you see what had happened was

I was gonna draw wiredoll’s playboy bunny Steve for her birthday

and then I remembered this anime called Cat Shit One (I’m not making this up) where all the American soldiers are rabbits because… usagi… USA G.I. oh man I love that pun. so yeah then this was what happened.

Hi Fandalites, I’m doing a commission drive because I’m in kind of deep financial crap right now. So if you would like a name your own price (basically by donation) commission, please message me (or pref. email me - ironshielding @ gmail because tumblr seems to eat messages sometimes) and we can work out the details. I do sketches, lines, color (flat or shaded), chibi, or semi-realistic…I would even do morphing gifs (not the smoothest animation but fun??), and I’ll draw for fandoms other than Animorphs as well, or OC’s. (I’ll be making a comprehensive commish post once I have a few more recent examples across diff fandoms and such)

Really late colored sketch commission (transparent bg) … anyone want one, by donation? I need to make up a week’s worth of pay cause of that blizzard :x I’m game for most fandom (put the ones I’m more familiar with in tags), OCs, anthro, humans, dragons, robots….. you can see more examples (mostly old sorry) in my siviart tag.