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Words aren’t enough to describe how spectacular this weekend was. One of the best experiences I had in my 22 years of existence.
A huge thank you to the Shadowhunters cast, who were the most genuine and adorable people, and really made their fans happy. Going back to normal life is hard today and I still don’t realize fully that it happened. So thankful for the opportunity. I’ll always remember this. ❤️❤️❤️


“not bright orange. but soft. like the sunset,” i say. “at least, that’s what you told me once.”
“oh.” he closes his eyes briefly, maybe trying to conjure up that sunset, then nods his head. “thank you.”
but more words tumble out. “you’re a painter. you’re a baker. you like to sleep with the windows open. you never take sugar in your tea. and you always double-knot your shoelaces.”


So… I read the Six of Crows dulogy, I adored it, so here’s fanart of the team in a sort of animated series style inspired by Studio Mir (ATLA/LOK/VLD)

I have plans for more :D


          all of it there and then gone. he was drowning in the harbor. her limbs were a corpse’s limbs. her eyes were dead and staring disgust and longing roiled in his gut.
          he lurched backward, and pain shot through his bad leg. his mouth was on fire. the room swayed. he braced himself against the wall, trying to breathe. inej was on her feet, moving toward him, her face concerned. he held up a hand to stop her.  
↳ crooked kingdom by leigh bardugo, chapter 26

Types of fanfic the Crows write
  • Matthias: Canon compliant character studies and military!AU
  • Nina: Fluff. Sickeningly sweet fluff. (Or alternately the porniest shit you've ever read)
  • Kaz: ANGST and Mafia/Gang!AUs
  • Wylan: He doesn't. (Instead he makes Fanart, Fan music, photo manips... you name it)
  • Jesper: the king of crack fics
  • Kuwei: High school!AUs, and reader insert fics
  • Inej: Coffee Shop!AUs, drabbles that turned into multi-chapter epics, that one fantasy!AU that is a fandom classic
It doesn’t take much for glass to shatter.
It doesn’t take much for people to shatter,
Sometimes, I think people forget that.
When something is shattered,
No matter what you do.
It can’t be restored.
—  v.r. // letters of heartbreak

Rubinette - Italian cockatrice girl. Tomboyish.


You should know, that I always go with the most underappreciated idea, so I can challenge me and my watchers. Cockatrice was the choice few people took, so here is the newest addition. I think I increase the number to 6 girls, since it matches to 666 more. The Six Sixes.

Pretty new to her design I still have to streamline her a bit more.

Character wise all I can say for now is that she is italian and tomboyish.


It is a theory generally accepted in certain circles that love, like the rest of the known universe, can be broken down into an exact science. It has been demonstrated in a series of animal models that neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin and hormones such as oxytocin and vasopressin facilitate the warm and fuzzy feelings so often associated with the phenomenon of “falling in love”. Using a descriptive analysis of the case subject, this study aims to understand the mechanisms involved in this highly described and documented, yet poorly elucidated phenomenon. While it has yet been possible to provide definite answers to the questions, it is hoped that this study will stimulate further investigation in this field.

― Six de los Reyes, Beginner’s Guide: Love and Other Chemical Reactions (Talking Nerdy Book 1)

The Crows as Anna Kendrick Tweets
  • Kaz: Every time "Kendrick" is trending I get worried I'm in a Ghost situation and this is how I find out I'm dead.
  • Jesper: All that ornate furnishing would get me stressed. - me, deciding I probably couldn't be the president
  • Inej: I've always heard that Tom Cruise is tirelessly positive and upbeat and I'd love to work with him one day. I think I could break him.
  • Matthias: In movies, when the super villain tells his origin story I honestly get worried because I relate so hard.
  • Nina: Comes with fries #3wordsbetterthanIloveyou
  • Wylan: United-We just did the worst thing. Me-Hold my beer... I just need to put my wallet away. Ok. Thanks so much.
  • Kuwei: I thought my invisible woman costume would to be a hit. Instead all my friends thought I had stayed in to eat candy alone. #NotWhatHappened

the level of concept acrobatics, story fuckery, and panel salvaging i’ve done to make this comic fit for #mcreyes summer break is unfuckingprecidented.

anyway, Gabe is entranced by simple things and Jesse is just entranced. bonus scruffy Gabe since they’ve been on the road a spell.