kimheenim: I’m going to talk about a story from the past.. when your oppa was around 20 years old, he had all kinds of colored contact lenses. Before Kibumie became Yangban Kim and Siwonie looked like Bugsy. But!! At some point Kibumie started to fall in love with beards and Siwonie started to fall in love with muscles and this Oppa.. fell in love with game characters, it’s such a ‘So Sad’ story.. what’s more funny is I was 'Cinderella’, Kibumie was 'Snow White’, Siwonie was 'Simba’…. #mystoryfromthepast #Cinderella #SnowWhite #Simba (cr)


 100613 Donghae Twitter Update:  

donghae861015 :Inkigayo EunSiHae  fall asleep ㅎㅎㅎ

➯ 110326 Donghae Twitter Update:

donghae861015: Good Night!! Eunsihae  

➯ 110329 Eunhyuk Twitter Update:  

AllRiseSilver: Eun Si Hae in Taiwan, because there’s friends and the members are here, it feels really good

➯ 110411 Siwon, Eunhyuk & Donghae Twitter Update:  

siwon407: EunSiHae became ‘real’ with SK-W..

AllRiseSilver: With the gifts…. Forever EunSiHae SK W !!!! Siwon ah thank you~  

donghae861510: Si Won Thank u !! Thank you !!

donghae861510: the SK W Siwonie gave us !! It’s a friendship gift to EunSiHae !! Our Siwon said he will give us a lot of gifts in the future as well !!ㅎㅎ My friend is great !! EunSiHae Forever Real EunSiHae !!I feel safe because you’re here 

➯ 130125 Eunhyuk Weibo Update: 

haohaohyuk: We go wuhan!!

➯ 130126 Siwon Weibo Update: 

choisiwonkr: Donghae hit Eunhyuk 

choisiwonkr:  You two fools

➯ 130203 Eunhyuk Twitter Update:

Allrisesilve : Life of Pi. This movie is really good. I watched it with Jongseokkie-hyung the other time but today, I watched it again!!!! Today’s ticket (was bought by) CEO Choi…Masi is cool~ Its been a long time since Eunsihae watched a movie together, it was fun! A shot (while) wearing the 3D glasses!!!!!!! 

➯ 130205 Eunhyuk Twitter and Weibo Update: 

Allrisesilve : Eunsihae Dinner time

haohaohyuk: EunSiHae Tea time 

➯ 130421 Donghae & Eunhyuk Twitter Update:   

donghae861510: We have star jogging ~~ in Brasil ^^

Allrisesilve : walk walk walk….run run run!!!!!!!

Allrisesilve : swim swim swim~~~~~~

➯ 140517 Eunhyuk Twitter Update:    

Allrisesilve :Long time no see Long time ma si

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