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Hello everyone and welcome to the Gal Gadot Appreciation Week :) we decided to create this week to spread more Gal love around here, so let’s show Gal some love!

The Appreciation Week will begin on Monday, June 20th to Sunday, June 26th.

  • Day one: Favorite photoshoot
  • Day two: Favorite candid
  • Day three: Favorite movie
  • Day four: Favorite interview
  • Day five: Favorite appearance
  • Day six: Favorite social media picture
  • Day seven: Free choice

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I was tagged by my-god-malsey to post my six favorite albums so I’ll list them in order of the pictures above.

1. Cry Baby by Melanie Martinez
2. Badlands by Halsey
3. AM by Arctic Monkeys
4. Midnight Memories by One Direction
5. I Love You by The Neighborhood
6. Pure Heroine by Lorde

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Best Book Photo Tag

I was tagged by the lovely @pollyandbooks, @lireecrirerever, and @ohhreader! I’ve only been a booklr for six months (!) so here are six of my favorite bookish pictures I took this year. I’ve had such a great experience in the booklr community and I thank everyone who has liked and reblogged my photos, followed me, and welcomed me with open arms. Love ya!


- Choose your top bookish photos that you took this year

- Tag the post #bestbookphotos2015

- Tag 10 people to do the challenge

- Copy and paste these rules onto your post


I’m tagging anyone and everyone who wants to do this! Seriously, EVERYONE. Show off your book photography!