74 AMC Javelin AMX by Greg Gjerdingen
Via Flickr:
28th Annual Midwest Mopars in the Park June 2, 2012

The signs as six word stories

Aries: Beware. I have found my fire. 

Taurus: You came. I loved. You left. 

Gemini: She pretended she didn’t miss him. 

Cancer: We made promises we coudn’t keep. 

Leo: Long story short, she’s my world. 

Virgo: I am sick of staying calm. 

Libra: I’m in need of someone new. 

Scorpio: Fall in love with yourself first. 

Sagittarius: You smiled, sunshine. You wept, rain.

Capricorn: Love or safety, she wanted both.

Aquarius:  Hearts are som fragile little fuckers.

Pisces: I often daydream about kissing you