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There’s something that new k-pop fans might not understand about the older generations of idols. Many people like to criticize Super Junior for their past actions, seeing them only as variety idols without any musical value. Some might wonder how they have lasted for so long, thinking that they aren’t even popular anymore, that they are overrated, etc.
It’s a well known fact that one of the secrets to Suju’s successful career is because they treat everyone around them with respect. Numerous hoobaes and sunbaes have said the same thing over & over again : you might not see them as popular or relevant now, but their popularity and impact were grandiose, more than you could ever imagine. SJ has so many connections in the industry, going from actors/singers, to MCs/producers. They spent a decade trying to tie countless of relations here and there, finding many opportunities to spread their talents. What they do might not interest you, but they are really what you call a well-rounded group. There is not one single member who is useless or isn’t talented.

You want a good producer? You have Shindong. Great MCs? Leeteuk, Heechul, Kangin, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun are doing well. Radio DJs? Ryeowook and Shindong are comfortable doing that. One of the best vocal line, if not the best in kpop? Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung are here to please your ears. Zhou Mi is super great as well. Kangin & Shindong went on Masked Singers (Still waiting for Heechul to make an appearance). Actors? Yesung, Siwon and Heechul are pretty confident in this field. Dancers and choreographers? Of course we can’t not mention Eunhyuk, Donghae and Shindong. Composers? Not only Donghae is a genius, but a few of them have proven to be talented as well (Did you listen to Don’t Leave Me? If not, you should, and thank Siwon later; also can we talk about Henry? That guy never cease to impress me). Musical actors? Sungmin, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun excel in musicals. And those are just a small part of what each member can do. On top of that, members can play instruments, have a great variety sense, are hilarious, are a genuine and caring group of people, are hard workers, and most importantly : all of them can actually sing, contrary to popular belief. Their voices mixed together blend perfectly and they have a unique sound. Even their sub-units will impress you. Give their discography a listen, because they have proven themselves so many times already. You will not be disappointed.

The thing is that it seems like everyone who’s working in this industry knows how talented Super Junior is and how difficult it was for them to be where they are today, yet the public chooses to ignore this side of the group. They’re veterans in the industry that should be respected. I mean, their name was supposed to be SM Junior when they debuted, but they changed it to “Super” because the members themselves said : 
We have to become first at what we do best, so that when members gather, we’ll be the top of the top. That’s why we are Super Junior.” 


and kyungsoo’s hand saves the day



Manhwa: A guy like you
Chapter: 31 Korean raws

Summary: the important thing that happened in this chapter was that siwon asked jinha about whether or not he could return jinhas feelings wondering whether it would work out or not. Jinha was displeased hearing that so we walked away. Siwon goes to him and tells him to not misunderstand and that maybe one day he could return his feelings. Jinha tells him he thought being with him was enough but now he has become greedy and wants more. He then tells him to quickly fall in love with him and kisses him. Note: this is happening at a cafe or something like that and he tells him about how he is greedy in the elevator. So then he says he won’t be satisfied with one kiss and then tries to go go for another kiss. While siwon tries to stop him because he is worried that someone will see, the elevator door opens where donghyun (guy who says he’s a homophobic, when really we all know he gay for siwon lol) sees them. I smell a fight .

First half was really cute…jinha was hugging siwon in bed and the part where I fangirled was when jinha said he never went out with anyone because he on My need siwon. FUCKIN SHIT SOON JUST BANG THE DUDE ALREADY!!!

Panic Attack

I have had a few requests for Kyuhyun to have anxiety about the accident or a car. Hope you enjoy! 

Kyuhyun was reading a book while the other members were silently focused on other things like sleeping or on their phones. They were currently on their way to another schedule for dance practice. Kyuhyun was sitting in between Donghae and Ryeowook in the middle row of the van. Kyuhyun heard the manager who was driving swear and looked up just in time to see a large sedan coming towards them in their lane. Manager honked his horn and swerved out of the way. The tires screeched and everyone shook as the van straightened out.

“Idiots need to learn how drive,” Manager huffed in annoyance.

Then everyone went back to there business like normal, except Kyuhyun.

It had been years, years since it happened. In fact, sometimes it literally felt like a lifetime ago. Most of the time it didn’t affect him anymore either, he had healed and had learned to cope with the lasting scars and unhealable problems that were there as well. But sometimes, like today he just couldn’t deal. He sat straight up and all the color drained from his face.

“Kyukyu?” Kyuhyun vaguely heard, “Are you ok?”

Kyuhyun felt his stomach drop and an intense fear of dread build. His heart began to pound and he found it difficult to breathe. His chest burned like there was fire exiting his lungs everytime he breathed. He was going to die.


Donghae glanced over from his phone to look at Kyuhyun when Ryeowook asked him if he was alright. Kyuhyun had turned white and the look of fear on his face had Donghae placing his phone down quickly.

“Kyuhyun, are you having a panic attack?” Donghae asked not really expected Kyuhyun to answer. Kyuhyun was never able to talk when he had panic attacks.

He shifted and turned towards Kyuhyun and gently laid a hand on Kyuhyun’s leg. Ryeowook frantically patted Kyuhyun’s back causing him to flinch and cry out quietly.

“We need to stop the van!” Ryeowook shouted at the manager.

“Shh! He’s pulling over.” Kangin whispered, “Ryeowook, you have to calm down too.”

Poor Ryeowook was not calm, cool, or collected in situations such as these. In fact, he seemed to be on the verge of a panic attack himself.  

“Remember how we need to handle this,” Leeteuk gently reminded everyone as the van came to a stop in a parking lot.

The doors were gently opened and everyone quietly got out, with Ryeowook and even Heechul climbed over seats so they wouldn’t have to climb over Kyuhyun.

“Let’s get out of the car Kyu,” Donghae gently told him.

Donghae grabbed a hold of Kyuhyun’s hands and pulled him carefully out of the vehicle. The other members didn’t crowd him but stepped closer because Kyuhyun could possibly bolt with his fight or flight instinct kicking in. Donghae didn’t think he would do that today because he was stiff instead of jittery. Donghae sat down on the pavement and carefully as he could had Kyuhyun sit down as well.  Kyuhyun pulled his knees to his chest and rested his arms on his knees. He still had tears running silently down his face and his breath was coming in spurts.

Eunhyuk reached over to hand a water bottle to give it to Kyuhyun but was stopped by Siwon.

“If he was triggered by the car seeing you might scare him,” Siwon explained, “He might not be able to handle seeing you too.”

Eunhyuk looked hurt but nodded in understanding, he handed the water to Siwon and stood back to watch from a distance. Siwon took off this sweatshirt and wetted down the sleeve.

“Kyuhyun, you’re safe,” Donghae said, “We’re here to help you feel better. I need you to think right now, are you upset because of what just happened or are you upset because of what happened in the past? Remember that the past is over and done with.”

“Kyuhyun, I’m going to put a washcloth on you,” Siwon told him quietly, “It’s just me. What your feeling is scary Kyuhyun but it’s not dangerous.”

Siwon gently ran the washcloth along Kyuhyun’s neck and face. Kyuhyun’s face seemed to relax slightly and he leaned into the touch.

“Good job, Kyu,” Yesung encouraged, “Keep breathing deeply now.”

Yesung rubbed his back soothingly trying to still the shakes. Donghae gave Yesung a look. He was supposed to alert Kyuhyun if he was going to touch him. They always needed to tell Kyuhyun when they were going to touch him in order not to scare him.

“Oh yeah. I’m touching you now,” Yesung informed, “I think everything will be okay Kyuhyunie, I promise this will pass soon.”

Kyuhyun gripped the back of his head, grabbed a fistfull of hair, and pulled. Everyone sprang into action then, it was okay to  just wait out a panic attack if Kyuhyun just needed to sit down and relax for a moment. When Kyuhyun started behaving erratically they had to be more stern with him.

“Kyuhyun put your arms above your head.” Kangin ordered quietly, “Raise your arms.”

Kyuhyun shook his head and curled up further.

“Kyuhyun put your arms over your head right now!” Kangin demanded harshly, “I mean it, right now.”

Kyuhyun sputtered and let go of his hair. His arms shook as he raised them above his body.

“Lower your arms.” Kangin ordered, “C’mon do it.”

Kyuhyun let his hands fall to the ground and scrape at the impact.

“Put them back over your head.” Kangin barked, “Listen to your hyung!”

This went on for about fifteen more times before Kyuhyun started to get tired. As Kangin wore him out he started to calm down. Slowly his shaking ended and his crying receded to occasional sniffles.

“Good job, you did a really good job.” Kangin praised him, “I’m going to touch your shoulder. You did such a good job.”

“Not done yet,” Heechul murmured to everyone before sitting down in front of Kyuhyun. “I need you to repeat after me Kyuhyun.”

Kyuhyun was regaining some of his facilities and wiped his eyes. Heechul was one of the hyungs that could manage to maintain composer and strictness when helping Kyuhyun. Donghae knew that being firm was a way of providing a sense of security and structure but he had trouble with not being easy going when Kyuhyun was like this.

“Say ‘I am safe’.” Heechul instructed, “I am safe.”

“‘m ‘kay,” Kyuhyun mumbled into his knees.

“No. I need you to say ‘I am safe’.” Heechul reprimanded, “I am safe.”

“I am safe.” Kyuhyun whispered sniffling.

“Louder.” Heechul demanded.

“I am safe.” Kyuhyun repeated.

“Now look at me when you say it.” Heechul told him.

Kyuhyun bit his lips and raised his head to meet Heechul’s gaze. “I am safe.”

“Now say ‘I’m not hurt’” Heechul pressed.

“I’m not hurt.” Kyuhyun repeated calmly.

“Now say it together.” Heechul said in a softer voice.

“I am safe,” Kyuhyun reassured, “I’m not hurt.”

“Good job, you are really brave.” Heechul relaxed and praised him, “You got through it.”

Kyuhyun gave a small small and stood up. Donghae protectively followed him. Leeteuk gave him a hug.

“How long?” Kyuhyun asked.

“I’m really proud of you.” Leeteuk whispered, “You were panicked for about twenty minutes and that’s okay don’t worry about it. You did really great.”

“Do you think we can head to the schedule or do we need to wait?” Ryeowook asked, “No rush if we need to wait.”

“I think I will be fine.” Kyuhyun bit his lips.

“If you’re sure Kyukyu.” Eunhyuk cautiously appeared from behind the van.

“Yeah, I’m sure.” Kyuhyun nodded with more confidence, “I’ll be fine.”

Donghae breathed a sigh of relief. Everything was going to be okay.

Author’s Note: I am sorry I am like the SLOWEST thing on the planet but requests are getting done I promise! I have about 20 on the to do list right now as we speak!