six favourites photos

prompt: Riley Matthews’ six favourite photos and the stories that go with them.


Summer vacation had just begun and the five friends (Zay was visiting family in Texas) had no idea what they should do. They had planned for this summer to be their best one yet, but they had no idea how to make it amazing. So, they were sitting in Topanga’s ome Wednesday morning, some talking, some on their phones, when Riley let out her signature, “Yayyyyyyy.”

The friends turned to look at her with questioning looks.

“I know what we should do this summer!” She squealed. “There’s a music festival this weekend not far from here. We HAVE to go.”

“A music festival? Is that fun?” asked Smackle. Obviously she’s never been to one, Riley thought. Even MORE yay.

“That it is, Smackle.” said Maya.

“Okay well, I have nothing better to do this summer. Let’s do it!” Farkle smiled.

So Riley went home and convinced her parents to let her go, on one condition of course, Uncle Josh had to come “chaperone”. Even though Riley knew he’s not much of a chaperone, she didn’t mention that to her parents. Uncle Josh was responsible, but he would probably just have fun with them so she didn’t mind him coming, Afterall, it would be nice to spend sometime with her favourite uncle. They hadn’t been spending much time together since he started college and she started high school, and she had to say she missed him. 

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Favourite books of 2016 (3/5):

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (review)

This book absolutely blew me away! It was so fast paced, so beautifully written, so amazing and engrossing, I can’t properly express it. If you have not picked it up yet, I very strongly urge you to do so. And then read the sequel (whichI haven’t yet, because money) because I’ve heard amazing things about it!