six feet of sunshine

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Not sure if you're still doing this but: imagine that Bitty is really sick during a game near the end of the season. His brother just so happens to be on campus, so hijinks occur and now Jamie Bittle is attempting to play a game of hockey~~

Dex and Nursey leaned on their sticks and watched the proceedings with interest.

“We could totally make a play out of this.”

Dex leveled a long, hard look at his fellow D-man. “He can’t skate in a straight line.”

“It’ll confuse the other team, though.”

“Bitty’s jersey looks like a crop top on him.”

“No one will notice.”

Someone would notice. That kinda shit’s against the rules. All of the rules.”

Nursey grinned, even while Jamie’s borrowed skates slowly slid out from under him. It was like watching a fawn try to cross a frozen lake. If that fawn was 200 pounds and six feet of Georgian sunshine with a voice like a bullhorn and a can-do attitude. “C’mon, Dex! Where’s your sense of adventure?”

“Is he…? He’s using his stick to keep balance. Great.”

Nursey only just got his phone out in time to capture the hockey stick bowing under Jamie’s weight and then skittering across the ice while the man itself thwapped painfully on his front. He attached the video to a message, the caption reading get well soon and hit send.

“You alright, Bittle?” Dex called.

“Yeah, Dad,” Jamie groaned, waving a thumbs up.

Across campus, Bitty slapped at his bedspread until he found the lump that kept buzzing at him. He squinted at the screen, a wad of tissue pressed to his nose, sinuses pounding. He squinted a bit harder. “What in the deep fried hell?” he muttered.