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Lassi in a nutshell

sometimes I have a hard time separating canon stuff from what I’ve read in fanfic.  So I decided to make a list of things about Lassi that I *think* are canon, as of early Season 7, which is where I’m at. (also it’s off the top of my head so it’s in no way exhaustive… feel free to add to it or correct me)

  • attended a Catholic school as a child (Irish background)
  • Father was emotionally distant and often absent
  • as a result, young Carlton spent almost all his weekends at Old Sonora, an old west reenactment “tourist trap” outside of Santa Barbara, and developed a close relationship with the sheriff, who was a father figure to him (and called him “Binky.”)
  • His mother (who calls him “Booker” - middle name?) is in a  long-term relationship (married?) with a black woman named Althea. Their relationship with Carlton is a bit rocky? 
  • Used to figure skate
  • Wrestled in high school
  • Drinks his coffee with 3 creams, 4 sugars (though I think at one point he starts drinking black? or was that in a fanfic..).  Also a fan of delicious flavor (drank a pineapple smoothie in one episode, anyway).
  • Loves fishing, but loves skeeball even more
  • Loves/knows a lot about cars 
  • Loves guns the MOST! Has won awards for sharpshooting
  • also loves Clint Eastwood a LOT, and his favorite film is Heartbreak Ridge (possibly). This is the primary interest he shares with his wife Marlowe (who left out the bathroom window after they first met, and who he ended up having to arrest, though he waited for her to complete her sentence).
  • seriously, he really loves his guns, and he has lots of them
  • Was a rookie cop (with a bad mustache) the same year that Henry arrested Shawn for stealing 
  • Can be sexist at times but also loves & shows respect for women
  • for example, his partner, O’Hara (who he would kill/die for, and confesses when he thinks he’s dying is the best partner he’s ever had), and Chief Vick (even though he aspires to being Chief himself).  
  • Seems to want children but has also shown dislike for them.
  • Was separated from his wife Victoria (presumably due to him putting his job before her) for two years before they were divorced.  He was still obsessed with her during the separation but also had a short-lived relationship with his partner Lucinda Barry (before Shawn let the cat out of the bag and Barry transferred). In the end, signed the divorce papers without putting up a fight.
  • Has a younger sister he adores who idolized him (until Shawn showed her he’s a fallible dork). But they still have a good relationship.
  • O- blood type (?)
  • Cares about his appearance and either genuinely has good self-esteem or is good at acting like he does.
  • but cares way more about truth, justice, and upholding the LAW.
  • Makes no secret of his contempt for Shawn Spencer’s “psychic” act, but also doesn’t put up much of a fight when it actually comes to working with him (anymore) because he knows at the end of the day Shawn closes cases (and “astounds” Carlton in the process).  Will drop pretty much everything to come when Shawn calls or when he’s in trouble.
  • Was a member of the Anti-Glee club in high school with a guy named Stumpy

added thanks to reblogs… can’t believe I left this out:

  • HUGE Civil War buff/leads local re-enactments
  • kind of an attention whore…. likes seeing himself in the paper and becomes even more of a dork in front of the camera than he already is (though also can be well-spoken).
  • has a snowglobe phobia
  • wanted a pony when he was a child
  • *CANONICALLY PANSEXUAL*!!! (thank you for informing me of this)
  • allergic to mint
One Last Time
  • Original Cast: I want to give you a word of warning
  • Fandom: WHAT
  • Original Cast: We're stepping down
  • Fandom: i'm sorry whu-
  • Fandom: no, WHAT
  • OC: We're gonna teach them how to say goodbye!
  • Fandom: Your position is so unique! Why do you have to say goodbye??
  • OC: If we say goodbye, the nation learns to move along, Hamilton outlives us when we're gone.
  • Fandom: okay but rly WHY