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131222 Super Junior M 2013 Baidu Awards Backstage Inte

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Q: What do you have to say about the fans coming from all over and waiting for you outside.
Henry: Hi, firstly, I would like to thank all fans because they have been supporting us. And because of them, we are able to be here today so (we are) really thankful to the fans. We are also worried for them, waiting for us so long outside. Beijing is so cold, so (we are) really thankful to them.
Q: What are the plans for next year?
EH: There will be a new album from Super Junior next year and SJM’s new album is also in preparation. Siwon and some other members have some solo activities. Hope everyone will support and love it.
Q: Is there anything different every time you come to China?
EH: Every time we come to China we feel that the love from the Chinese fans is the same with the love from Korean fans. The only difference is the language but the feeling and thinking between us and the fans are mutual. Hope that everyone can continue to support us and take care because it’s cold.