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long after the dregs have gone, the slat remains, their presence permeating throughout the dilapidated building, secrets waiting to be discovered.

there are rickety old floors with cards fastened between the wooden slats, the queen of heart’s beady eyes tracking every movement. crimson gambling chips veiled in spider webs are gathered in the corner and deep impressions have been left in the drywall—the frame of broad shoulders, a cavity in the shape of a skull, a fist that missed its mark. mold crawls out of these gapings, blooming around the droplets of blood that have gone black and crusty.

wanted posters torn at its corners, ripped from someone else’s walls to be brought here, are bespeckled with holes across the faces, someone’s target practice.

up the sunken stairs there’s an office, small hills of ashes that used to be paper, a lingering stench exuding from the charred leather bound books that refused to melt. a rumpled handkerchief can be found, a crow and a cup embroidered into it. storage chests have been flipped over, matchsticks scattered across the floor, crooked lines carved by a sharp blade permanently etched into the desk—a secret, a memory, an honoring: rietveld.

but there’s also the unmistakable outline of footprints parting through coats of dust and small rings in the shape of the end of a cane. a daunting realization that someone else has been there recently.


Overgrown Community Pool @ 11:34PM 


View of a 1921 Auburn Beauty Six touring car. “Black Partridge saving Mrs. Helm” monument by Carl Rohl-Smith in background. Printed on front: “Kaufmann & Fabry Co., Chicago.” Handwritten on back: “Auburn Beauty Six, touring. Auburn Six, 1921.”

  • Courtesy of the National Automotive History Collection, Detroit Public Library

Top image is of the corner of a room, featuring a large desk completely covered in random junk. The junk is, in turn, completely covered in dust, lint, pet hair, and Prefer Not To Identify. 

Bottom image is of the same corner, same desk, after 2 full weeks in which I did at least one 20/10 each day. Some days, I did six or eight 20/10s between other stuff. The wood gleams; the curtains are clean and almost nonexistent; the art on half the wall space has significantly changed, and what has NOT changed is now also clean and bright. 

A lot of the time spent on this “invisible corner” project involved going into another room entirely, cleaning parts of that room until I found something I needed for this project, and then applying. 

Also, I spent a day vacuuming, then shampooing the carpet.

Gone: eight extra-large garbage bags of stuff. Seven years’ worth of crud. Approximately 30 books in the donation pile. One entire trash bag full of old computer disks. One medium trash bag currently full of electronics to be recycled, with more to be added.

Still to be done: 

* acquire more CD-Rs, finish copying contents of floppy disks for later content examination. Finish formatting that computer, which served me well for many years, and then let it pass away; dismantle, put it and monitor in the car, and take to electronics recycling. Test speaker system, keyboard, and joystick to find out if they even work (or will work with my current laptop).

* go through house, find all my old laptop computers, and do similar things to them. I do not need to keep FIVE old laptops in case my current one suffers an Incident. I need ONE old laptop in case the current one fails. That’s it. 

* holy CATS! I wonder if this Palm PDA even turns on? 

* add under-desk shelf on left. Put charging station for phone+portable battery+headset. 

* gather and frame many small arts to hang up where big art used to be

* vacuum the a/c vents

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I know you're not taking requests but just imagining Niall celebrating Valentines Day with his wife and little girl makes my heart melt😭

Can you do a Niall imagine where he goes to pick your daughter up from school and he talks to the other parents? It’s a bit weird I know 😂

A/N: I kinda combined these……Also I’m the worst bc this is Valentine’s fluff and technically it’s St. Patrick’s day.  

Valentine’s Day 

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Niall just barely managed to slip inside the door to the elementary school while juggling his guitar case, a giant box of sweets, and three grocery bags of craft supplies.  He was eternally grateful you weren’t there to watch him flounder around.  The last thing he needed was a reminder that “You can always make more than one trip, Niall.”  Getting his bearings, he shuffled into the office to sign in.  As soon as he crossed the doorway all three secretaries just about lunged across their desks to greet him.  Niall always found it hilarious, if not a little flattering.  You had seen the staff react to him early on and decided to use it to you advantage, sending Niall in your stead whenever you needed a favor.  So far, your daughter Charlie had gotten the teacher you requested, and the bus stop moved to the bottom of your driveway.  You tried to shy away from using Niall’s fame to get special treatment, the only exception being your child.

“Mr. Horan, how may we help you today?”  The secretary was leaning across the desk, baring far too much cleavage for a woman her age and in a school setting.  Niall grinned and gave her a small wink.  

“Cynthia, please, call me Niall.”  He flashed a grin at her and she physically swooned at him.  

“Niall, what can I do for you today?”  Her voice was sickly sweet and he could see the other two secretaries nearly panting behind her.  

“M’here for the Valentine’s Day party.  Just need to pick up a visitor’s pass.”

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But isn't that what every actor wants and dreams to be? indispensable? lol i don't understand why do you make it sound so bad, literally EVERY single one of the actors in the industry is working towards that same position and goal, to be indispensable. And, its not like they didn't work their butts off to reach where they are, they have been in the industry for more than 27 yrs now, i mean, you gotta get what you earned.

Whenever we get to this point in the conversation, I can’t help but laugh (and cry a little) at how obvious it is that so many of you guys know nothing of famous actors anywhere outside of Bollywood. Like, as if the greed these three men show is somehow applicable to actors everywhere, and the ONLY way (and apparently the natural way?) to do things is the way Bollywood does them. 

When you look at the most celebrated actors in the world, you’ll find people who will willingly take a reduced paycheck for a project they believe in. You’ll find men who will champion their female costars’ demands. Men who produce films about important subjects featuring underrepresented groups, whether they’re “female-centric” or focus on black/LGBT/ethnic minorities’ issues. Hollywood is misogynistic as well and far from perfect, but do you really think George Clooney or Brad Pitt would cringe at the idea of working with a woman over 40? Probably not, considering most of Hollywood’s biggest stars are over 40. Or that those women, like Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon, who are lucky enough to have enough power to produce their own films don’t turn around and make vanity projects where they’re paired opposite a guy with a six pack 20 years younger than them, but instead use their power to back stories they believe in? Does it surprise you that so many of the top actors around the world care at least as much about the films they’re making as they do about appearing younger or padding their own pockets without giving back to the industry?

Most actors want to build a legacy. Most people who achieve the type of power that the Khans have feel at least a little responsibility to contribute to the industry, not just their own bank accounts. They care, at least a little bit, about changing the landscape of cinema, even in small ways. And they may not be above acting with whatever hot young actress is big at the time, but that doesn’t mean their entire career after the age of 40 will look like that. 

This is not the audience’s fault. Don’t shift blame to people who have NO choice about what is made. That’s like saying there are no dark skinned actresses because of the audience, there are no chubby/fat actresses because of the audience, there is no X, Y, or Z representation because of the audience. It’s total bullshit, the audience doesn’t make the films. They’re given VERY little choice about what to watch, but these men could make anything in the world and you see what they decide to put out (and who they decide to cast). 

These self-absorbed, greedy multimillionaires don’t need you to defend their right to maintain the status quo, but it genuinely makes me sad that you think there’s not a viable, more ethical way to do things and that there aren’t powerful men in the world who can and are willing to do better for the sake of the industry they’re in.

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The Cure - In Orange (Out of Print)

Filmed at the classic Roman Theatre of Orange in the French countryside Orange, Vaucluse, France on 9 and 10 August 1986.

Play List:
Intro: “Relax”, from the album Blue Sunshine by The Glove (Smith/Severiin)
01:18 “Shake Dog Shake”
06:08 “Piggy in the Mirror”
09:38 “Play for Today”
13:34 “A Strange Day”
18:01 “Primary”
21:43 “Kyoto Song”
27:05 “Charlotte Sometimes”
31:13 “In Between Days”
34:22 “The Walk”
37:49 “A Night Like This”
42:26 “Push”
46:59 “One Hundred Years”
55:00 “A Forest”
1:04:23 “Sinking”
1:10:11 “Close to Me”
1:13:52 “Let’s Go to Bed”
1:17:10 “Six Different Ways”
1:20:22 “Three Imaginary Boys”
1:24:05 “Boys Don’t Cry”
1:27:23 “Faith”
1:35:55 “Give Me It”
1:39:36 “10.15 Saturday Night”
1:43:26 “Killing an Arab”

my wishlist for BBC Les Miserables:

-is literally a live-action English-speaking Shoujo Cosette

me: *has drafts starting to pile up ,, again*
me: i should really do drafts
me: *doesn’t do them*
someone: *posts a starter call*
also me:

Help little ouroboros with his eye!

So as you all know something is up with boros’ eye, he has a vet appointment on Wednesday and I want to help my mum out with some of the bill. Since I don’t know how much it will cost I’m opening up six commission slots. The six slots are 20$ per slot and will be either a portrait like these of the shoulders up: 

(commissioned by @daringdarrington)

or a full body pet portrait like this one of boros: