Hey duders! It is the birthday of my very cool, talented, creative friend Ciaran!

Look, Ciaran! I drew someone that isn’t Ulysses…or IS SHE? No, no, don’t give away spoilerz, that is cool. AND THEN I was going to draw Skaden, but I figured I should draw someone with eyes. And since Vera is such a cutey patoot, I decided on her! I wanted to paint this but I couldn’t remember where the colored pictures of her were posted. One day I will draw you something that is not a poopy last minute sketchy type deal! I swear it by my toes!


some sketches i did today during Studio Forum, first all excited by a visiting artist’s presentation, then to get me through the 1990s safety video that followed.

i can’t remember whether or not we have to fill up the standard-issue sketchbook they gave us, but i’ll give it a shot.