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What up y’all I’m Jack Barakat and these are my six favorite pictures. I play the banjo in All Time Low, which pays three shillings an hour so I can support my lovely family: me ofc, my ride or die Alex, and our lil one Annabelle. I don’t know what else to say so now I’m just filling up space to make this look interesting and long enough. Talk to me on GH: jackbarakathateblog

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Name: Svea

Nicknames: Shan, Shanny, Gregory, Banana, Samuel L. Jackson

Birthdate: March 4 1998

Height: 162 cm

Ethnicity: German (is that what is meant by ethnicity??)

Orientation: bisexual

Favorite fruits: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries

Favorite season: summer

Favorite book: Harry Potter, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Six of Crows, The Great Gatsby…

Favorite flower: rose, narcissus

Favorite scent: uhm, i really don’t know haha

Favorite animals: cats

Favorite beverage: iced tea, amongst many others

Average hours of sleep: 7

Favorite fictional characters: here we go! Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Hermione Granger, Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Claire Underwood, Edward Meechum, everyone from the gang in Six of Crows, everyone on Team Avatar from ATLA, Basil Hallward, Greg Lestrade, Finn, Poe, Rey, and honestly so many more

Number of blankets: 1 atm

Dream trip: Dublin

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Gal Gadot Appreciation Week :) we decided to create this week to spread more Gal love around here, so let’s show Gal some love!

The Appreciation Week will begin on Monday, June 20th to Sunday, June 26th.

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  • Day five: Favorite appearance
  • Day six: Favorite social media picture
  • Day seven: Free choice

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20 day shinee challenge

This is just something I put together from various other challenges, yee. If anyone wants to use this (which I highly doubt), feel free to reblog ^^ But please don’t repost ♥ 

day one - your ultimate bias
day two - your top otp
day three - bias list ruiner
day four - favorite picture of your bias
day five - favorite song
day six - favorite teaser picture
day seven - favorite album
day eight - favorite photoshoot
day nine - favorite music video
day ten - favorite performance
day eleven - favorite outfit
day twelve - favorite hairstyle
day thirteen - favorite era
day fourteen - favorite variety show
day fifteen - favorite cf
day sixteen - favorite lyric
day seventeen - favorite hello baby moment
day eighteen - favorite ballad
day nineteen - favorite quote
day twenty - favorite group picture

Updated Master List


5 Seconds Of Summer:

How He Cuddles With You

How He Kisses You

How He Turns You On

All Time Low:

How He Cuddles With You

Asking Alexandria:

How They Make You Smile

How They Look At You

Of Mice And Men:

How He Cuddles With You

How They Turn You On

Pierce The Veil

How He Looks When He Sees You For The First Time

How He Kisses You

How He Cuddles With You

How He Turns You On

Unrelated Preferences:

Fantastic Foursome - How He Smiles When You Tell Him A Joke/ Make Him Laugh

All Time Low:


Happy Birthday

Pictures- (smut)

Hated - (possible trigger warning)



Age Difference

Pregnant Sex - (smut)

Visited At Hospital

Mr Barakat - (smut)

Temporary Break up

Double Date


You’re Beautiful

Best Friends


Pizza And Disney


Leave Him

Spy - (smutty)

The Shy Couple

 Be Quiet And Let Me Relax - Written by i-love-ptv-bmth-atl

Adoption - (Possible Trigger Warning)

I Don’t Want To Lose You

A Day To Remember:

It’s Been A Long Time Coming - Written By injoyandsorrow

Lazy Day

Asking Alexandria:


Broken Down

Stop The Wedding 

Clumsy Bride

Watching The Sunset - (smut)

Happy Birthday, Danny

Meet The Family


Set Up

You Don’t Notice

I Care

Avenged Sevenfold:

Let’s Just Leave

Bring Me The Horizon:

No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached - Part Two

Jealous of an Ex

Not Yet

Not Yet -Part Two (smut)

Language Barrier

Rough Night At Home -(smut)


You Saved My Life - (Possible Trigger Warning)


Caught In The Bathroom - (slight smut)


Nose Bleed 


What About Dinner?

I’m Pregnant, Matt

Crashing At Yours


Run Away With Me

Getting Caught- (slight smut) 

Movie Night


Black Veil Brides:

Unlikely Relationship

I Like You

Bless The Fall:

Teased By The Band



Sick Days


With Or Without Scars

Back From Tour

Chelsea Grin:


Operation Free Drinks

Crown The Empire:

Do You Though?

Escape The Fate:


Falling In Reverse:

We Can Make It Work

Small Accident

Fall Out Boy:

Robbing Lips, Kissing Banks Under This Moon

Late Nite Reading:

Bad Girl - (smut)

Favours - (smut)



Memphis May Fire:



Motionless In White:


Drunken Mistakes

Single Mom

I Missed You

Bad Day


Sell Out


Of Mice And Men:


Overprotective Brother

Hide And Seek

Naming Your Daughter

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl - (smut)

I Missed You

Sick Days

Sharing The Room

Flirting- (slight smut)

Meet Your Son

Tour of Warped


Meeting At The Hospital

I’m Scared



Six Flags

Stood up


Welcome Home - (smut)

Spilled Coffee And Stained Clothes


Road Trip

Looking At The Stars

Don’t Play At The Dinner Table

Panic! At The Disco:


Pierce The Veil:



Drunken Games

One Night Stand

 Midnight Train

Every Scar Has It’s Story

Funny First Time

Need Some Help? - (smut)

Phone Interview - (smut)


Jumping To Conclusions

Selfish - (smut)

Public Speaking

Meeting The Family

Robberies Bring Friendship

You’re My Best Friend

Kind Stranger

Hanging Out With Tony Perry

Jealousy Is Sexy - (Smut)

Living Isn’t Easy - (Trigger Warning)

Living Isn’t Easy Part Two

Miles Away

Miles Away Part Two - (Smut)

Meet The Parents

Just Like Daddy

Just In Time

Feeling The Baby Move



You Ruined It

You Ruined It Part Two



Finding Out - (Trigger Warning)


Drunk - Part Two

Drunk - Part Three (Smut Warning)


First Tattoo

White Lines


Caught In The Act



Movie Night

Sex Tape - (smut)

Reading In The Park

Breaking The News

I Don’t Ever Want To Lose you - (Trigger Warning)

Prom Night - (smut)

Kissing In The Rain

Losing It -(fluffy smut)

Six Flags

Favorite Celebrity

Starting A Family

Confessing Because Of Pictures

Visited At Hospital

Come Inside

I’d Do Anything 

Sing Me To Sleep

Breaking The News


Meeting on Twitter

Sleeping With Sirens:

Silent Treatment

Summer Days (smut)

King And Queen

I Love You


Waiting In The Rain

Fun Backstage - (smut)


Visited At Hospital

Prom - Possible Trigger Warning

Hot Enough for You? - (smut)

The Story So Far:

Forgotten Anniversary 

The Summer Set:

We’ll Fix This

The Pretty Reckless:

You’re Enough

Tonight Alive:

Forget The Movie - (smut)

We Are In The Crowd:

I Like Like You

Celebrate - (Smut Warning)

Our Son


We Came As Romans:

Welcome Home - (smut)

Surprising Daddy On Stage


Bloody Nose

We The Kings:


Vampires Everywhere:

Third Wheel

You Me At Six:

Father Material

Don’t Leave Me

Christmas Present