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Super Junior’s Choi Si Won to reveal interesting stories about BoA:

Son Hyun Joo, Moon Jung Hee, and BoA will appear for part 2 of their guesting on SBS TV talk show ‘Thank You’ on August 9th where they will share interesting stories about themselves with viewers. Super Junior’s Choi Si Won will also grace the show as a mystery guest.

Si Won is known to be on very close terms with BoA, and the former even bought a lot of presents for the production staff prior to the recording, and moved their hearts.

During the recording, Choi Si Won revealed how he became friends with BoA, “I will never forget the day when I first saw BoA, I felt really nervous by her presence at that moment,” with his words invoking much curiosity from everyone else who were present. BoA said, “I don’t remember.”

Si Won continued, “I am on very close terms with her, and I can say that I am her manager even. Sometimes I even call her by the nickname of ‘Bo God’,” which left everyone in laughter.

By: Tian Er Lan

SMTOWN SHINee Fanaccs - 07052015

Jjong walked down with BoA (on her right) and Siwon (on boa’s left) and Jjong was pretending to be BoA’s bodyguard.

Key walked down with Leeteuk , Donghae and a few others but since Minho was at the front already, he was making a rope-pulling action as the whole group walked closer to him as if he is reeling them in. and then later he ran to Leeteuk(?) &hugged him. Leeteuk(?) then carried Minho.

During intro, Onew was supposed to say “yishyoni” (together) but he made a mistake and said “onaji” (same) ㅋㅋ then he corrected himself.

Also during encore, Onew and Taemin strolled down extended stage aisle together. And when Onew and Minho were at the audience-right extended stage, both had to go back to center extended stage, Onew started running, Minho too, he ran past Onew and did a huge jump on center stage.

And Minho and Taemin was featured in TVXQ’s Mirotic so Changmin and 2min did the song together. it was the best collab of the night!! Minho and Taemin were topless inside and only wearing a blazer. Minho’s blazer was showing so much and barely held tgt by the button.

And during the collab Key was in, he damn poor thing lol. if u divide the extended T shape by 5, Key was 2nd from right and he had to run all the way to the extended stage on the left (aka L to R: spot 1 from spot 4) to ride his moving cart and he was running really quickly.

Taemin’s danger perf was so good and had the gun sounds. Jjong only did Dejaboo but Taem did danger and pretty boy with Kai.

Oh during encore Taem was strolling from audience-extended stage left to right and of course looking for bff Kai. they walked around tgt .

Minho also danced to the camera along with Yoona and Hyoyeon while walking back to backstage after encore. damn cute!

Minho was rather easy to spot during encore because he was wearing white jeans and Key was wearing blue knee-length shorts.

I was very disappointed when i only saw ichigo Kyu(hyun) and Changmin. cos I thought Minho is in the item too. Ba while later out of no where came a cute ichigo Minho. When cm and kyu were doing aegyo at the single stage nearest to audience at the front, Minho was just standing at the back folding his arms, legs apart and judging the 2 hyungs. then finally he couldnt take it anymore and he pushed then apart and went “dameh!!! dameh!!” and did his own set of aegyo. LOL ichigo Minho is damn cute!!

SHINee did 321, ichigo minho, key’s collab in a tvxq song, why so serious, dejaboo, danger, everybody, ring ding dong, view~