Hey look at that, this is my beautiful sister.

See that necklace she’s wearing? It’s this gorgeous handmade thing from Etsy. There were two in stock, and I bought one of them, and I think my mother has the other one. I wish the artist would make more though, because they’re like…the prettiest things ever, basically. She wears it everywhere.

Anyways, story time.

A few nights ago, Carly and I went out to Archie’s to get ice cream. I, of course, was taking like…17 billion years to figure out what I wanted (cotton candy or java chip?). The cashier kept staring weirdly at Carly, then finally said, “Is that a lung?” Carly was kinda confused, then looked down at the necklace and was like, “What? Oh, yeah, it is.” And then it was awkwardly quiet until the cashier was like, “Any reason why you have a lung necklace?” Now, normally Carly just says she has a lung disease, because lots of people don’t know what CF is. However, this time, she said, “I have Cystic Fibrosis.” Ironically enough, the cashier was also in nursing school, and they’d just recently been learning about CF. Funny, hm?