siwon bulge

xunmian  asked:

High Priestess, I must confess that my sister and I are loyal parishioners of thechurchofshisus and now I am following thee. Your most holy posts are welcomed into our hearts and souls weekly and we are overjoyed by you blessing us with this Shisus special posts. I will not deny that thy temptation of thy kyubulge. It is indeed tempting and sinful, but how can we mortals look away in the presence of such temptation? Oh high priestess, please cleanse thy sins through Shisus name. Amen. And hi! <3

I am merely a servant to the Almighty Shisus crotch. Please allow its holy light to see you through such dark times of weakness towards other bulges. For Shisus’ is the one true bulge.

And Shisus’ penis says hi.