six flags: magic mountain

  • ***in Episode 45 of the Pokemon playthrough***
  • Danny: I won't talk, like, numbers or anything like this, but like just to show everyone what a fucking awesome guy you are. Uh, before i joined the show, and I was unemployed, I had just moved to LA. Ninja Sex Party the red, shall we say? And like, needed cash to stay afloat. And we were gonna do a Kickstarter! And I told you about it; and you were like, "Dude, I'll just give you that." And, like...I almost cried. 'Cuz it was so fucking awesome of you.
  • Arin: Wasn't that in line at...?
  • Danny: It was on line for the X2!
  • Arin: *laughing* At Magic Mountain!
  • Danny: At Six Flags Magic Mountain!
  • Arin: We were getting all pumped and then we got real!
  • Danny: Yeah, and then I got very emotional; and THEN I flew on a roller coaster at 80 miles an hour backwards through fire!
  • Arin: And saw God.
  • Danny: Hooooly shit, that was a terrifying roller coaster. And I'm just grateful that I got a job right after that, like a week later. And then I got this job - the greatest job of all time - and then I didn't need that anymore. So I never actually needed...'cuz I hate borrowing money from friends.
  • Arin: Well whatever, it wouldn't be borrowing it, you'd just have it.
  • Danny: Well that'd be even worse, because...I couldn't accept that amount of money without feeling like I owed you...a great debt.
  • Arin: Yeah but here's the thing, you're my friend.
  • Danny: I know.
  • Arin: And that's just a thing that friends do.
  • Danny: You're a very rare and special guy, Arin. I don't think that's a thing that a lot of friends would do.
  • Arin: Well, then...fuck them.
  • Danny: Right?!
  • Arin: What do they know about friendship?

permanentguitar  asked:

i feel like i need you to tell us how shawn would be on a first date with a girl who he's really, really into. a girl who he never thought would give him the time of day and who he STILL can't believe he gets to take out.

So i think he’d be super worried about falling into the cliche trap of “this first date with the girl i’ve been crushing on forever is way too fancy, so it’s awkward and it’s like we have nothing to talk about” because, you know, he’s waited so long to take her out. he absolutely doesn’t want her thinking he’s boring. he’s a fucking rock star, right?

but, you know, he also doesn’t want to act like a pretentious rock star either. he thinks something too boisterous, something that showed off his money a little too much wouldn’t be cool either, even if he really wants to rent out the entire six flags magic mountain for a day for her. that’d be beyond lavish and definitely into creepy territory. 

so he decides to book a little roller rink instead. he’s not really that great at rollerskating, but she said once in one of their earlier texts that the skate parties she went to in middle school were her favorites. he knows she’s good at skating, bother roller and ice, because she grew up dancing and taking yoga. he hopes she won’t mind having to guide him, because his balance is basically shit. 

she laughs when they pull up to the roller rink, says, “I can’t believe you remembered!” with an excited grin splitting her lips. it makes his heart skip a beat and he’s not sure he’ll be able make his feet work to just get out of the jeep, let alone to actually figure out how to skate. but she’s out of the car before he can even reply. 

(and it’s probably a good thing, too, because he was on the verge of admitting, “I remember everything you tell me.” 

talk about creepy.)

after they’ve gotten their skates from the one guy Shawn hired to work the place open for them, she’s already gliding around him on the carpet of the locker room while he’s still struggling with lacing his first skate. she pauses after a moment, like her thoughts have finally caught up with her. she watches him stuff his foot into his second skate, then furrows her brow. 

“Did you rent this place out for just us?” 

and shit. he was kind of hoping she wouldn’t notice until he’d maybe managed to skate his way to the actual rink. his fingers almost slip on his laces before he looks up at her.

he wets his lower lip, then gives her a soft shrug as the corner of his lips tug up into a slight smile. 

says, “I hope that’s okay. I thought you might want to DJ,” because he knows she has an affinity for requesting songs wherever she goes and there’s someone playing music. 

he doesn’t tell her the second part though. he really needs to come off cool. he’s finally like, some what quasi-cool now, if only because he’s famous, and he needs to learn how to bring his new found cool-factor to his dating life. he needs her to want to see him again. 

she drops to her knees and helps him with his second skate, even more desperate to pull him onto the rink now that she knows she’s in full control of the playlist. 

so after maybe thirty minutes of keeping her small hands wrapped around his wrist and forearm so she can guide him in circles around the rink, he pulls his hand from her (despite how it pains him). he leans back against the half-wall that surrounds the rink, grips it tightly on either side of him with his elbows digging down into the brick for stability.

he hopes his tenuous grasp on balance isn’t too painfully obvious as he says, “You should do some laps without me,” because he knows he’s holding her back. he also wants to watch her skate. he’ll admit to the former but you won’t catch him telling her the latter. she’ll probably figure it out, anyway. 

so she skates to dancing queen by ABBA and with you by jessica simpson, then decides to come to a short stop in front of him when spice up your life by the spice girls starts echoing through the speakers. 

“don’t you wanna slam, shake, and shimmy with me?” 

so fucking badly

“I think I’ll probably fall on my face,” he laughs, instead. 

“That’s okay. I don’t mind taking it slow for you, grandpa.” 

she’s smirking at him as she skates forward, and he feels his mouth go dry when her fingers slip into the belt loops of his jeans and she tugs at him, just gently enough to pull his hips closer to hers, but not hard enough to make him slip away from the wall. 

she’s just looking up at him, smiling, her hips swaying almost imperceptibly to the beat of the music, and he can’t stop himself from ruining their date. he has to kiss her. 

he tightens his grip on the wall, digs the toe of his skate into the rink, and prays his balance holds up while he presses his lips to hers. 

it’s not until her fingers are tightening in his belt loops and one of her skate-clade feet slides between his so she can kiss him back that he thinks maybe he’s not so totally terrible at dating, after all. 

(or maybe he still is. but he doesn’t care as long as she’s the one he’s dating.)