41 ~ LoVe In The AiR - Dating Choi Siwon

> Hello <

“Hyung! Aren’t you coming home?”

> No <

“What? Why?”

> As I recall… you don’t want to date me <

“Siwoooon, you know it’s not true”

> Apparently, it is <

“Come on, Wonnie”

> No. You’re always mistreating me on TV shows <

“Don’t be dramatic, hyung”

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Super Junior MV Singing Parts [ KiBum ]

Enjoy x)

Siwon  Kyuhyun  Donghae Eunhyuk Yesung Leeteuk Ryeowook Heechul Sungmin Henry  Shindong Zhoumi Kangin Hangeng 

61 ~ LoVe In The AiR - Unconditional Love
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Message From: Hot Stuff

And I thought you’re worried about me… 


> Wonnie? What’s wrong? <

“You don’t know?”

> I don’t <


> Wonnie please! I can’t read minds! <

“You seem to be having fun out there”

> What are you talki- Oh! You mean my tweet? <

“What else”

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