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SuJu reaction when a member of another boy group is flirting with you/dancing with you and you’re trying to pull away req by anon

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Please note that I only used the sceario that Y/N “fought back” only once because I didn’t want to repeat other scenarios I’d already used. 

The two of you - you’re an idol with SM’s new girl group - are both attending a party after an awards show. He stepped away to get you a drink, but when he catches sight of you again, a slightly tipsy member of a rookie boy group has grabbed you around the waist and is saying something into your ear. As [SuJu member] watches, you try and push the boy away three separate times.


Leeteuk: He walks over quickly, intervening politely, though inside he’s struggling between being a good sunbae and wanting to pummel the rookie into the ground. “Excuse me, but this is my girlfriend, and she doesn’t appear to appreciate your forcing yourself on her. If you could just let go now, I won’t say a word to your group leader or CEO.”


Heechul: He stalks over and grabs the boy’s wrist, peeling him off of you before flinging him backwards. He stumbles right into the other members of the rookie group, who look guilty as they help the member stand more steadily. “Keep your little rapper off of my girl, rookies, or I’ll make hell for you.”


Kangin: He comes over quickly, stepping between you and the rookie forcefully, so that you both stumble back a bit. “I don’t think we’ve met before - I’m Super Junior’s Kangin, and this is my girlfriend, Y/N. Congratulations on the Newcomer award.” As he was talking, he put his arm around your waist and led you away after a slight wave at the rookie. Even though he was smiling, his arm around your waist was firm, so you could tell he was angry.


Shindong: He comes over and you pull yourself away as forcefully as possible, moving to his side while he stars at the rookie with a blank expression. “Who are you? A rookie? Ah, I don’t recognize you. If you are a rookie though, you should avoid dancing with my girlfriend - scandals so early in your career could ruin you.”


Kyuhyun: Kyu comes over and puts a hand on the rookie’s shoulder as if he’s going to say something polite, then shoves him backwards a few steps. He stepps closer to you, putting an arm around your shoulder before sighing and closing his eyes a moment. When he opens them he says, “Look, kid. Stay focused on your debut for now. And make sure that if you choose to flirt with a girl you make sure she’s single.”

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Ryeowook: He comes over and, without introducing himself, says, “Ah, some of the headlines will talk about how you two would be cute as a couple. Unfortunately the others will talk about how you flirted and forced yourself on a superstar’s girl, and if you don’t step away in about two seconds they’ll all be reporting on how I broke a rookie’s nose at an after party.”

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Siwon: When he notices you and the rookie he immediately comes over, rolling up the sleeves on his shirt and undoing the top two buttons in an effort to look intimidating. That plus his status as a member of the world famous Super Junior must scare the rookie, because he jumps back as soon as Siwon puts his arm around you and kisses your head (a.k.a you’re Donghae). “Ah, hello. you’re part of [Rookie Group], right?”

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Yesung: He realizes that the rookie must not know who you’re dating, so he comes over and starts blatantly flirting with the rookie. After only a minute or two the rookie flees, and he turns to look at you, grinning widely. “Did you see how fast he ran?”


Donghae: He starts to hurry over, feeling extremely angry. However, right before he gets there, he sees you pull back and stomp your heeled foot firmly onto the rookie’s toes. The rookie staggers back just as Donghae gets to you and puts one arm around your waist, waving as the rookie hobbles off, face flushed from alcohol and embarrassment. “Yah, jagi, I didn’t know you were so violent.”

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Eunhyuk: He walks over, a politely puzzled expression on his face. As soon as you and the rookie spot him, the rookie’s grip on you loosens and you take a step back. “Ah, that’s it, I remember now. This is my girlfriend. You knew that right? So why were you hanging on her like that? Yah, kid, I said - “ He trails off as the rookie practically trips over himself to leave. “I did good, didn’t I jagi?”

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SS6 Encore Day2 -Ending MENT:

Wook: Why are you crying? We’re going to keep going so… If you look at us, the maknae’s don’t match
Kyu: What are you saying? I’m crying!

Wook said he hoped the Hyung’s would believe in the younger ones as well and that they’d all carry on to work hard

Wook sang
Teuk: What the… why is it so sad!
Heechul: SO SAD
Kyu: This is too sad….!!

kangin: it will just be for awhile. And you guys still have leeteuk hyung, heechul hyung, yesung hyung and me…. 

 Kangin is also crying and hae tried to make him laugh by doing funny poses !

Hae: I feel like I’ll really miss this picture (seeing the audience) So for this stage… *Chu*
They were all saying Donghae was gonna cry
DH: I’m not crying
KI: He’s crying

Siwon: I’m really thankful. I’m always thankful. I’m happy to be able to have this chance to show how grateful I am, Thank you
Kangin and Donghae hugged Siwon after his speech…

Kyu: Yesterday we worked really hard, as if there was no tomorrow. And today I was really happy. You’re going to keep supporting suju right?

Teuk: We’ll believe in you guys

HEECHUL IS CRYING ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ he hid behind yesung and siwon and ryeowook hugged him ㅠㅠ
Heechul is sad coz this is the last supershow he could perform with the 3 of them- Siwon, Hyuk& hae

eunhyuk: I didn’t cry. Just a little bit of tears came It would be good if you were together with us like this always, Today was really fun. This may be the end of SS6 but it would be great if you can meet us like this in SS7 too! You understand right?!

Hyuk taking, chul is still crying and in kangin arms with siwon patting his back

Teuk: Now it’s SS6’s last performance. This song is made by Donghae

Heenim went to hug hae and hae can’t handle it and walked away smiling through tears

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