Starry Forehead by Sivia

How is that I take 30 minutes to draw something I hate on a pre-cut piece of paper and then I do a silly doodle I love in 10 minutes in my sketchbook the next?


Tinyjoynow visits Angel Oak. A tree that is estimated to be as old as 1400-1500 years.

Sivia: Utterly ginormous. It was interesting to see a tree’s branches dip down into the ground and then twist back up into the sky. It created numerous visible fractals. It was hard to tell where the roots began and the branches ended.

Nick: Exactly! And being in the presence of a living thing that old is an amazing experience. Imagine how much has happened surrounding just that one tree and how it used to be just a little seed. If I ever were a tree, I would want to be like this one.