six flags: great adventure

Please fire me. I’m a bouncy castle operator and was yelled at today by a parent because I wouldn’t let their 10-year-old 160 lb. kid on the bouncy castle with the 3-year-olds.

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"I am not even sorry." From four words prom list? Something crazy, funny and fluff? 💝 Thanks

i hope this is what you were looking for!!!

I wrenched my key out of the door to our flat and then slammed it shut behind me. Kicking my shoes off, slamming down my keys and my bag trying to make as much noise as possible.

“Baby?” Harry came into view, sweats on and a t-shirt. It had been his day off. “You alright?”

I raised my eyebrows at him as I flung my coat over the nearest piece of furniture.

He nodded, “Right, obviously not.”

He watched and followed me, as I silently fumed, dragging my bag and coat behind me which Harry hurriedly took from me when I looked ready to fling them again. “Do yeh want to talk about it?”

I flopped on the bed and stared at the ceiling, “It’s just going to make you upset.”

He lay down on the bed next to me, “Well now you have to tell me.”

“That guy Ron made a… suggestive comment to me again today.”

Harry immediately stood up, “Are ya jokin’? That’s the third time this has happened this month alone!” I waited for him to calm down. I was seething myself and I didn’t want to feed off his energy and do something irrational. “Did you report him?”

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So the new ride this season at Six Flags Great Adventure is ‘The Joker,” which is a weird rollercoaster thing. I’m a sucker for coasters so I went back into the park after work to ride it and actually kind of lost my shit walking through the line queue. LOOK WHO WAS THERE

The park IS NOT known for its ability tho theme things so I was elated to see all these different batman villains, it was a really nice surprise. To my excitement, they also redid the coaster next to Joker and named it “Harley Quinn’s Crazy Train,” and put in a small batman villain themed shop. I really hope they keep it up because tbh the totally unexpected large poster of THE PROFESSOR OF FEAR made my day and if I can just go to work every day and be surrounded by DC characters that’d be great ok

Six Flags // Day 2

For: Rucas Fic Week 2017
Day Two: Hand holding
Word Count: 1,775

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Lucas’ stomach filled with butterflies of nervousness as their school bus pulled into the parking lot of the amusement park. Every year, seniors have what is known as “field day” or what the students like to call “senior skip day” where the entire 12th grade class gets to go on a trip together to sort of celebrate the end of their high school career.  

Each year is something different. Last year the seniors went to Misquamicut State Beach up in Rhode Island but this year the student council, which happened to include his girlfriend Riley, opted to go to Six Flags Great Adventures in New Jersey.  

Everyone seemed to be giddy with excitement as they unloaded the bus and made their way to the park entrance. Everyone except Lucas that is. He could clearly hear the screams of the passengers on the rides behind the gates and a sinking feeling crept into his chest.  

He usually avoided amusement parks at all costs but seeing how happy Riley was to be going he knew he couldn’t cop out of this one. He loved being in water or anything that stayed low to the ground but anything else was a no go. His fear of heights stemmed from a bad experience he had as a kid at a low rank carnival. One of the rides malfunctioned while they were up in the air, thankfully no one got hurt but it still left him pretty scarred.  

“This is going to be so much fun.” Riley nudges him in the side, causing him to nearly jump out of his skin. “Yeah, fun.” He takes a deep breath, taking her hand in his. Almost instantly he feels at ease. Like the warmth and softness of her hand is enough to keep his fears at bay.  

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So my family and I went to Six Flags Great Adventure a couple weeks ago and guess what? The line for Batman: The Ride was literally EMPTY while there were huge lines for the Green Lantern ride and the Superman ride. I feel like this something the Batkids and Hal (and lowkey Clark) would never let Bruce live down

Bruce would be getting texts about it for months after. Not even texts, just the picture of the empty line corral. Hal would for sure just randomly bring it up at League meetings for actual months after.