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The uf cast react to going to six flags (It's an amusement park if u don't know. ) plus, what's their favorite ride?

(* I actually go to Six Flags every year for my birthday, so this prompt made me happy.  And.. kinda sad at the same time because I’m out of friends to go with that ride roller coasters.  I mean, I’d ride with Paps and Undyne any day.
All of the rides are based on Six Flags over Georgia’s. )


He’s not a fan of the crowds at all, and that puts him in a bad mood at the start.  However, he slowly starts to warm up to the place, despite the stares he’s receiving from children.

Sans likes the Dare Devil Dive.  It starts off with a slow vertical rise that lets him just relax back in his seat.. and once he starts to dose, he gets a sudden rush of adrenaline as it dives down and glides smoothly through the loops and curves.  

He’s also a big fan of the Sky Buckets because it’s a nice way to get from one end of the park to the other, and he gets a nice view.  He’s staying away from his brother because he doesn’t want to get roped into his extreme pace.  Nah, Sans likes to enjoy the park at his leisure.  


Edgy wants to ride EVERYTHING.  It becomes a competition with Undyne to prove who can withstand the most rides on a roller coaster back-to-back without puking–and THE TERRIBLE PAPYRUS does not puke!  
Some of the rides, however, do make him nervous, but he’s too determined to prove he’s a badass to let it outwardly show.

His favorite ride is the Batman.  His leg legs get to dangle, and although it’s a long walk to the actual ride each time, he enjoys the dark atmosphere they have set up.  


He stays away from anything and everything to do with water, even when Sans made a few jokes about how he could cool down if he rode them.  The sweltering heat doesn’t even phase him, but he’s drawing quite a few stares from the crowd.  

He ends up going on the Blue Hawk, but the loops and cork screws make his stomach roll a bit, so he sticks to either walking around with Sans or checking out the restaurants.  This seems like a good place to open one up, and while he wants to chat with the managers about the prospect, he gets distracted flirting with the customers.  

Grillby becomes an attraction all of his own.


While Undyne inherently enjoys any and all of the water rides in the park, she’s got real itch for some adrenaline-pumping rides.  She’s trying to one-up Papyrus the entire time, and she’s setting a brutal pace through the park for him to follow.  Sans and Alphys are left to their own devices on this one. 

She loves the Superman: Ultimate Flight.  It’s a real rush to be hurtling through the air face-first with her arms out in front of her.  While she’s whooping in excitement, Papyrus is trying to be as quiet as possible because he really wants to just scream.


Alphys likes Thunder River.  The ride in the giant inner tube along the water is pleasant and doesn’t make her sick–and the water feels nice on her scales.  The waterfalls remind her of all the time she spent in the Dump, providing nostalgia.  She’s prone to motion sickness, but apparently, that sea sickness isn’t a thing.  Considering she’s dating Undyne, that’s a good thing to discover.

Other than that, she spends her time buying over-priced commemorative cups and trying to win plushies.  Like Sans, she doesn’t like crowds; she gets anxiety-attacks, so she spends a good deal of her time following Mettaton around.


He doesn’t really ride anything.  He ended up on Acrophobia by mistake (he thought it would be a good way to get the layout of the park), and when the ride plummeted down, he ended up screaming “OHHH NOOO!”  His body nearly blew a circuit.

Instead, he spends his time looking through the shops and trying to figure out who he needs to talk to about getting his merchandise sold here.  Does he need a ride of his own?  Well, he’s about to map out the whole thing for them.  In fact, a roller coaster that goes through the different portions of a re-envisioned Underground sounds like a great tourist attraction to him!  And by re-envisioned, he of course means that each part will have homages to his career.

By the end of the day, he can be found by the gates, posing for pictures with people.  Most of the humans don’t know who he is, but from the way he carries himself, they assume he’s a celebrity.  


Tori enjoys the Monster Mansion ride.  The monsters aren’t depicted as monstrous there, and the children that ride the boat through the mansion don’t appear afraid of them.  It’s a nice look at what could be between the humans and the monsters, and Toriel enjoys watching the animatronics move to the music.  She’s not even offended.

Asgore tries to win her something, and she’s not impressed.


The Overlord is all about the Goliath.  Not only is it a fitting name for someone of his massive stature, but the roller coaster goes fast and gives him a rush.  

Other than that, he likes the Log Jamboree because it provides a nice rush when it drops, but also splashes water all over him.  Walking around the park with so much fur is HOT, so he likes to cool down with any rides involving water.  

He goes on the Monster Mansion ride with Toriel, but he ends up getting stuck in the boat and capsizing it into the water.  She’s mortified.