siwon's eyebrows


(My Appreciation of their SPECIFIC beauty. The feature that first strikes you and you can’t look away)

 1) Leeteuk~ The Dimple. (too cute)

2) Kangin~ The Biceps/Arms

3) Eunhyuk~ The Hips (and they don’t lie).

4) Shindong~The Chiseled Chin. 

5) Heechul~The Hands. (Heechul also has a divine smolder…but his hands are epic)

6) Siwon~ Magnificent Eyebrows.

7)Ryeowook~ The Perfect Jaw Line.

8)Donghae~ The CHEST…(THUMP THUMP)

9)Sungmin~ The eyes (dramatic smolder)

10)Yesung~The Gorgeous Cheekbones…(Yeye has SO many attributes…it was hard to choose)

11) Kyuhyun~ The Most Beautiful Lips in the world. (*cough* Bias cough*)

12) Zhoumi~The Smile that makes you stupid

13) Henry~ The most adorable nose EVER

 I have no idea why I did this…boredom I guess…Although it was kinda fun.

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