sentences.

You already knew everything he was going to say, the actions of the business partner he was speaking of were predictable to you, his words old and tired. So you used that time to admire Jungkook instead.

The drastic divide between his body and his face was truly remarkable. Jungkook had the body of a man; he was tall with long muscled legs that he loved to show off in tight pants that clung to them and showcased his thighs. God, his thighs. When you first saw him in those ridiculous black pants, you had to actively stop yourself from drooling and dropping to your knees in front of him. And even though you had never seen him shirtless, you were sure that underneath his white shirts were rock hard abs.

Even his neck was thick and wiry, enticing you to paint it with the colors of your passion. But his face was another matter entirely, it’s like god was playing a game of mashup with the angels when he made him. He had the most innocent doe eyes you’ve ever seen, and his nose was large and prominent, but it fit his sweet face perfectly. His lips were thin, hardly concealing his two front teeth, the cause of your nickname for him. You knew it was unoriginal, he probably heard it a million times before, but he would always blush and his eyes would light up whenever you called him that, and couldn’t bear denying him of that little joy.

“Very good, bunny.” You say after Jungkook is finished relaying the message to you and informing you of how he responded to the annoying business partner on your behalf. You may have indulged yourself greatly when you hired the lovely boy but he proved himself more than capable in the few short months he’s been here, and you trusted his judgment enough to divert to him some of the less urgent business matters. “You’ve handled that very well.”

He blushed under your praise and you could see him perk up. “In fact, you’ve done excellently this whole month. You’ve dealt with everything I’ve thrown your way and came back for more. You must be exhausted by it all. I think you deserve a little break, don’t you agree?”

His head snapped up, “No, I don’t want a break!”

You chuckled at his earnestness, and he looked away in embarrassment, fiddling with his fingers.

He must have taken your words to mean that you were giving him some time off. You wouldn’t, neither of you wanted that and so you were quick to clarify. “All I meant is that you’re young. You shouldn’t spend all your time cooped up in a dusty office. Young men like you should be out there having fun and burning the city to the ground.”

“I’m fine, really, ___-sshi”

“Oh bunny, I know you’re too loyal to me to complain. That’s why I have the perfect solution.”

He looked at you curiously as you went around your desk and sat on the chair opposite his, “Halloween is coming up. It’s my favorite holiday so I’m throwing a little party back at my house and you’re invited.” You winked at him and he fidgeted.

“Your house… I don’t know, ___-sshi”

“Oh come on, I absolutely love Halloween. It would mean so much to me if you came.” You leaned forward, using the excuse of gushing over the holiday to flash him a view of your cleavage. His eyes snap down to your breasts and back up so fast you would’ve been sure you imagined it if you didn’t see the guilty look on his face.

“And you’ve worked so hard, bunny. You’ve been such a good boy. You deserve it.” You rested your hand on his thigh and began rubbing it gently, appearing in every way to be an innocuous gesture but you knew the effect it would have on him. “Won’t you come, baby bun?”

You saw his mind struggling to not twist your words even though they were intentionally loaded. “I…” he cleared his throat when his voice came out squeaky and he tried again, but not with any better luck, “I’ll be there”

“Excellent! I knew my baby bun would never say no to me.” You clapped your hands, and graciously nodded when Jungkook asked to excuse himself, pretending not to notice the slight bulge in his pants.

It was 11:45. You had spent the last four hours scanning the crowd assembled in your house for that familiar toothy smile but there was no sign of it. You had started the night excited and lively, but time passed your demeanour gradually changed. You were beyond disappointed. Maybe you had misjudged the boy and he wasn’t what you made him out to be.

You felt silly in the outfit you were wearing. You had picked it out specifically to tease Jungkook: Leather halter crop top, leather mini skirt over sheer black lace thigh highs, six inch heels, coupled with a burgundy faux fur coat. You pulled said coat tightly around yourself, wanting nothing more than to rip everything off your body and change into your comfy pajamas. You had gotten plenty of attention tonight, that’s for sure, but none of it was welcome.

You were debating whether or not you should ask your guests to leave, you were in no mood to entertain people, when you caught a glimpse of jet black hair by the door. You rushed forward and grabbed the arm of the escaping boy, “And where do you think you’re going?”

“Ah, ___-sshi! I was just g-going out for s-some fresh air.” He stuttered, trying not to blatantly stare at you. You let your coat slide a little down your shoulder, suddenly feeling confident in your choice.

“I’m hurt, baby bun. You show up to my party hours late and you’re already leaving. Do you hate my company so much?”

“N-no, it’s not like that, ___-sshi. I lov- I mean, I enjoy your company very much.”

“You’re not even wearing a costume.” You pout, eyeing his outfit. You couldn’t deny that he looked delicious in that wine red shirt and suit jacket, and where those suspenders? God, help you, your hands itched to grab onto them and pull him into a searing kiss. But despite how delectable he looked, the clothes he wore would have fit right in with his normal work attire.

“I am.” He waved a headband in front of your face before putting it on, the black bunny ears blending perfectly with his black hair and shy bunny smile.

You couldn’t help the giggles that fell out of your mouth. Jungkook’s face turned the color of a ripe tomato and he ripped the headband from his head and tried to escape again.

“No, bunny, wait” You held onto him tightly, refusing to let him leave. You felt horrible for laughing but you weren’t laughing at him. You were just giddy by the obvious sign of his infatuation with you, and you realized that the reason he was late was because he was scared and not because he was rejecting you.

“I like it, keep it on.” You took the headband from his hands and placed it on his head then gently patted his cheek. “There, now my baby bun looks perfect.” You could feel the heat wafting through his cheeks to your fingers and smiled, “I’m gonna go get us something to drink.”

You used that excuse to slip away and give a word to the DJ who you had previously instructed to play a specific song when you gave him the go-ahead.

When you made your way back to Jungkook with drinks in your hand, you found him cornered by a girl who looked to be around his age. You had to admit that she was stunning, with a fiery mess of hair and legs that went on for days. If your sight wasn’t set on the boy she was attempting to chat up, you would have taken her to your room instead. However you were too intent on Jungkook, and the hand she had over his chest and the way he got flustered under her touch didn’t sit well with you.

You stepped up to them and cleared your throat, “I leave you for a minute and you’re already being prepositioned. I’m gonna have to keep a closer eye on you from now on.” You looked pointedly at the girl, “Why don’t you go lay your traps somewhere else, darling. This one’s already taken.” You gave him his drink and splayed your hand low on his stomach which almost caused him to spill his drink on you. The girl huffed and held her head arrogantly before leaving to look for someone else.

You heard Jungkook mumbling something in wonder that sounded suspiciously like ‘taken’ so you asked him to speak up.

“N-nothing, ___-sshi. I’m sorry for what happened.” He looked truly remorseful as if it was his fault.

“It’s alright, bunny. Nothing happ- Oh I love this song! Let’s dance.” You cut yourself off when you heard the song you had requested blast through the sound system, and you quickly set your drinks down to tug the sputtering Jungkook towards the dance floor.

“I don’t know, ___-sshi. I can’t dance.”

“Oh, nonsense, you just need a good partner, and I happen to be very good.” You give him a wink before resting a hand on his shoulder. He was too concentrated on his hand that you had placed on your lower back to protest any further.

The sensual salsa music flowed into your ears and you let your body be carried by it. You were almost as much a slave to its beckoning as Jungkook was to yours. Your eyes filled with sultry promises and your body moulded to his own, leaving no room for thought.

Jungkook tried his best to stay away but his body was like a comet pulled to the sun, his hips swivelling obediently with the turns of your ass. You could feel the hardness in his pants against you, and you turned around to face him.

“See, I told you, you would like this.” The hand that was resting on his shoulder ran down his back till it reached the firmness of his cheeks. You give it a light squeeze and his hips stuttered forward into your abdomen.

“A-ah, excuse me, ___-sshi. I need to use the bathroom.” Jungkook slipped away from your arms as soon as the song was done. He scurried in the direction you had pointed him towards, almost running.

You had no doubt to what Jungkook would be doing. You had intentionally directed him to the bathroom upstairs so you two could have a little privacy for what was to come.

You gave him a little time to get started before you followed him upstairs, silently padding to the bathroom. You pressed your ears against the door and heard the slick sound of his hand moving over his length and the muffled moans he was trying to hide. You always knew Jungkook would be vocal.

“Is everything alright in there, bunny. You sound like you’re in pain.” You had to suppress the giggles threatening to burst out of you.

“___-sshi! W-what are you doing h-here?” Jungkook yelped, struggling to hide the need in his voice.

“You were taking a long time so I came to check up on you.”

“I’m fine. I’ll be right out. You go back to the party, don’t worry about me.” Jungkook was trying to get rid of you so he could take care of the problem you had created but you were not about to give him that and throw all your work away.

“I don’t know, bunny. I can’t leave you like this. I’m coming in.”

“NO, DON’T-“

All the rooms in your house didn’t have locks except your own, a useful vestige from the days you used to have your subs living here before you got too caught up with work to care for them. You had designed the house that way to catch any disobedient sub trying to give himself relief from your punishments. Oh, how you missed those days. Maybe Jungkook will be your solution to that.

Jungkook was seated on the closed lid of the toilet and his hands were clasped in front of his junk. He was too mortified to even try reaching for something to cover himself with for fear that he would expose himself to you.

“Now, what do we have here?” You stepped into the bathroom, shutting the door behind and leaning on it so no one could get it. “Someone is being naughty.”

“It’s not what it looks like, ___-sshi.”

“Really? Because it sure looks like my little bunny was jerking himself off. Tell me did the girls in the party get you hot?”

“No” He shook his head vigorously.

“Then was it that redheaded girl? She was pretty hot. Were you thinking about her? Imagining what her hands would feel like on your cock instead of your own? Or maybe you were imagining her hot, wet mouth on you, is that it?”

“No! That’s not it at all.” Hot with emotion, he moved to stand up but then remembered his state and abruptly sat down again, squeezing his legs together in an effort to maintain what was left of his modesty.

“Then could it be because of me?” His head shot up at that and his mouth started moving wordlessly like a fish struggling to breath out of water. “Was my bunny thinking bad, dirty thoughts while I was dancing with him? Is my innocent young bun not that innocent after all?”


You cut him off with a laugh, “Oh come on, Jungkookie. I just caught you jacking off to the thought of me. We’re past formalities now, don’t you think? Why don’t you call me noona.”

“N-noona?” He squeaked. You could tell he liked that.

“Yes, baby. Now tell me, is this all for me? Does baby bun want to fuck noona?”

Jungkook squeezed his legs together more but this time it was in an attempt to relief his growing arousal at your words and having you here watching him.

“It’s OK, sweetheart. I don’t mind. You’re a young boy and you can’t help yourself. But now you’ve gotten noona all hot and bothered.”

Jungkook titled his head in confusion, his lips slightly parted, and a thrill went to your core at the sight of him. “You can’t leave me hanging like that. I want to see you finish yourself off.”

Jungkook ducked his head down in embarrassment, “That’s dirty, noona.” He protested but you could clearly see him shiver at the idea.

“Well, you’re a dirty boy. I want to see you make a mess of yourself. Won’t you do it for me, baby boy?” You ran your tongue across your bottom lip and looked to where his hands where still clasped in front of his crotch, and as if by hypnosis, he slowly unlaced them and looked at you hesitantly.

“Go on, bunny.” That was all he needed to start touching himself again. He was still hard, your presence only serving to excite him further. His hands moved swiftly over his length and he avoided eye contact with you.

“Tsk tsk, slow down, bunny. I want to see and remember everything.”  

He still refused to look at you but he slowed down, his hand more deliberate. You chose not to push him, waiting for him to process things at his own pace, but you talked to him, looking to give him courage. “You’re doing great, baby. You look so good; I couldn’t take my eyes off of you when you came in. I wanted to do all manners of dirty things to you. And to think you would have run away and deprived me of such a delicious sight.”

Your words were like a spell on Jungkook; he moaned out and spread his thighs apart, finally giving you a clear view of what he was packing. The boy never disappointed, even in this. He was thick and long, not outrageously so but definitely a size that had you squirming with the desire to jump on him. He lightly traced the veins on the underside of his cock and brushed his thumb over the head, precum leaking over his fingers.

“Can I go faster, noona?”

“Yes, baby, but don’t cum before I tell you to. I’m not done admiring you. God, how can you look and do such sinful things and still be so innocent. Boys with your kind of look and with cocks like that would have girls fighting to be with them, and yet here you are masturbating in the bathroom in the middle of a party like a little slut. What would the guests think if they saw you like that? It’s one thing to be caught fucking someone but this? Touching yourself for noona, being a good boy for her, what would Miss Red think?”

“Please, don’t tell them.” Jungkook looked ashamed but the slide of his hand over his length only increased in speed.

“Of course I won’t, bunny. This scene is only for my eyes to see. Have you got that?” Your tone turned serious with that last question and Jungkook finally looked at you, “Yes, noona, only you”

It quickly became apparent why Jungkook was refusing to look you in the eye before, because as soon as he did and he saw the dark lust swirling dangerously there, his arousal increased tenfold, “Noonaaa, can I cum now? I need to cum now.” He whined, and the desperation in his voice gave you life.

“Not yet, baby. You need to show noona that you really want it.”

“I do, I swear I do. I need to cum so bad. Please let me cum, please.”

“I’ll let you cum but first I have something for you.” You pulled a thin leather choker from your pocket with a little pendant on it that said Baby Bun. You weren’t planning on giving it to him so soon. You were worried that would scare the inexperienced boy away, but you simply couldn’t stop yourself. You didn’t know if after tonight he would come back to you or even his job anymore and you needed to see it on him at least once.

“Can I put it on, baby?” Jungkook nodded and you leaned down to lock it around his neck from behind. Your hair brushed against his nose and he breathed in, the smell liquefying his brain. You pulled back when you were done but you didn’t move away. Your hand went to cup his cheek and your thumb brushed over his lips, “You can cum now, bunny.”

His pants hit your face as he got closer and closer to his orgasm. With his hand a blur over his cock and the pendant quivering with his shivering body, he came. You quickly stepped away so your clothes wouldn’t be ruined but you kept your eyes on him. He cried out with his orgasm and the loss of your scent next to him.

How you wished you could take a picture of him now. His hand was still wrapped around softening length, the entirety of it and quite a bit of his shirt and pants stained with his orgasm. His cheeks were colored a light pink but you couldn’t tell if it was from arousal or embarrassment when his eyes were pinning you down in place.

You stepped closer to him timidly, scared to disturb the masterpiece in front of you. You brushed his sweaty bangs from his face and your heart skipped a beat at how much more manly he looked with them swept to the side. You scrapped that thought for later and leaned down to press a kiss to his damp forehead.

He gave a slight whimper at the touch of your lips and you pulled back, holding his gaze with yours and thumbing the choker, “Will you keep this, bunny?”

“Always, noona.”

Authors’s Note: There will be a part 2 to this :))


Has anyone else noticed that Morro is wearing really short ragged shorts

for all those of you who thought he was wearing pants


no he’s not

those are the same color as his face okay he is not wearing full length pants

I’m not okay anymore

so of course I had to draw him and mess with his outfit and give him knee-high six-inch heeled boots to go with his short shorts and interesting leg straps which I made even worse and I pulled his hair back and gave him like 45 piercings and 

please stop me

stop me now

what have I done

too late now

@garmacondrai @eyeofthewolfe @meet-some-friends-of-mine @magicquill42 @an-actual-elementale tagging several people who may or may not enjoy this/be disturbed by this/laugh hysterically for like ten minutes like I did when I realized this

neji goes on a blind date w another sapiosexual hooked up for him thru a friend of a friend and he shouldve seen it coming that it was fucking. shikamaru. and they have an awful time and nejis really pretentious abt things and shikamaru almost falls asleep while hes talking and eventually while walking home nejis like “listen. you cant just appropriate the sapiosexual identity. either youre smart or youre not but its really disrespectful to come out here like this when im trying to make a genuine connection with like minded people. like god what even is your IQ score? 80?” and shikamaru shrugs and is like “150 but i got test in middle school” while scracthing his ass. “whats yours?” 

and suddenly faced with flashbacks of being asked at local sleepovers in high school “mines six inches whats yours” neji meekly replies “yeah me too” and goes home to pine after lee 


The Difference Between Tayuu/Oiran (Historical Edo era High-Class Courtesans) and Geisha (Historic and Modern Performing Artists/Entertainers):

Here, I will explain the aesthetic and cultural differences of the Geisha and the Tayuu/Oiran courtesan. Geisha work as entertainers in the modern world. Prostitution was made illegal in Japan in 1959, though Tayuu (known today, and ever since the decline of the Tayuu line in the 1700s, as Oiran) entertain today sans-sexual favors. 

**Please note: though historically, Oiran were working within the sex industry, neither modern Oiran nor Geisha have anything to do with said industry 


  • Make-up: While the white face and red lips are a feature of both courtesan and Geisha, their overall look is different. Oshiroi/Shironuri white powder is used, just like actors do in Kabuki theatre.
  • Dance and Music: Dance is one of the most important things a Geisha trains for. Her rigorous schedule is based around not only clients, parties and performances, but around her strict and traditional dance classes. Many Geisha attend dance classes until they are elderly and continue to perfect their skills, if they hadn’t retired! The shamisen, hand drum or flute are also some of the things Geisha learn, and Jikata Geisha (special Geisha who are trained in music and singing) provide music for a Geisha’s performance at parties (called Ozashiki)
  • Kimono and Obi Belt: The kimono worn by Geisha are very specific and are worn based on many factors, which include the status of the geisha (apprentice geisha (Maiko) have very different kimono from the older, professional geisha (Geiko) in that Maiko are by default more “child-like” and elaborate, with many bright colors and ornaments, while a Geiko wear more even-tones that are simpler but more womanly and elegant.) or are colored and designed by season and occasion. A Geisha’s kimono has about 5 layers of undergarments, tied to the Geisha to create the outer shape of the silk kimono. The obi belt is many meters long and is tied in the back, and takes the strength of another person just to tie it! Maiko wear their obi belts trailing behind them to accentuate their cuter, “youthful” appearance as it makes them appear smaller, while Geiko wear their obi belts tied into a tight, neat box. These kimono are tied together to allow a Geisha to dance and perform and are made to pair elegantly with each dance performance. If the belt were tied loosely in the front, as a courtesan Tayuu/Oiran’s is, then the geisha would be more limited in their dance and it would mask their subtle, minute movements. It is all a true work of art, and each kimono is unique to the Geisha (excepting the kimono used for some dance performances or ceremonies).
  • Hair Ornaments and Footwear: A Maiko wears many finely detailed hair ornaments–many are made of intricate silk designs. Each ornament is hand-crafted by Kyoto artisans and are very valuable; not only in terms of expense, but to the Maiko herself. Ornaments change with seasons, ceremony and rank-changing. A Geiko wears simpler ornaments like tortoise shell style combs and sometimes jade pins, though the ornaments are not limited to those designs. New Maiko wear six-inch high clogs called Okobo, though more experienced Maiko and professional Geiko can wear glossy leather Zori or Geta sandals, depending on the weather/preference.
  • Hair of Maiko and Geiko: The Maiko wear about six different hairstyles, made up of their own hair, within their time as an apprentice (these are–
  1. Wareshinobu–her first hairstyle
  2. Mishidashi–hairstyle for the ceremony of her debut
  3. Ofuku–”Coming of Age” hairstyle; becoming a more senior Maiko
  4. Shimada–used for dance recitals (and it used to be a traditional hairstyle for married women!)
  5. Katsuyama–Used for the annual Cherry Blossom Dances (Miyako Odori) in the month of April
  6. Sakkou–The hairstyle worn by a Maiko for her final two months before debuting as a professional Geiko/Geisha!

Geiko wear their natural hair underneath a wig, in a style referred to as Shimada

  • Geisha as Entertainers: Geisha are trained from their beginnings in the arts of Dance, Music, Tea Ceremony, and are well educated in the cultural arts. They are expert conversationalists; flattery and sake-pouring, along with lively and educated conversation are what Geisha bring to Ozashiki (the parties/events within the Ochaya teahouses). Contrary (extremely) to popular belief, Geisha are not and were never a part of prostitution or the sex industry. Ozashiki are a place for customers–who are not only men, but women or families, wealthy tourists, famous folk or groups of businessmen–to unwind and experience the traditional arts that Geisha have kept alive.

Tayuu/Oiran Courtesans:

  • Make-Up: The Oshiroi/Shironuri white make-up paired with red lips is used much like a Geisha’s. Red accents to eyes, eyebrows and cheeks are also used by both women.
  • Entertainment and Music: There are only about 5 active Oiran entertainers in the “flower town” district of the Kyoto Hanamachi. These women are trained in the traditional arts just as Geisha are–historically, Oiran were high-class Tayuu and were trained in music, flower-arrangment, calligraphy and social arts, but with the added aspect of sexual favors. These women were elite and had the power to personally reject a client. Today, Oiran, though few, exist as historic actresses and as entertainers very much like a Geisha. These women both keep Japan’s history alive.
  • Hairstyle and Hair Ornaments: The hairstyle of an Oiran courtesan is called Datehyougo–as you can see it is an extremely elaborate hairstyle much different than the styles Geiko and Maiko wear. This difference is important, as the Datehyougo hairstyle has perhaps little or even nothing to do with Geisha or their culture. The ornamentals of an Oiran’s hair are a plethora of combs and picks, arranged by rank/status of the courtesan. 
  • Kimono and Obi Belt: Much confusion surrounds the tying of the obi belt between Geisha and courtesans. It’s simple, really: Oiran had their intricately designed obi tied elegantly, though loosely, in the front of their kimono. This was so that clients receiving favor from the courtesan could undo the kimono. Geisha on the other hand, keep their kimono on, tie their obi in styles on the back and are cinched up tight around the Geisha to hold everything together. Their kimono have many more layers than the Geisha–all in an Edo-period fashion. The overall style promotes a more “loose” looking aesthetic, which was very erotic in it’s time. 
  • Footwear: While Okobo and some Geta can be very tall, the footwear of an Oiran can come in the form of 15 cm high, black lacquered Geta. During the Oiran Dochu (Oiran walking parade), an Oiran can be seen walking with her many attendants, swinging her tall Geta out to the side smoothly with each step. It is very beautiful to see!
  • “Attendants”: A big difference between the Oiran and the Geisha is that while Geisha have “younger sisters” whom they take under their wing as apprentices, Oiran have what are called child attendants. These children traditionally were apprentices who would attend to and shadow the courtesan, and who would later be initiated as courtesans as well. 

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you learned something! :)

- @crylie

I tried a 6" heels on today and damn I felt tall af! People at the shop were staring at me like “OMG DONT! JUST DONT WE LOOK TINY!” The look on their faces like they were begging me not to buy these heels :’D

Okay LGBTQ community and supporters. I have a rant that I’d like you to listen to. My friend Ryan decided to wear this outfit to school today. (Very brave seeing as my school is filled with and run by closed minded, homophobic assholes.) he was taken out of his first period class and sent home. The principle made him go home to change his clothing. I am livid! He met all dress code requirements and he has worn similar outfits to school before without reprimand. Not to mention the fact that when girls the same age or younger wear similar or the same outfits to school on a daily basis, they are met with no punishment. Let me explain to you this outfit. He is wearing a Frozen sweat shirt, cut off shorts that meet dress code requirements, a pair of skin-tone leggings over a pair of black tights. Over the skin-tone leggings, he is wearing a pair of black fishnet tights, and to complete the ensemble, he is wearing a pair of nude colored high heels with a six inch heel and a one inch platform. The reason he was sent home, and I quote, was because “his choice of clothing was obscene. He makes the other students uncomfortable when he wears woman’s clothing. Therefore he cannot wear this outfit.” I, along with many of my friends and fellow students, are made uncomfortable when girls wear booty shorts and shirts that show their cleavage. But are they sent home or reprimanded? No. They aren’t even acknowledged. Our school claims not to discriminate. Our school claims to support all sexualities, religions, genders, and races. But when faced with the reality we see that our school is not as accepting as they say they are. Our school has, many Times, denied us of a Gay-Straight Alliance club. Many of my fellow students,and even a few teachers, are outraged by this. We need to make this go public. So now I’m asking you to help. Share this post. Post it on other social media websites. Make this become public knowledge. Make people aware of what is happening in Festus, Missouri. We just lost Leelah Alcorn because of unnacepting conditions. We just lost Leelah Alcorn. She would be as infuriated by this situation as I am. Maybe more. Don’t let corrupt society win this one. I’m begging you. Make. This. Known.

Today Was A Good Day!💋

I had four major stylings today that went SO well that I earned a promotion! Go me. In addition, I got off just in time to go see @simplyrenlynn! Chi told me she’s 4 cm dilated and finally admitted to a room! I’m on my way in these six inch high heels mama! That baby is coming 😭💕

The Inquisition Walks into a Pastry Shop

Dorian orders a Tosca. Shortbread crust, a paper thin layer of raspberry jam, frangipane and topped with caramel almond florentine. He eats it way too fast and wishes he had another, but will never go back in for seconds.

The Iron Bull gets himself a slice of chocolate cake. It’s a Jewish bakery in New York type of chocolate cake, towering 8 inches high, six layers, impossibly rich. He eats it in three bites.

Cole wants a mazerine. It’s a simple pastry, shortbread crust with frangipane, topped with a thin layer of apricot glaze. It sits off to the side of the case, and the shop doesn’t sell many, so he gets one so they don’t feel bad.

Leliana gets a slice of linzer torte. The crust has so many almonds in it, it falls apart the moment her fork touches it, the seedy raspberry jam barely holding together. She eats it with her eyes closed, remembering.

Cullen gets a big fat wedge of apple pie. Then he orders a second, claiming it’s for later. It’s not for later, it’s for right now.

Josephine loves crème brulee and eats it so slowly, you wonder how it doesn’t spoil before she finishes it.

Blackwall likes a slab of Tres Leches, soft and milky and far too sweet. The creamy drops stick to his mustache and beard. He saves the single underripe strawberry for last, dragging it through the wet crumbs.

Vivienne gets a single scoop of gelato, perched in a glass bowl. Peach is her favorite. If it’s a special day, she’ll crumble an ameretti on top, smiling after every spoonful.

Solas gets a petit four. He picks a single one, perhaps an Opera cake, or maybe a petit four sec, a crispy, buttery pastry with sugar baked into the top. He eats it, waiting for about ten minutes before ordering two more. The chestnut puzzle pastries are his favorite, especially in Orlais, where they spin sugar into elaborate loops, decorating the top.

Dagna goes for a bowl of Korean Pat Bing Su. Shaved milk ice, red beans, cubed mochi, condensed milk, and a scoop of green tea ice cream in the middle. She never stops smiling as she digs in.

Harding always orders a palmier. Puff pastry, rolled and rolled in sugar, folded and sliced, baked until the sugar caramelizes and browns, the butter puffing out the layers. She always wants to get the rainbow cake, but she puts it off, always waiting for a special occasion that never arrives.

Cassandra picks up a passionfruit tart. She selects it, blushing. The tart is simple, a chocolate crust filled with passionfruit curd. She eats it while reading her favorite story, the one where the villan finally gets what’s coming to him. She doesn’t notice that she licks the spoon as she reads.

Varric loves donuts, especially Orlesian crullers. He gets about six at a time, telling himself it’s because the shop is so far away, he has to be sure to stock up. Never mind that the crullers don’t keep. He eats them all in one sitting, always swearing he’s not going to do this next time.

Sera walks in the shop, past the case of cookies, moving beyond the muffins and scones, pushing past the cases of petit fours and gets herself a hand pie. It’s filled with blackberries, gooey and sweet. She holds it in both hands, remembering when she was younger and bought pies just like this from a friendly seller in Denerim.

Neolithic Goddess

Figurines appear in the archaeological record throughout Europe, mainly in the South-east, South-west Asia, and the Mediterranean area from the Cyclades, Majorca, and Malta. Female figurines from the Neolithic and Copper Age Cyclades were first described as a group in the 1880′s but there was no attempt to link them to the goddess. From Central Europe to the  Near East during the Neolithic period archaeology has previously revealed thousands of anthropomorphic terracotta figurines, nearly all less than six inches high. 

Balkan figurines, and Greek, were kept inside habitations and hosed in special wall niches (Malone, 1993). In the Karanovo Culture many figurines are forms of the Bird Goddess, others a pregnant goddess, as well as zoomorphic and stiff nude figures. In the Starcevo Culture there also occur ornithomorphic vases dating from circa 5900-5800 BC.  The Cucuteni-Trypillian Culture flourished in the region of modern-day Romania, Moldova, and south west Ukraine from 500 to 2750 BC. This culture left behind numerous clay figures some of which represent the Mother Goddess.

This is my favorite figure!


Ta-da~!  I’ve finished the art for my Ryou Bakura and Thief King Bakura acrylic stands.  So, here are the mock ups for preview before I get my supply order in!

Really proud of them!  My goal was to fulfill the hole left by the official merchandise by the absence of an 1/8 scale figure of either Ryou or TKB.  So, why they may not be figures, these bad boys will be able to stand on your desk, bookshelf, or display case in their six inch high glory!

There’s also a def ying yang feel to them, they’re meant to compliment each other as a set! These are mockups, so the final product may differ a tiny bit.

Should be available to order on my Etsy no later than January 2017!  Stay tuned~!

I want to be an artsy girl. I want to dress in overalls and white trainers and put daisies in my hair, right beside the paintbrush holding it all in a messy bun. I want to doodle little patterns in the corners of the notebooks overflowing with short stories and poetry. I want to paint with watercolours on a small white canvas. I want to have that effortless, dreamy beauty of the artsy girls.

I want to be a badass girl. I want to wear leather jackets and knee-high boots with heels six inches tall. I want to wear red lipstick and eyeliner as sharp as my tongue. I want to have that honest approach to life. I want to break the hearts of all who see me and at the same time give all hope that the world isn’t such a deceptive place as we’ve all been led to believe. I want the harsh and in-your-face beauty of the badass girls.

I want to be a nerdy girl. I want to wear thick rimmed glasses and have my hair long and messy. I want to duck my head down as I enter dusty old secondhand bookstores and clutch a simple purse to my chest as I wonder if I have enough money to simply buy them all. I want to have my sturdy wooden desk covered with open books and pencil jars. I want order my usual black coffee at cafés and sit in the corner, half watching the people and half daydreaming about what could have led them to come into the store that morning. I want the faraway, intelligent beauty of the nerdy girls.

I want to be a preppy girl. I want to have large parties and dance to loud music. I want to dye my hair and wear heavy makeup and short skirts. I want to chat up the barista at the local coffee shop before heading off with my friends for some retail therapy. I want to sweep my hair up into a ponytail and swish it around when I walk. I want the casual beauty of the preppy girls.

I want to be a hipster girl. I want to visit the indie cafés and eat small meals of vegan food. I want to carry around a Pentax camera around my neck. I want to wear a plaid shirt and skinny jeans and go to outdoor music festivals and dance to indie bands. I want to wear my hair just shorter than my shoulders and flip it every time I open my mouth to speak. I want the suburban beauty of the hipster girls.

I want to be a rock n roll girl. I want to listen to records and dance to classic rock songs. I want to go to sold-out concerts with my friends and have the time of my life. I want to dance and sing and scream out to the bands for one more song for the fifth time that night. I want to cheer as they come back on stage. I want to go home that night feeling on top of the world, and do it all again the night after, even without the band and only the records. I want to wear red lipstick and ankle boots and sing until my throat hurts. I want the careless and free beauty of the rock n roll girls.

straight-to-county  asked:

Are you also disappointed at how Cassie and Marco's relationship ended with the series? Like, this series messed me up A LOT, and there are still some books I refuse to read (any with Taylor.) But I remember getting really angry at how Marco and Cassie described their friendship. It's just... I always felt they were disturbingly similar. Like, their train of thoughts were parallel... maybe I thought wrong. So yeah, what are your thoughts on those two and their relationship? Platonic or other.

I don’t know if you’ve ever read K.A Applegate’s AMA, but in it she says roughly that Cassie is based on herself (or most closely represents her personality) and Marco is based on/represents her husband and co-author Michael Grant. I found this fascinating because, at least as I read it, Cassie was the only character with whom Marco *didn’t* casually flirt. I think they love and care about each other as do all the Animorphs, but I also think they go through periods of strongly disliking each other. Marco becomes frustrated with Cassie’s refusal to see the big picture/her determination to save every little dandelion, and Cassie becomes angry with Marco’s willingness to sacrifice the individual/set aside ethical questions. 

BUT, by the time we’re in the late 30s/early 40s, while they still become frustrated with each other in the moment, they strongly respect and even rely on the other person to have an opposing POV. Moreover, Jake (and the others) rely on them to have differing points of view. Cassie and Marco understand that they are each other’s checks and balances, and because they see the world in such different ways they have a chance of both winning the war and retaining a small shred of the moral high ground. (Like maybe six inches of dirt, but still : ) 

Although all the Animorphs are occasionally uncomfortable with their roles on the team (in REALLY broad terms, Jake = leader, Rachel = fighter, Tobias = eyes in the sky, Ax = alien expert/non-human POV, Marco = strategist, Cassie = moral heart) I think Cassie and Marco are the LEAST uncomfortable because their roles align broadly with their ethical codes. Jake is buried under a mountain of guilt because of the people who are hurt/killed at his word, Rachel is horrified when she and others discover the monster inside herself, Ax is forced to represent an entire species of people who he’s not sure he believes in, and Tobias accepts but is still emotionally devastated by his isolation from humans. 

Marco and Cassie are as scarred and traumatized as the others, but unlike the others they’re able to more or less cling to their beliefs (again REALLY broadly: Cassie = treat others as you want to be treated and the world will be a better place, Marco = be objective and logical and ultimately everyone will be treated as equally as possible.) In other words, Cassie and Marco don’t discover any horrifying truths about themselves (like Rachel and Jake,) or constantly search for their senses of self because their identities are in flux (like Ax and Tobias.) Or if they do, it’s not to the degree that it happens with Rachel, Jake, Ax, and Tobias. 

Cassie says in #54 that she and Marco are the only survivors of the war. On the surface that could be seen as circumstantial (they didn’t have to sacrifice themselves like Rachel, they didn’t lose their only connection to humanity like Tobias, they didn’t make the decision to kill thousands of defenseless beings like Jake*,) but when you step back and look at it from a distance, you realize that those circumstances only exist because of who Cassie and Marco are. If Jake had died, Cassie would have been devastated but ultimately would have stayed connected and lived. If Jake asked Marco to kill Tom, he wouldn’t have gone into straight battle like Rachel, he would have finessed himself into a situation where he guaranteed Tom’s death before anyone else, and only taken on others if he felt like he had a chance. Cassie and Marco are the only survivors because, intentionally or not, Rachel, Tobias, Ax, and especially Jake allowed them to keep being themselves. On the flip side, the Animorphs needed Cassie and Marco to keep being themselves, because they needed the voice of cold reason (Marco) and the voice of compassion (Cassie) for the team to function. 

So what do I think of Cassie and Marco’s relationship? I think they are the poles holding up either end of the tightrope, and once the tightrope is gone, there’s nothing to connect them. They have a wealth of shared experiences, but at the end of the day, because they retained their senses of self at the end of the war, they are two people who see the world VERY differently and want different things from life. If Cassie or Marco called one another up and said they needed help, the other one would be there ASAP, no questions asked, for as long as possible, as many times as necessary. But they’re not going to hang out and get coffee. Because the harsh truth is, if they started discussing the war, they’d probably become very angry with each other’s memories and perspectives. Because they’re flip sides of a coin. And that’s what let the Animorphs win the war. 

*I think we all know that decision was as much Marco and Ax’s as it was Jake’s. But apparently Jake (and the rest of the world) sorta forget that. 

Pain Soulmate!AU - Calum 5SOS Imagine/Preference

Everyday you woke up with new bruises, not entirely sure where they came from. Part of you just assumed that your soulmate was clumsy, but even then they didn’t quite make sense. How does someone even bruise their ankle? Everyday after school around four, you would feel your ankles hurt. Sometimes you’d feel a sharp pain, like someone kicked you in the shin, and moments later you’d see a bump where you felt the pain before. You learned to just deal with the bumps and bruises, but you couldn’t help but wonder what you soulmate was doing.

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Tease (Mino Smut)

Mino had had enough of your teasing. He knew that this was something that you were extremely good at. Considering he was the first man that has ever touched you he knew that teasing was the only type of freaky thing you had experience in. For months he would watch you casually flirt with his friends. You would throw your hair over your shoulder and lean forward slightly revealing just a tiny bit of cleavage. He would watch you walk away when his friends would try to come on to you. He’d admire the way your hips swung slightly as you walked away in your six inch high heels. He’d always admired your ability to make the men around you dangle and drool over you without having to take your clothes off. 

But he didn’t admire that when your teasing was directed at him. He hated when you did suggestive things but acted as if you had no idea of your effect on him. He hated when you bit your lip and when you wore your necklace low so that the pendant was hovering over your chest. He hated when you wore tight clothes and low v cuts. He hated when you made him horny and walked away like you weren’t just grinding on him a second ago. He hated it. 

You had just been straddling his hips. Mino looked up at you a tiny bit surprised at your sudden dominance- usually he was the one that started. He was always the one that cupped your face and brought your lips together. He was always the one that put his hand on your thigh and squeezed letting you know he was in the mood. It was different that you had started it this time considering you were still a bit shy towards him. But there you were on top of him grinding on  him. You had both palms flat on his broad chest as you gently pressed kisses on his clenched jaw. Mino groaned at the feeling and felt himself harden beneath you. 

As soon as you felt his hard on beneath you, you smirked and stood up. Or at least tried to. Mino’s arms shot up and grabbed you by the hips, forcefully pulling you back down on to him. You looked into his eyes in surprise and noticed that his brown orbs have darkened with lust and fury. 

“I know you were not about to just do that,” Mino hissed angrily. 

You cocked your head to the side, “Do what?” you asked innocently. 

“Don’t tease me,” he warned. 

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Would you do an Exo reaction to their s/o getting shy when they take her to slow dance?

Story time kids: at my freshman homecoming I slow danced with a guy and he felt the need to share that he got a boner in the middle of the dance and I kept dancing with him (there was like at least six inches between us). I then avoided him for most of high school. 

You can find this reaction here lovely!

Wtf did you just fucking say about me, you littl prep? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in Hogwarts, and Iv been involved in numrous secret evil dark goffik raids on Volfemort’s layer, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in curses and I’m the top vampire in the entire hose of Slytherin. You are nothing to me but just another preppy flaming poser. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which haz never been seen before on this deprzzing Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am wearing a black leather minidress with prple lacing up the front and bak and torn black Marilyn Manson tights and knee-high black boots wif six-inch platforms. I am wearing white foundation and black eyeliner and black lipstik and red contacts. I am wearing fishnet gloves and three pairz of spike earings in my ears. I am contakting my secret network of goffs akross England and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare 4 the storm, prep. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over 700 ways, and that’s just with my wand, which is kewl and goffik and has MCR writtn on it. Not only am I extensively trained in magic, but I have access to every Hot Topic store in existence and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable preppy ass of the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution (geddit? unholy? cuz im a satanits) your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue insted of flamming. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn prep. I will shit ( AN: but not like really because thats gross ill just bleed it) blazing hot powerful (kinda like me) fury all over you and you will drown in it. Your fucking dead, prep.

-Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven fucking Way

“Let’s say if there’s one statue at the plaza of a hero who helped or protected our country, there are hundreds of thousands of individuals who helped him and worked with him, and there’s no recognition for them. So in my sculpture, ‘Public Figures,’ I had around six hundred small figures, twelve inches high, six different shapes, both male and female, of different ethnicities.“

-  Do-Ho Suh