six flags california

Sharing Your Birthday/Amusement Park: Mark

Summary: You and Mark have liked each other for a while and he is determined to make it known.
Request: Open

You rip another piece of cotton candy from the stick and place it in your mouth with your eyes closed and a wide smile. Mark runs up behind you and pulls you into his chest. He sets his chin on your shoulder and peers down at the half gone cotton candy. 

“Happy Birthday (Y/N)!”

You roll your eyes he had been telling you that all day long. “Mark, will you stop saying that?”

“How could I not when you were born today? No other day could be this amazing.”

You smile and pop a piece into his mouth. He pulls away and drags you over to where his family and friends all sat. You sit next to his brother Joey and begin a conversation about a TV show and Mark lays his back against your shoulder as he talks to one of his friends. Without your knowledge Yugyeom, who decided to spend some of the summer with Mark’s family, started snapping pictures of both of you. The caption was, “Happy Birthday Mark and (Y/N) nothing could be more adorable than sharing a birthday!”

Your phone buzzes and you see that Yugyeom has tagged you in a photo. You smile and like the picture Mark notices and smiles down at you. His eyes rest on your lips for the split second you took to tie up your hair from the intense heat. “Hey (Y/N) come with me I want to get something!” You nod and let Mark pull you to a gift shop. You look around at all the cringe worthy tourist merchandise with California on it as Mark looks at things that say “Happy Birthday” on it. He tries one child’s hat on you but it doesn’t fit.

“Ugh your heads so big.” he chuckles. You squint and swat his arm earning a laugh. He finally see’s a plain red baseball cap and decides to buy it and a sharpie marker. Once outside he walks over to a bench and scribbles Korean onto the hat and places it on your head. 

“Hey why’d you put Korean? I can’t understand Korean.”

“Oh,” Mark says trying to think up an excuse, “Well It’s you know force of habit…Anyway it says happy birthday!”

“Ugh Mark!”


“Nothing let’s go!”

“Hold on!” He says and places a blue hat on his own head but with different writing. 

You scrunch your face and raise a brow. “What does yours say?”

“Happy Birthday.”

“Mhmm, then why are the characters different from mine?”

“Oh cause mine say’s Mark duh!” Mark replies quick on his feet this time. You shrugged and asked a passerby to snap a picture of you both. You each post it to instagram saying Happy Birthday to the other then walk back to the group Yugyeom notices your hats and eyes them long enough for you to notice.

“What Yugy?”

“Uhh nothing.” he says playing with his food.

Your eyes go to the front of the cap and you slip it off. “Yugyeom what does this hat say?”

“Oh it says Six Flags California in Korean.” he replies trying to save himself from trouble. Mark slaps himself in the face and you grab Yugyeom’s ear. “Ahh AHH NOONA okay okay it say you’re Mark’s Girlfriend!”

“Yugyeom!” Mark shouts.

“What?” you scream and cover your now hot cheeks.

“Ugh come here.” Mark grabs your hands and drags you back over to the cotton candy concession stand and intertwines you fingers. “(Y/N) are you mad at me?”

You look up at him and start giggling like a 12 year old. “Nope but question your hat says ‘(Y/n) boyfriend right?”


“Good!” You say and start walking back. 

“Wait, maybe I should re-write them in English so no more guys will ask for your number!” he calls out.

You turn and place your hands on your chin as if thinking this over, “Or maybe I could just tell them it says ‘P for free’.” 

Mark’s smile fades and he begins to chase after you. You run but he catches you quick. After both your laughter stops he buries his head into your neck. “Happy Birthday (Y/N).”

“Happy Birthday Mark.”