six different timelines

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Could you explain the different timelines in DBZ to me? Because they're kind of confusing.

I’ll be honest….even those details are kinda fuzzy to me as time travel stories typically have plot holes BUT I’ll try answering to the best of my abilities!

Okay so basically there are SIX different timelines.

Timeline 1-Original Timeline/Cell’s Timeline. In this timeline the events from the History of Trunks timeline happen where Goku kills Frieza and King Cold only to later die from the heart virus and the Z-Fighters die six months later against the androids where Gohan narrowly escapes and trains Trunks for years before he meets his end at their hands and Trunks goes into another timeline (The Unseen Timeline) where he kills Frieza and King Cold and is able obtain the Androids’ blueprints before he heads back to his own time in order to destroy Androids 17 and 18 using the remote control device before he’s killed by Cell who goes into the Main Timeline. And the outcome of this timeline is that Babidi and Dabura may’ve tried reviving Majin Buu (since we see them attempt this in the Future Trunks timeline in Dragon Ball Super) but may’ve been thwarted by the Supreme Kai. So while the Majin Buu threat may’ve been stopped, the earth has no one to protect them with abnormal power other than Master Roshi and Mr. Popo.

Timeline 2-The History of Trunks Timeline. Okay so this timeline follows the same path as Timeline 1 only except Trunks is stronger due to training with the other Z-Fighters and is able to defeat Androids 17 and 18 along with Cell before the threat of Majin Buu comes years later which he’s able to stop thanks to training with the Supreme Kai. After that the threat of Zamasu/Goku Black comes along which ends with Zamasu’s defeat but at the cost of his own universe which leads him and Future Mai living in the Second Future Trunks Timeline.

Timeline 3-The Main Timeline. This is the timeline that we follow that encompasses all of Dragon Ball, Z, Super, GT (If you wanna accept that as canon or not) and even Xenoverse.

Timeline 4-The Unseen Timeline. Basically this timeline is the timeline that the Trunks from Timeline 1 visited. This timeline has the same flow as Timeline 3 BUT with the fact that the Androids were able to be defeated and it may even have its own versions of the Buu Saga as well as Super with the differences being that Goku and the others were weaker than their counterparts in Timeline 3 along with Goku being fully alive. And with Goku being fully alive I see no reason why there won’t be a positive ending for this timeline.

Timeline 5-The Goku Black Timeline. Basically this is a timeline that follows the same route as Timeline 3 until after the Champa Saga where sometime in the year 780 Goku met and fought with Zamasu which would fuel Zamasu’s hatred for mortals which would then lead to this Goku having his body stolen by Zamasu and being killed along with Goten and Chichi before Goku Black/Zamasu went into Timeline 2 and then the Goku Black arc started. Now with the Namekian Dragon Balls, Goku, Goten and Chichi could be revived and Goku could get his original body back given the fact that Zamasu is dead.

Timeline 6-The Second Future Trunks Timeline. This timeline was created by Whis and is a timeline where Zamasu’s “Zero Mortals Plan” was never implemented and is where Future Trunks and Future Mai decide to live after losing their original universe. Although the current Future Trunks and Future Mai have to live along with another version of themselves.

Okay this was the most…..interesting ask I’ve ever had to answer and hopefully this explanation makes sense! =P