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170922 SJ SNS Updates Part 1

yesung1106: 샐러드로 배부르겠다 … 🌽🥕🥒🍆🍅 #Salad #능동샐러드 #건대 [The salad will me full… 🌽🥕🥒🍆🍅 #Salad #Neungdongsalad]

yesung1106: 🔥 #tvxq #Drop #Uknow

xxteukxx: ..#다잘될거야.. [..#everythingwillbeokay..]

yesung1106: 감성자극 이거 경고 - 🌈 [emotional, this is a warning - 🌈]

leedonghae: 🙏

xxteukxx: 이건 경고이님 칭찬해~~ [This is not a warning but a praise~~]

siwonchoi: Let’s shine the world with a bright light! ✨


OH MY GOSH! the members called out Siwon’s name (who was totally caught off guard) to do another solo strip show and….fUCK! WTF ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)  >> rockstar @ 8:24

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Suju reacting to Kyuhyun 1st solo win?

Leeteuk: I knew he could do it!

Heechul: Of course, as a dongsaeng of mine of course he would win.

Yesung: I bet I would win too if I released a solo song.


Shindong: As expected!

Sungmin: Yay!

Eunhyuk: It was rigged.

Donghae: [runs on stage and hugs him]

Siwon: Of course! Who can resist Kyuhyun’s angelic voice?


So, what did we learn today about solos?
  • Sungmin: *wild hair&drums*
  • Eunhyuk: *sexy, chained up*
  • Kyuhyun: *peaceful*
  • Kangin: *peaceful*
  • Ryeowook: *peaceful*
  • Henry: *is fantastic*
  • Zhoumi: *proud baby*
  • Leeteuk: *peaceful, features Sungmin*
  • Siwon: *becomes a freaking centaur*
  • Shindong: *peaceful*
  • Donghae: *drags Hyukjae with him*

[ARTICLE] Super Junior’s Siwon bought 10 copies of Yesung’s solo album?

Super Junior’s Yesung appeared as a guest on MBC FM4U’s ‘Park Kyung Lim’s 2 O'Clock Date’, where he expressed gratitude toward fellow group member Siwon!

Yesung stated, “Siwon came out for a break from his military enlistment and called me to tell me he’d bought 10 copies of my solo album. Even though he was bragging a little, I was very thankful.” He continued jokingly, “But I think since it’s Siwon, he could’ve bought 100 copies easily. I expected him to buy about 100. But I’m still thankful. I don’t think any of the other members would buy 10 copies. When Kyuhyun and Ryeowook’s solo albums came out, I bought one each, but I didn’t think to buy 10. Siwon is obviously different.” Such tender love and support as teammates! Have you heard Yesung’s solo song “Here I Am” yet?
source : allkpop | trans:sjstagramtrans

SS6 in Seoul.

I tried to compile as many fancams as possible… this is mostly day one, but there’s also fancams from days two and three.


Opening VCR — here


Bonamana  here (cut)

Sungmin solo one / two / three

Sorry Sorry — one / two (Heechul cut) / three

 VCR 1 


Eunhyuk solo — one / two 

Midnight Blues — one (Donghae focus) / two (Kyuhyun focus)

 She wants it one (Donghae focus) / two (Kyuhyun focus)

Ment (intro) one (Leeteuk) / two (Heechul + Hyukjae) / three (full)

Mr. Simple here

VCR 2 — here

Don’t leave me — one (Kyuhyun focus) / two / three (Kyuhyun + Sungmin focus)

Evanesce — one / two (cut)  / three (Kyuhyun focus) / four (Leeteuk focus) / five

Ment 2 — here

Kyuhyun solo — one (with VCR) / two / three / four / five

 Kangin solo here

Ryeowook solo — one / two / three

This is love — one (Hyukjae focus) / two (Ryeowook focus) / three (Sungmin focus)

Islands one (Kyuhyun focus) / two (Donghae focus) / three (Leeteuk focus) / four


Swing — here (Hyukjae focus)

Henry solo — here

Zhoumi solo — here


D&E Stage — one (1+1=Love) / two (1+1=Love) / three (1+1=Love) / four (1+1=Love) / five (Motorcycle) / six (Hello + Oppa Oppa) / seven (Oppa Oppa) / eight (1+1=Love + Motorcycle + Hello + Oppa Oppa)


Leeteuk solo (ft. Sungmin) — one / two (Sungmin focus)


Siwon solo — one / two


Frozen cosplay — one / two / three / four (mostly Sungmin focus)

Rokkugo — here (Ryeowook focus)

Shindong solo — one / two (with VCR)

Ment 3

Too many beautiful girls — here (sapphire blue sea)



Let’s dance one (Hyukjae focus) / two (Donghae focus) / three (cut) / four (cut: Leeteuk’s abs) / five (Kyuhyun cut)

bonus (Ryeowook: Too many beautiful girls + Shirt + Rockstar + Let’s Dance)

Ment 4 



Mamacita — one (Donghae focus) / two

 Ment 5

Walkin’ — one (Kyuhyun focus) / two (Donghae + Leeteuk cut)

From U — here (Leeteuk cut)

Ment 6 (goodbye) — one (Leeteuk) / two (Kyuhyun) / three (full)

Haru — one / two (Kyuhyun cut) / three (Donghae cut) / four (Hyukjae cut) / five (Donghae focus)

Ending — here

SS6 Seoul Day 1 Songs List:

VCR #1
2. BONAMANA (Rock Version)
3. Sungmin on Traditional Drum
4. Sorry Sorry
5. Heechul on Drum
VCR #2
6. U
7. Eunhyuk Solo
8. Midnight Blues
9. She Wants It
10. Mr. Simple
VCR #3
11. [NEW SONG] Don’t Leave Me (composed by Siwon)
12. Evanesce
VCR #4
13. Kyuhyun Solo
14. Kangin Solo
15. Ryeowook Solo
16. This is Love
17. Islands
VCR #5
18. SWING - SJM (Korea Version)
19. Fantastic (Henry Solo)
20. Blind (Zhoumi Solo)
21. 1+1=Love (Donghae Solo feat. Eunhyuk)
22. Motorcycle, Hello, Oppa Oppa (D&E)
VCR #6
23. Nothin’ On You (Leeteuk Solo feat. Sungmin)
VCR #7
24. Siwon Solo
VCR #8
25. Let It Go (Frozen cosplay) + Rokkugo (wearing Elsa’s dress.. LMAO)
VCR #9
26. Shindong Solo
27. Too Many Beautiful Girls
28. Shirt
29. Rockstar
30. Let’s Dance
VCR #10
32. Walkin’
33. From U
Ending MENT
34. One Day
35. Haru

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[2015.05.01] Super Show 6 Singapore Siwon Solo ‘Lost Star’


   (FULL) Super Junior SS6 DVD in Seoul | Feb 21, 2016

Track list Super Show 6 in Seoul disk 1:
1. Twins
2. Bonamana
3. Sungmin solo
4. Sorry Sorry
5. U
6. Dear Two (Eunhyuk Solo)
7. Midnight blue
8. She wants it
9. Mr Simple
10. Don’t leave me
11. Evanesce
12. My thoughts, your memories (Kyuhyun solo)
13. Heart Broken (Kangin solo)
14. Never Got To Say That I Love You (Ryeowook solo)
15. This is love
16. Island
17. Swing
18. Fantastic (Henry solo)
19. Bline (Zhoumi solo)

Track list Super Show 6 in Seoul Disk 2:

1. 1+1=love
2. Motorcycle + Hello + Oppa Oppa
3. Wild Horse (Siwon solo)
4. Don’t forget me (Shindong solo)
5. Too Many beautiful girls
6. Shirt + Rockstar + Let’s dance
7. Mamacita
8. Walking
9. From U
10. Haru

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#SJTreasureIslandDay1 solo stages
  • siwon and hae: wore jamaican wigs and pull their pants down revealing a boxers with i <3 elf
  • heechul: close your mouth ft henry playing violin
  • eunhyuk and shindong: sing BALLAD
  • kyuhyun and ryeowook: freestyle RAP
  • kangin: doing a dance while wearing boxing gloves
  • Sungmin: Sungmin as a nerd that have porn in his bag! Then he become a hooligan then slow dancing ballet style with a female dancer
  • Henry and zhou mi : doing some '80s disco thing in pink and yellow suits

Just wondering, is it allowed to be this perfect..? ;-)

Siwon’s solo performance in Super Junior-M’s fan meeting.

He is singing ‘You raise me up’ so soulfully.