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‘King Loves’ Im Yoona, “(Im) Siwan Oppa is Manly and (Hong) Jong Hyun Oppa is Thoughtful”

[by Im Hyun Joo, photo by Reporter Kim Chi Yoon] Im Yoona discloses her impressions about filming.

On the afternoon of July 3rd at Seoul Mapo-gu Sang-am MBC, MBC Monday-Tuesday drama ‘King Loves’ (Script Song Jina, Director Kim Sang Hyup) held a production press conference. PD Kim Sang Hyup, Im Siwan, Im Yoona, Hong Jong Hyun and Oh Min Suk came on site.

In the drama, Im Yoona will be playing the role of Eun San who receives the love of Im Siwan and Hong Jong Hyun.

When asked how she felt working together with the two men, she replied “(Im)Siwan oppa is truly like Won and (Hong)Jong Hyun oppa is like Rin. (Im) Siwan oppa’s soft image is strong but in reality when he acts, just like Won, his charisma is of a strong and masculine personality. On the other hand, I thought (Hong)Jong Hyun oppa had a strong image but he has a lot of considerate sides and mischievous sides. In reality, he took care of me well and adoringly so I had fun filming.”

‘King Loves’ is an esthetic melo-fiction saguk drama about the love and desires between the three characters set in the Goryeo Dynasyy.

Meanwhile, MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘King Loves’ will have its first broadcast on the 17th at 10pm.

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