six bucks


So I don’t know how excited any of you may be about this, but I’m freaking ecstatic! I got this awesome mug a target yesterday for ONLY SIX BUCKS!!! Its a cauldron mug, that came with free pumpkin spice cake mix (which was delicious) and the mug is so freaking sturdy! I’ve been searching for the perfect mug and I’ve found it! This little baby holds a good amount of coffee and again, the quality? So amazing. You need to go get yourself one, it’s the perfect addition to a witch’s collection :3

If you’re going to be fuckin’ around in the woods do at least one of the following:

Wear lots of insect repellent.
Wear coveralls taped at the ankle, and keep a lookout for climbers. 
Tape your pants at the ankle to your boots/shoes so shit can’t climb up inside your pant leg. 
AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AFTER COMING BACK disrobe into a trash bag in a washroom, IMMEDIATELY wash your clothes on a sanitize cycle, IMMEDIATELY comb your hair (not brush, COMB) and inspect your crevices for ticks and take a VERY soapy shower. 

Ticks spread disease. Ticks are good at what they do. Alpha-gal allergy sucks ass. This has been your regularly scheduled PSA. 

Me? I go with the coveralls. Six bucks, ugly as sin, does the job. Little conspicuous though. 


Hump Day Eve Hunk

The Fly-Half In Rugby Is Not As Burly As The Front Row. Nor Is He As Tall As The Locks. And The Fly-Half Is Not As Brawny As The Back Row. Like His Fellow Backs, The Fly-Half Is Agile, Nimble, Dynamic, And Strong. He Is The Kev Player On The Pitch In Decisions For Offense And In Reacting In Defense.

And The Fly-Half Is Compact And Lean. In Short, He Is Just Damn Cute!

This Perfectly Describes Henry Slade Of The Chiefs And England. Slade Is So Very Woof-Worthy…

Double Woof-Worthy, Baby!

“I fancy myself more of a storyteller. I talk too much sometimes on stage. When I got to a nightclub and I pay six bucks, I don’t want to watch some guy get up there in a suit and tell you about his old lady, and his dog, and his earth shoes. I want somebody to take me somewhere.” Tom Waits, Chinatown, NYC, 1985