"Hey Danvers, you up for a little race?“
"You’re on Rhodes, how much of a head start you need in that clunker?”

Collab with the beautiful wiredoll! Happy Rhodeycon everyone!


The real reason John is fixated on toasters.

but seriously don’t try and make grilled cheese that way my friend’s toaster caught on fire.

Hi Fandalites, I’m doing a commission drive because I’m in kind of deep financial crap right now. So if you would like a name your own price (basically by donation) commission, please message me (or pref. email me - ironshielding @ gmail because tumblr seems to eat messages sometimes) and we can work out the details. I do sketches, lines, color (flat or shaded), chibi, or semi-realistic…I would even do morphing gifs (not the smoothest animation but fun??), and I’ll draw for fandoms other than Animorphs as well, or OC’s. (I’ll be making a comprehensive commish post once I have a few more recent examples across diff fandoms and such)