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Bunny Boy (Part 2)

Word Count: 3.4k

Genre: Smut, little bit of angst

Author’s Note: lol here’s the second part to this fic after fucking forever :’) Shameless noona kink


Part 1

You keep pressing the elevator button uselessly, it’s not like that’s going to make it arrive any faster, but you were so impatient to reach your office that you couldn’t keep yourself from repeating the irrational action. After a few more seconds of pounding on the poor button so much that you were convinced you’d broken it, you finally become fed up with waiting and ended up taking the stairs to the fifth floor where your office resided. It probably wasn’t the smartest idea; the heels and tight skirt you were wearing made for a very uncomfortable ascent.

When you reach the top of the stairs, you take a moment to steady your breathing before marching to the door of your office and swinging it open. You delight in the shocked expression gracing Jungkook’s face before it rapidly changes into a  dazzling smile so genuine it almost brings tears to your eyes.

He jumps up from your chair to greet you,“Noona, you’re back!” He bows so deeply, he accidentally hits his head on the desk. He cries out, grabbing his forehead and stumbling back onto the leather chair behind him. You rush to him, shushing his whimpering and making sure he wasn’t hurt.

“Noonaaa, it hurts.” He whines, clearly exaggerating to get your sympathy so you flick his forehead in retaliation for making you worry so much over nothing. But that only makes him grab you by the waist and nuzzle into you, demanding you pet him until the pain goes away. This kid! Sometimes dealing with him felt like caring for your child.

That thought stops you in your tracks. Where did that come from? Jungkook isn’t your child. He’s a fully grown man. In fact, the difference in age between you two isn’t that great. What’re eleven years? While it may seem big to closed minded people, it’s a fact that this doesn’t make you actually old enough to be his mother! Well, technically…

You groan, trying to block out the train of thought that seemed to be chasing you all the time even since you started this thing with Jungkook a few months ago. Jungkook gives you an odd look and he looks like he’s about to question you, so to shut him and the voice in your mind up, you quickly straddle him and pull him into a mind numbing kiss. He doesn’t protest, letting himself get lost in the kiss. Even you forget about the doubts that plague you and concentrate on his thin but ever soft lips.

You feel something hard poking you from underneath and you grind against it, making Jungkook moan. You smile, pulling back, really, that boy is too easy. “Show me how much you’ve missed me, bunny.”

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A Big Happy Family (Single Dad AU! Siwon)

Originally posted by ithastobeblue

Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Hi! Can you do scenario for single dad au with Siwon from Super Junior? Please and thank you!

Siwon opened the door smiling as he looked at his 4 year old daughter “you and me against the world babe” he said as he scooped her up. “you and me, Choi Somi” he told her as she leaned on him as they looked around their new apartment. He had gotten full custody of his daughter a week ago and decided they needed to move out of the home they lived with, with his ex-wife and to the beautiful apartment. Siwon was a classic business man but with a twist that he was heavily active in raising his daughter. “So honey do you think we can do it?” he asked her “yes” she said as he kissed her cheek “lets do it” he cheers. 


“So I know the most perfect woman for you” Heechul spoke as Siwon looked up from his salad as he and a few of his close friends got together “my assistant” he says as Siwon rolled his eyes “she’s been single for a year and a half now, I mean I pay her more than I pay my other employees” he continued “I mean she can handle me and then go home and take care of a son and a daughter” he hummed. “She’s got two kids?” Yisung asked “twins” Heechul corrects “I mean I think you guys would enjoy a date together. If you don’t never see her again” Siwon was told before he sighed “alright” he told as he continued eating. 


“Yoonah ans Kunwoo” you say as you bundled the twins up “you guys, I don’t want to do this too much but I think it would be a good experience for us” you tell them as the little ones sighed and laid back in their stroller. 

Siwon told your boss Heechul that he wanted to meet as a kids cafe so his daughter would stay entertained. He even went as far as to wait outside for you. He looked freezing so you picked up the pace for him. “Mr. Choi” you spoke softly as he turned to you “oh um Siwon, please we’re outside of business” he says as he opened the door for you guys. “You have lovely children” he says as he pulls out a seat for you “thank you” you tell him as you awkwardly sit down. “I would like to say I’m sorry you were forced out here” you tell him “I know I’m far from your type” you continued. “Excuse me?” he asked you “I’ve seen your ex-wife. I’m much too plain compared to her” you tell him as you check your twins.

“My wife may have been gorgeous but not a nice person” he says as he check for his daughter who was off playing in the play grounds. He peered into the stroller “may I hold your son? I’m have never held a boy” he says as you nod. You helped your small son out of the stroller as he was passed to the male to Siwon who smiled. “So um what happened to your husband?” he asked as you looked down at your daughter “he fell in love with a foreign woman and ran off with her” you explained “and now I have two lovely babies” you say as he looked at your son “well he’s not a real man for leaving his family like that” you were told as he sat Kunwoo on his lap as you help Yoonah out of the stroller and stood her up on her own.


Siwon poured you a drink as you sat nervously on the couch watching the children interact. Your children ended up getting along very well. Not so sure about the two of you. He noticed how spaced you were today as he sat his drink down and patted your leg lightly “what’s wrong you’re out of it tonight?” he asked as you took the glass and spun the liquid around. “My ex sent me a wedding invite” you tell him as you pull the invite out of your purse. He took it from you as he smiled “well I think you should go” he told you. “I think I will be way too embarrassed to do that” you tell him as he gets up taking the invite with him. He came back holding it checked that you were going with a guest. “I think this is what you need, you’re doing better and you should show that you’re doing much better. And I’ll help you” he says as you smiled taking a large sip from your drink. 


“You look lovely” Siwon tells you as he carried his sleeping daughter “my babysitter will be here in a few so your children can just spend the night” he says as you nod softly as your half asleep children “you look good as well” you tell him as he smiled. 

As soon as the babysitter was there you guys kiss your kids on the heads and headed out. “Just remember that he is nothing and I will help you through the night” he promised as he lightly rubbed your arm in encouragement. 


Your body tingled in nervousness as Siwon’s hand touched your back as he guided you in. “Y/N” Hanil your ex says as your back hit Siwon’s chest “hello, thank you for inviting her” Siwon told Hanil as his eyes seemed a bit disgusted with Siwon’s presence. Siwon pulled you close to him “you gave me a lovely mother to my daughter” he comments as he pressed a kiss to your forehead. “You’re Choi Siwon aren’t you?” Hanil asked Siwon who smiled and nodded “why would you want a worn out assistant for a girlfriend?” Hanil asked as you looked down. Siwon chuckled before you glanced up and saw Hanil was flat on the ground clutching his nose as you looked at Siwon who was shaking his fist. “She birthed your child and had to deal with such a dick? Nothing worn out about that other than her patients for pricks” Siwon told him as he simply grabbed your hand. 

“Hope your wedding pictures turn out as ugly as your nose job” he told him as Siwon took your hand and tugged you out. You were nothing more than confused about it all as you were pulled out of the building by him. 


“What just happened?” you asked him as he pulled you back into the back of the car “don’t worry about it. A man like that doesn’t even deserve decent wedding pictures” he explained as he covered your shoulders with his jacket. “You had his kids and all he does is treat you bad” he told as he told you shaking his head. “If my wife was like you, how devoted you are I would be gla-” he stopped himself as he pulled you lightly in for a kiss. “Heechul should pay you even more than he does. You dealt with that little shit for how long” he simply tells you. “Why did you kiss me?” you asked him “I appreciate you basically” he tells you “my daughter does like you honestly” he tells “and I need someone who does that to her and it’s you” he explained. “I mean we don’t need to date or anything just know I like having you around” he told as you smiled softly at his sweetness. “Thank you Siwon” you tell him as he smiled bumping you lightly with his shoulder. 


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masterpost | ex’act series mini mastelist | fat fiction seriesraising the standards mini masterlist

Tags: angst, lots of it / fatphobia (from the pov of a non-fat person that is struggling with the fact they love and/or fate a fat person) / car accident (no one gets seriously injured) / lawyer au + idol universe
Featuring: Kim Junmyeon (Suho, EXO) + surprise character
Writer: CL
Word count: 4k words
Comments: Kim Junmyeon JD is a muse character by @chanyeolspout and used with her permission. I’ll save the comments for when you finish reading to avoid spoilers, but I apologize for everything beforehand. Yes, I know, there’s no smut in this chapter, but c’mon. There are a bunch of chapters with smut, cut me some slack! But this is an essential chapter to understand key points of the plot, so if you enjoy one of those series (or both, then I’ll love you forever), I recommend you read it. If you read Telenovela or Korean Drama, I also recommend the reading or just skip to the author’s notes in the bottom. 

ATTENTION, PLEASE READ: This is a fictional story. Any similarities to real people are unintentional. This story contains mature themes. By reading this story you agree that you are 18 years or older. The author does not authorize the reproduction, reposting, editing or any alteration of this material, fully or partially.

Disclaimer: Please note that the stories on the Fat Fiction Series tag are NOT about non-fat people, even those with body dysmorphia. Everybody is welcome to read them, but these stories are ultimately about and for physically fat people, people who have been through actual prejudice and suffer from fatphobia.

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Super Junior as your boyfriend
  • Leeteuk: He would be the jealous type who is somewhat possessive over you. But you wouldn't mind because he's super cute about it and he knows how to take care of you
  • Heechul: He's the more outgoing boyfriend who would make you try crazy things. You also better get used to being in all of his instagram videos
  • Hangeng: He's the cool type who has all the girls taking second glances. But he never notices it since his attention is only on you.
  • Yesung: It wouldn't take long for you both to feel like a married couple. Especially since you would always be visiting his mother and brother. Not to mention you both would spend your time together looking after his turtles.
  • Kangin: In public, he has that strong guy attitude that makes you feel protected. But he also has a side which not many people see, which is his child like heart that loves to joke around with you
  • Shindong: If you ever embarrass yourself in public, he would probably say that it was him and make a gag out of it. You both would always be laughing while sharing a large plate of chicken
  • Sungmin: He's the boyfriend that takes time to learn every little thing about you and he would remember the tiny details. On your anniversary he would go all out to make you feel loved.
  • Eunhyuk: He never fails to make you feel loved. He's the type that would play with your hair while you sleep, and when you wake up, he would shower you with kisses and tell you how cute you are.
  • Zhou Mi: He's gentleman Mimi. He's the type who will open doors for you and he would take you shopping and tell you that you look beautiful in every outfit that you try on.
  • Donghae: The cute shy type. Things would move super slow in this relationship. It would probably take him a month just to hold you hand
  • Siwon: Holy on the streets, not so much in the sheets
  • Ryeowook: He would probably baby you to no end. You would feel more like his child rather than his girlfriend. Expect lots of food and snuggling during naps.
  • Kibum: Constantly canceling dates because he's "too busy". But then he'd make it up to you by treating you like a princess
  • Kyuhyun: Instead of taking you out for dates, he would make you spend the entire day playing starcraft with him. You both would end the day with a home made dinner and a bottle of wine.
  • Henry: This relationship would be made up of jokes and laughter. It would feel more like hanging out with your best friend. And when you're feeling exhausted or tired, he would serenade you until you fall asleep.

PART 2 (read part 1 here)
Warning: smut
“I have ways of making you talk, you know.”
“If my father finds out you’ve cut off my ear or gouged out my eyes—”
“No, no, nothing like that. I wouldn’t want to mess up such a beautiful face.” Siwon’s lips curl into a smile. You feel the urge to smile back but you beat it back down.
“Flattery doesn’t work on me.”
“Doesn’t it? You’re blushing.”
You’re suddenly aware of your cheeks feeling warm and noticing it makes them even warmer.
“I never blush. It’s the wine.”
“Is it?”
Siwon stubs out the cigarette in the ashtray and places his hand on your knee. “How about now? Still the wine?”
You swallow, unable to think of a dry comment or sarcastic retort. You remain motionless as Siwon slides his hand to your thigh, feeling the warmth of his palm through your stockings. He moves his hand higher, pushing up your skirt to reveal more skin, making your breath hitch. His other hand brushes your hair over your ear before he leans in and gently brushes the tip of his nose against your neck, inhaling.
“Chanel, actually.”
He chuckles, his breath hot on your skin, before ghosting his lips over your neck, placing a small, barely-there kiss upon your flesh. You try your best to hide the shiver that makes its way through your whole body and you feel him smile against your neck at your reaction. He lifts his head and your eyes meet before he closes the small gap between you by pressing his lips onto yours. They’re as wonderfully soft as you thought they would be, and warm too. Your brain is screaming at you to stop, to pull away, to slap him across his impossibly handsome face. He works for Leeteuk,it reminds you. He’s the enemy. You can’t stop, though. Your body betrays you and you pull him closer to you by the collar of his shirt, deepening the kiss. You expect him to smile smugly, but you don’t feel his lips curl up at all; you only feel them part as he takes your bottom lip between his teeth and nibbles on it tenderly. His tongue touches yours and he tastes like cigarettes but you don’t mind, choosing instead to chase his tongue back into his mouth as you tangle your fingers in his hair.
His hand on your thigh moves to your waist and pulls you onto his lap, encouraging you to straddle his thighs. The kisses quickly get rough and passionate, sucking on tongues and nibbling on lips. Your breath hitches when he attacks your neck, nipping and sucking on your skin, and when he unbuttons your shirt and presses open-mouthed kisses along your collarbone and down to the swell of your breasts, you gasp and swallow, revelling in the sensations bombarding your whole body. You tug off your shirt and throw it carelessly to the floor before pulling him back into a kiss again and sliding your hands down his chest, unbuttoning his crisp shirt, exposing his sculpted torso. You can’t help but caress the expanse of supple skin and firm muscle, and you can’t help but smile against his lips when he shivers under your touch.
Siwon grabs you by the back of your thighs and stands, carrying you to the bedroom, pressing you against the wall a few times for good measure. You fall on the bed and Siwon tugs off his shirt before crawling on top of you, attacking your lips with his once again. His hand is back on your thigh, sliding under your skirt, reaching for the top of your stocking. It doesn’t take him long to negotiate your stocking off your leg, the other quickly following suit, before he runs his fingertips along your bare skin. You shiver and reach for his belt, unbuckling it quickly and unfastening his jeans. He grasps your wrists and pin your hands above your head, against the headboard, holding them with one strong hand before he unzips your skirt with the other and tugs it off, sending it to the floor. He grinds his hips against yours and the delicious friction, coupled with the feeling of his increasingly hardening cock rubbing against your core, makes you moan wantonly, bucking your own hips off the bed into his. Siwon breathes a quiet, low chuckle right in your ear before tracing the shape of it with this tip of his tongue, then moving lower to kiss down your neck, adding to the small marks he had already given you. He lets your hands free so he can remove your bra, taking a nipple into his mouth and nipping it, forcing it into an even harder peak. He gives its twin the same treatment before pressing butterfly kisses down your stomach until he reaches the waistband of your panties. He looks up at you and give a small nod. Siwon’s gentle fingers ease down your underwear and off your ankles before he spreads your legs a little more and settles in between them. He purses his addictive lips and softly blows a breath of cold air over you, making you jerk and shiver.
“I dislike being teased,” you say a little breathlessly. Siwon looks up at you from his position in between your legs.
You open your mouth to reply, but at that moment, Siwon’s tongue comes into contact with your clit and you release a breathy, high-pitched moan instead. He holds your hips still as he laps at you, one finger sliding inside you, closely followed by another. You tangle your fingers in his thick hair and try to buck your hips, but he’s too strong. His tongue works faster, rougher, pulling moans from deep in your throat and making you writhe on the bed, wrinkling the sheets.
“Siwon, Siwon, fuck me. God, fuck me right now,” you breathe. Siwon obliges, pulling away from you and sliding up your body, his fingers wrapped around his cock. He plunges into you with one long thrust, filling you completely. He stays stationary for a few moments until you lift your head off the pillows and kiss him. He withdraws his hips, almost pulling out completely, before sliding back into you, pressing firmly. The pace is fast yet gentle. He doesn’t man-handle you, choosing instead to treat you like a Ming vase, caressing your curves and running his fingers over your smooth surface. Every thrust, every caress, makes you emit sounds you had rarely heard yourself make, perhaps never even made at all. He has you quivering under him when he speeds up a little more, making the headboard thump against the wall behind. You press your head into the pillow and arch into him when your lips collide with his, extracting your moans and mewls and swallowing them all. Every one of his breathy, deep moans echo in your head and you pray that you can hear them in your head forever.
Siwon flips your position and holds your hips as you immediately start to ride him, resting your hands on his broad chest as you move your hips in circular motion. The change in position sends his cock even deeper inside you, making your skin prickle deliciously. You cry out and toss your head back, revelling in Siwon’s moans as they got more breathy and more desperate. Siwon bucks off the bed, thrusting into you when you sink down onto him, and it makes your whole body tremble. It happens again and again, pushing you towards the edge every time your hips meet. Your stomach starts to fizz as your skin prickles, your body getting hotter and hotter.
“Oh fuck, Siwon! Siwon!”
Your back arches and you scream at the ceiling. You don’t have the brain capacity to keep riding him, but you don’t have to - Siwon’s frantic thrusting as your clenching around his cock making him desperate for release keeps the momentum, elongating your orgasm until you swear your vision goes white under your eyelids. You only just about hear Siwon’s growl of your name and his deep, sultry moans as he cums, his thirsts turning erratic as he fills you up. You melt against his torso, resting your head on his chest, still straddling him, ignoring the increasing muscle cramp in your thighs. He runs his fingers up and down your spine slowly. It’s soothing and it makes you close your eyes.
You awake alone, the duvet over your still-naked body. You look to the floor. Siwon’s clothes are gone. You bury your head in your hands. He had probably taken your phone and was on his way to Leeteuk by now. How could you be so stupid?You hear a male voice. You grab your bathrobe and throw it on, pacing out of the bedroom. Siwon is leaning against the fireplace, your phone to his ear. He beams at you.
“I look forward to working with you, sir. I promise you won’t regret this decision. Goodbye.”
He hangs up and tosses your phone back to you.
“What the Hell were you doing with my phone, you asshole? Did you call Leeteuk on it? If you did I swear I’ll break your legs,” you hiss. Siwon just keeps smiling.
“I’ve joined your side. I’m now an associate of your father’s.”
Before you can even think of anything to say, Siwon grabs you by the waist and presses his lips to yours.