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SS6 Encore Day2 -Ending MENT:

Wook: Why are you crying? We’re going to keep going so… If you look at us, the maknae’s don’t match
Kyu: What are you saying? I’m crying!

Wook said he hoped the Hyung’s would believe in the younger ones as well and that they’d all carry on to work hard

Wook sang
Teuk: What the… why is it so sad!
Heechul: SO SAD
Kyu: This is too sad….!!

kangin: it will just be for awhile. And you guys still have leeteuk hyung, heechul hyung, yesung hyung and me…. 

 Kangin is also crying and hae tried to make him laugh by doing funny poses !

Hae: I feel like I’ll really miss this picture (seeing the audience) So for this stage… *Chu*
They were all saying Donghae was gonna cry
DH: I’m not crying
KI: He’s crying

Siwon: I’m really thankful. I’m always thankful. I’m happy to be able to have this chance to show how grateful I am, Thank you
Kangin and Donghae hugged Siwon after his speech…

Kyu: Yesterday we worked really hard, as if there was no tomorrow. And today I was really happy. You’re going to keep supporting suju right?

Teuk: We’ll believe in you guys

HEECHUL IS CRYING ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ he hid behind yesung and siwon and ryeowook hugged him ㅠㅠ
Heechul is sad coz this is the last supershow he could perform with the 3 of them- Siwon, Hyuk& hae

eunhyuk: I didn’t cry. Just a little bit of tears came It would be good if you were together with us like this always, Today was really fun. This may be the end of SS6 but it would be great if you can meet us like this in SS7 too! You understand right?!

Hyuk taking, chul is still crying and in kangin arms with siwon patting his back

Teuk: Now it’s SS6’s last performance. This song is made by Donghae

Heenim went to hug hae and hae can’t handle it and walked away smiling through tears

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Siwon touched Kyu and sigh (to look at Kyu eyes). Kangin kicked Siwon, hey stop flirting. #wonkyu 😏😉😘 “カンインさんのお兄さん感💙シウォンさん可愛い❤ #KANGIN #siwon #kyuhyun #superjunior”

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Siwon tried to stop Gyu…🐴🐢WonKyu💕 #KANGIN #wonkyu #siwon #kyuhyun #superjunior

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