six axis

The Signs- The Six Axes

Axis signs are the two signs most in opposition, making six axes in total of the twelve signs. These opposite signs have a very special relationship and are actually very similar in some ways. Here are there explanations! Can you relate? 

Aries-Libra: “Warrior”

Both use detachment as a way to preserve their true selves and keep their freedom. Have strength in balancing independence and relationships with others. Can be seen as egotistical at times but use their attractiveness for success and power. They usually get what they want but their victory can turn into a victory for everyone else too. 

Taurus- Scorpio: “True Being” 

Extremely stable people. Very determined on self-acceptance and having time alone to process everything that’s happening around them. Typically peaceful creatures but can have trouble embracing their true emotions. 

Gemini-Sagittarius: “Innocent Play”

One word that can describe these two: Fun. Their playful, spirited, social personalities enable them to get along with almost everyone and be open-minded to basically everything. They can lack maturity and focus however and this can affect their self-esteem. Their minds are constantly all over the place and sometimes learning new things all the time can be too much for them to handle. 

Cancer-Capricorn: “Responsibility” 

They are very talented at keeping on task and being very effective/productive in the workplace. They are very, very sensitive to criticism and even a slight amount of change can make them very stressed and overwhelmed. They are extremely nurturing beings and crave self-expression. 

Leo-Aquarius: “Social Awareness” 

Charismatic and creative, these two love to socialize and create order. They inspire others with their skill in both having independence but also contributing to their own community. They are known to be selfish and lack the ability to stay humble and compassionate. 

Virgo-Pisces: “Enlightened Service”

While in a crisis, these two are the ones you want to stand by. Selflessly they provide for others and are always in their time of need. However they don’t know what it’s like to take time to yourself. They are constantly consumed with other peoples problems and feel like no one cares about them.