six draughtsmen


In Twist and Turns, sculptor Nnenna Okore’s second solo show at the David Krut Projects, sculptures come alive against white walls. Using newspaper, burlap and cloth, Okore transforms mundane items into dynamic sculptures. In the white light of the gallery space, Transitions – composed of twisted newspaper webbed like roots coated in red and green acrylic – dances with its own shadow embracing each twist and turn. From the colors to the materials, Okore’s work is an adventure in the transformation of materials abound whichever  local environment she inhabits. Born and raised in Nigeria, Okore’s most recent sculptures draws from her heritage of intricate weaving and textiles, and the material also hails from her year-long Fulbright in her home country .

Nnenna Okore, has previously exhibited at the  David Krut Projects with her 2011 exhibition Torn Apart . Her work was also featured in MoCADA’s 2013 exhibition, Six Draughtsmen.

The show is available for viewing until January 17, 2015.

-Curatorial Fellow, Stephanie George


Odun Orimolade is an artist in “Six Draughtsmen,” currently exhibiting at MoCADA. Learn more about her and her work.


Odun Orimolade is a visual artist who lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria. A distinguished graduate of the Yaba College of Technology in Lagos, Orimolade now holds a faculty position there in the Department of Fine Art, School of Art Design and Printing. She is also an alumna of the University of South Africa where she is currently pursuing further studies. As a broadly experimental artist, her practice spans painting, drawing, collage, etching, costume, sculptural installation, performance and other mixed media art. 

Orimolade’s work has been exhibited extensively in Nigeria. Her first solo exhibition was held at the TerraKulture Gallery in Lagos in 2006. Her most recent solo exhibition took place at the Unisa Space Art Gallery in Pretoria, South Africa. She is a recipient of several academic awards, including the Prof. Y. A. Grillo award (1998), Nigerian Cards Ltd Award (1998), Rector’s Award for Academic Excellence (1998), Jeromelaiho and Associate Award (1998), Insight Communication Award (1998), Fasuyi Art Prize (1998) and Conrad Theys Bursary Award, South Africa (2011). In addition to her independent practice, Orimolade has taken part in several artistic collaborations in Nigeria. She is married with children.