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from afar pt six // jughead jones au

from afar // the one where she finds out


summary: (Y/N) needs a wedding date. jughead is the only one available. small problem-they aren’t on good terms.

words: 1,316

(((author’s note: since i didn’t release a new part for two days despite saying i would release a new part daily, i decided to release two today!! so enjoy part six.)))

“Close the fucking curtains, Forsythe. I’m dying here.” she groaned as the light shone directly into her eyes.

“Shouldn’t have drank so much last night then, sweet cheeks.”

“I don’t need you to go off at me.”

“Sorry, sweet cheeks.” he grinned, walking towards the bathroom door “By the way, dad says thank you for the compliment.”

“No way!” (Y/N) pushed herself up “What did I say about FP?”

“I just want to tell him his dad is hot.” He mimicked her “I can’t forget ‘FP Jones is a hot human.’”

“And you actually told him?”

“Of course, I did, sweet cheeks. Dad deserved to know.”

“Next time, please let me speak to him instead.”

“And why would I do that, sweet cheeks?”

“Because your dad is single.” She laughed “And hot.”

“Thank God, you’re still alive.” Archie commented as (Y/N) joined them on the patio.

“How are you feeling, Mon?”


“How’s FP, (Y/N)?” Betty teased, nudging her playful.

“Who’s that?” Montana asked, perking up slightly.

“My d-”

However he was cut off by (Y/N) “The hottest dad to ever grace my life. His genetics are something else.”

“As I was saying, he’s my father.”

Montana pushed her glasses down, scanning Jughead.

“I approve, (Y/N), but I want to see the father.”

Jughead groaned as (Y/N) unlocked her phone, swiping for a short second before bringing her phone up for Montana to see.

“The wedding is cancelled and I’m going back to Riverdale with these to meet that fine man.” Montana exclaimed.

“His son’s a lot more fine though.” (Y/N) nodded, leaning into Jughead’s side.

“You two make me sick.” Archie winked at the pair.

“Momma!” (Y/N) shouted “Me and Jughead are cooking dinner tonight. You and Dad can get your feet up.”

“(Y/N), sweetie, I’m okay with the cooking.”

“Don’t worry about it, Mrs. (L/N), we’ve got this.”

“Jughead, we don’t need that for lasagna.” (Y/N) groaned “Put it back.”

“But sweet cheeks, what if I want to snack on a carrot?”

“Buy it with your own money then.”

The pair entered the meat aisle and Jughead reacted with a groan.

“I decided I’m becoming a vegan.” He paused for a few seconds “Starting…NOW!”

His shout got the other shoppers’ attention, which ultimately lead to (Y/N)’s cheeks to heat up and turn a crimson shade.

“Forsythe, don’t be a twat, we all know you’d miss the milkshakes at Pop’s too much.”

“Ugh, fine. We’ll have meat in the lasagna.”


“Shut up.”

“Sorry, sweet cheeks.”

“Jughead, can you get the hair out of my face, please?”

“You know, I’ve thought of holding your hair back for other reasons.” He smirked

“I literally have a knife in my hands.”

“I’m loving the apron look, Forsythe.”

“I’m actually naked underneath this.”

“You disgust me.”

“Ah, so you’ve discussed me.”

“I was expecting to walk into a crime scene but you two seem to be getting along.” Archie shook his head “I can’t believe it. My two closest friends are getting along for the first time in forever.”

“You underestimate us.” Jughead chuckled.

(Y/N) burst out into fits of laughter as she walked back into the kitchen to Jughead dancing along to ‘Dancing Queen’ by ABBA.

His head snapped to face her, his face immediately turning red. “You did not see that.”

“That was the whitest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“I hate you.”

“No, you don’t.”

“That lasagna looks crisp.”

“Thanks papa! I did most of the work.” (Y/N) grinned, engulfing her father into a hug “How was work?”

“Tiring. Get me retired ASAP.”

“You won’t be saying that once you retire, Pa.”

“Jughead suggested we make white lasagna and I literally nearly broke up with him.” (Y/N) grimaced.

“But we didn’t because I don’t know how to say no to you.”

“Remember when we actually liked each other?” (Y/N)’s mom spoke up, looking her husband in the eye.

“Kevin! I’m missing you, boo.”

“Miss you too but okay, keep me updated, what’s with the cutesy pictures from Six Flags that your brother tagged you in?”

“Well, are the photos convincing?”

“You both look disgustingly in love.”

“How’s my child?”

“Reginald took him for a walk.”

“God, he’s so whipped for me.”

“You wish.”

“Tell Reg, I miss him and can’t wait to see Chester.”

“Why did you two name your dog Chester?”

“After Chester Cheetah, of course.”

“God, you make me sick.” Kevin gagged “You and Jones deserve each other.”

“If you two have babies, I better be the godfather.”

“I don’t even like him like that.”

“Oh but darling, he likes you like that.”

“We’re going for a late night drive. Get in the car.” Betty burst into the room, interrupting the silence that fell between Jughead and (Y/N).

“Alright, let me quickly change.”

“I think Niall is starting to get suspicious.” Archie gazed at (Y/N) through the rear-view mirror.

“What do you mean?”

“Whilst you and Jughead were grocery shopping, he came around and mentioned that you guys weren’t being affectionate.”

“You took us for a drive to tell us that when you could’ve just mentioned it in my room.”

“I didn’t want anyone hearing.”

“Basically, what my boyfriend is trying to say is you guys need to up your PDA.”

“But, I don’t really want to make out in front of my family. Thats, like, weird.”

“You’ve done it once, all you need to do is do it again.”

Betty nodded “In front of Niall, specifically”

“Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy it the first time, sweet cheeks.”

“I’m just trying so hard to control myself around you.” she scoffed.

“Good to know you appreciate me, sweet cheeks.”

“Don’t jump to conclusions, darling. My respect for you flew out the window once you suggested white lasagna.”

“Hey, since we’re in the car, can I get a Taco Bell?” (Y/N) poked her head in between the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat.

Archie groaned but nodded before taking a turn towards the main roads, exiting the country lanes.

“So why does your cousins have such Irish names?”

“You mean Niall and Niamh?”

“Yeah, they’re the only cousins of yours I’ve met.”

“Don’t get clever, Forsythe. I was just clarifying.”

“So why do they?”

“Their father is Irish.”


“Hide-out hill in ten?”

“See you then.”

“Arch, I don’t know how she does it.”

“What do you mean?”

“She makes me feel like I’m in one of those stupid romcoms you two watch with each other.”

“First of all, romantic comedies are not stupid, they are a work of art. Secondly, you bottled your true emotions for a good odd years, opening up will make you feel giddy.”

“I agreed on this trip, thinking I’d watch her crash and burn and enjoy it whilst she screams but here I am now, wanting to hold her hand and make her feel all nice and shit.”

“You gotta say something, dude. It’ll eat you up if you don’t.”

“What can I say? Oh I know, maybe I could be like. Hey, (Y/N), by the way, I know that rule one is no catching feelings but fuck the rules because I think I’ve always known that I’ve liked you and hey, if it’s not mutual, I can just like you from afar and we can go back to not speaking and you can go back to flirting with Reggie at every possible minute because that guy is tall and have you seen his face? God, it looks like an angel carved it. Heck, if you don’t like me back, I may just move on to Reggie.”

“Okay, Jughead, bro. You can breathe.”

As Archie spoke, his eyes locked with (Y/N)’s. Her instant reaction was to press her pointer finger against her lips, walking away from the hill as quietly as possible.

“Betty!” (Y/N) whispered, as she bumped into the girl at the patio doors “Forsythe Jones caught feelings.”

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